Nov 10, 2012

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I was so nervous on the way to rehearsal.  I felt like I was going to be sick.  And we were running late and I felt so stressed because I had so much to bring.  But once I got there and saw my family and the priest started everything went smoothly and I felt much better!  And dinner was great and so fun and it made me so excited for the wedding.  We also had my Bachelorette Party after the rehearsal...because it was on Thursday and all my girls were in town!!!!!  Lots of pics!!  Enjoy

Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 1Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 2

Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 3Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 4

Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 5Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 6

Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 7Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 8

Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 9Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 10

Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 11Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 12

Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 13Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 14

Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party photo 15blow job shot


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July 10th 2010...

Oh my goodness.....I woke up to POURING POURING POURING rain...thunderstorms..complete disaster.  Thank goodness we didnt have an outside wedding.  I had had my crying and being upset about it the night before, so the day of I was just like Ok whatever bring it on!  My MOH had spent the night the night before so we both were up early just laughing and hanging out.  My photographer..who is a friend of mine..came and snatched my dress and rings and shoes and jewelry and went to work.  Next my FMIL..well now my MIL :-)  came because she was getting her hair and MU done by one of the artists.  She also brought my gift from DH.  I cried while reading the letter outloud and so did everyone else!  He gave me an engraved silver box in the shape of a letter because he knows that I keep all of our letters.  I have in it now our vows, the homily by the priest, and the toasts given by my MOH and BM.

Recap photo 1*opening my gift..ohhh the hair haha*

From there the 2 hair dressers came and started my MIL so she could go back to her house to get ready...and make sure the boys were getting ready.  DH has 4 brothers and 3 GM who were going to be at the house all getting ready.  Then I started to get ready.  All my girls (7) were eating breakfast and getting ready all around me and I felt so loved and blessed.  We laughed and joked all morning.  The flowers arrived..a little late..but hey they came and they were stunning!!  My MU artist (friend) also came...and did a stunning job if I do say so myself.  Ha

Recap photo 2Recap photo 3

After everyone was ready, the rain had FINALLY slowed down a little for us to take some pictures inside and a little bit out!!  I did a dance...thank God there is no picture of that!  haha

Recap photo 4Recap photo 5

Recap photo 6Recap photo 7I love this picture of me, my mom, and my best friend MOH.

After that..we went to the church and just waited and took a million silly pics.  Some of the girls touched up their hair and make-up.  I just hid out so Kevin wouldnt see me ha.

Recap photo 8Recap photo 9Recap photo 10my parents, my flower girl..then my ring bearer and his sister who passed out or programs...Love them!

Then the ceremony started...I wasnt nervous at all.  I was a little upset because I couldnt see DH as I was walking down because all the people's big heads were in my way.  haha  but it went so fast and so perfectly.  I didnt trip or mess up anything.  DH said the vows a little wrong, but we laugh now and hearing it in the video is hysterical!!  The flower girl threw one petal at a time, and the Ring Bearer itched his leg nervously the whole time down the aisle and I love it!!  I kept looking at DH during the ceremony and he was so serious and didnt look at one point he told me to SHHH!!  SO funny!!  We watched the video last weekend and you see it ha.  You also see me wink and wave at someone...haha  I also mouthed to my best friend if you could see my shoes....glad I paid attention!  haha

Recap photo 11Recap photo 12Recap photo 13My parents are I had my mom meet us halfway

Recap photo 14Recap photo 15

Recap photo 16Recap photo 17

Recap photo 18Recap photo 19Yay!!  Mr and Mrs!!!!

The Reception...Oh man!!  Amazing...the dancing...the food...the colors..the cake...everything was perfect.  I didnt get around to every table...but I danced all night and had the time of my life!!  I dont think anyone cared.

Recap photo 20First dance....soooo awkward to have 200 people watching

Recap photo 21 Dance with my dad

Recap photo 22Dance with his mom

Recap photo 23Recap photo 24my cake and bridesmaid breaking it down haha

Recap photo 25Recap photo 26More dancing


Some Sneak Peaks Pros........  :-)

Recap photo 27Recap photo 28

Recap photo 29Recap photo 30

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Rehearsal Invites photo 1The back has all the information, but I dont want to put that on here because I am horrible at figuring computer stuff out and I dont know how to cover things up.

Made by a fellow PWer..brandydfields!!  Check her out!

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Just Kiss Me Dress

Shower Outfit photo 1Accessories!! I cant wait to wear it all.

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Wedding / Event Table Numbers - reserved for een128Off of etsy..from seller ArtsyNikki.

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PWer Blustarfruit has done it again.  She was so awesome to work with from the start..and very patient with my requests!

Custom Listing for een128wedding day jewelry photo 1