May 16, 2009

Alex's Catering
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I interviewed the "leading" Napa Valley caterers, and Alex's went above and beyond them all in every regard. Our first call with Tom could only be described as professionally consultative and helpful. While most others wanted to spend the time telling us how great they were, Tom was more interested in what we wanted, and how we could make our event unique and special. Following this call, Tom took everything into consideration and created a menu that was both ambitious and impressive. We arrived at the tasting to find that we would be addressing not only the food, but options for linen and place settings based on his experience with the location and our discussion. It should be noted that we were not being upsold or pressured, but this service was being done out of convenience (something not provided by others). It should be noted that he even attempted to down-sell us on the wine glasses to meet our budget. On to the food...brilliant. There is nothing to be said here other than as self-regarded foodies, we are hard to please.....and we were blown away. I have never been to a wedding where guests discussed how great the food AND service was to the groom and bride at the event...however Alex's warranted this dialog. One of the best pros of Alex's Catering in wine country is that they do provide there own alcohol service and premium open bar option, which reduces the price per person and that there is NO wine corkage fee!! At this point, I have to take a step back...my family met with Tom and had tastings for other events following our accolades. Alex's was selected for each and every event...and never disappointed. As a bride, Tom approached me at my wedding to ensure that everything was running the way that I had hoped, which was appealing to me since we did not hire an event planner. Tom made himself present and attentive to any needs that occurred during the events, but also ensured that I was able to enjoy myself at my wedding without involving me with any catering issues that may have occurred. The food was amazing and so was the service!!! I would recommend them for any wedding or event in wine country!! Please contact me if you need any further info or there is any way that I can help!
Services used: Catering