Jul 31, 2010

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FI and all his groomsmen are in the Army so they're going to be wearing their Class A uniforms. Essentially, this is what they're going to look like. :)

The Guys FI and Groomsmen photo 1

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My Photo Op Shoes: Paris Hilton's Harmony in Turquoise Floral :D I wanted these soooo bad.

My Ensemble photo 1

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I had my first hair trial yesterday (5/14) and I absolutely LOVED it! Next time I wanna have more volume but other than that, it was pretty UH-MAZING!

This was my inspiration...

I Got My Hair Did photo 1

And this is what I got (p.s. I'm realizing my shower curtain IS my color palette for the wedding, hehe)...

I Got My Hair Did photo 2I Got My Hair Did photo 3

I Got My Hair Did photo 4


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For the cake, I'm going with a company called Burning Cupcakes. She's going to make a faux cake (which will be hard and inedible, however, will look amazingly real) and it will serve as the stand for...drum roll please... CUPPY CAKES!!! I adore cupcakes and I think they fit my casual, gardeny wedding. When I saw the Burning Cupcakes exhibit at the Tacoma Spring Wedding Expo, I fell in love. She's going to make a stand that looks similar to this...

Cuppy Cakes photo 1

Instead of the thick black lines we're going to replace those lines with aqua/turquoisey ribbon and add fresh pink flowers in various places. The cupcakes will be along the outer's one she's already done.

Cuppy Cakes photo 2

The top teir will be real cake so we can get the cake cutting experience. It's going to be red velvet with cream cheese filling (FI's fav). Our cupcake flavors are going to be red velvet with cream cheese, PB & J, mayan chocolate gnache with truffle frosting and vanilla with salted caramel inside and on top as well. I'm stoked!

UPDATE 6/23: I just got an email with photos of my almost-finished cupcake stand and I love it!

Cuppy Cakes photo 3Cuppy Cakes photo 4


The website is if anyone is interested in the Seattle/Tacoma WA area.


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E Pics photo 1E Pics photo 2E Pics photo 3E Pics photo 4

Courtesy of my amazing friend/boss/wedding helper

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Did I mention I'm trying to keep this under $5K? Easier said than done but I'm trying to be budget savvy. Here's my rough checklist and where I am budget wise. I'll update it periodically.


Get dress DONE! (Group USA: $602.24)

Get shoes DONE! Paris Hilton Harmony in Turquoise Floral (Ebay seller shoemiami: $86.95)

Get reception shoes DONE! White patent flip flops (Charlotte Russe:$6.84)

Get jewelry DONE! (Earrings from American Eagle, BOGO free so...$3.50)

Get undergarments DONE! seamless bustier push up corset bra (Ebay seller sexylittlev...$26.90)

Schedule hair/make-up appointment Found a girl named Jen who's UHMAZING at doing hair. ($25 for hair...$12.50 for make up)

Have trial run of hair/make-up DONE! $10 plus $5 just because...$15 total

Something borrowed DONE! JoandCompany's sixpence brooch which is UHMAZING & my friend's veil

Something blue DONE! A cute little blue button (etsy seller Gnipmac...$3.00)

Something old DONE! Vintage rhinestone tennis bracelet (etsy seller ilovevintage stuff...$10.25)

Something new DONE! (The Dress...duh :D)

Personalized Hanger for Dress DONE! (etsy seller aressa...$26.70)

Garters DONE! USC garters...FI is gonna love em! (etsy seller gartergallery...$34.98)

Get dress steamed/cleaned DONE! Free because it was included in my purchase.

Pedicure/Manicure DONE! A present from one of my co-workers. :)


Have class A’s cleaned DONE! ($29.35)


Tanning? Lol. All the outdoor work made him tan. Lol.


E-Pictures DONE! (My friend Jessica did them for FREE in a local park and they turned out cute)

Book hotel room for wedding night (Prairie Hotel in Yelm for two nights...$173.82)


Make sure girls’ get dresses DONE!

Make sure girls' get shoes DONE-ish...waiting on one of them to decide on theirs

Buy flower girl dress DONE! (From esty seller Fattie Pie...$101.95)

MOB dress DONE! My mom paid for it but I wanna point out her dress was $5.41 and it's so cute!


Register for gifts DONE! Target baby!

Get girls’ presents DONE! I'm going to pay for their hair and makeup for the wedding (grand total: $300)

Get boys’ presents DONE! 4 (one for FI) Engraved metal flasks (from $67.31 after 10% off coupon)


Compile guest list DONE! At 150+ but they're not all coming. Going to be mostly local family/friends.

Get invitations made DONE! 250 of them on recycled paper (…$117. 52 + $25.45 in test invitations)

Get RSVPs made DONE! 250 postcards ($31.72)

Get business cards w/ wedding website link DONE! 250 business cards ($17.67)

Get E-Pics for Inivitations DONE! 130 4x6s 5 5x7s for major relatives (Walmart...$34.06)

Put them together DONE! Brads and other stuff to put them together (Michaels...$11.38)

Get them addressed DONE!

Get them return addressed DONE!

Get them stamped DONE! (Stamps...$75.20)

Get them in the mailbox DONE!


Caterer Benje's BBQ ($351.54 for the meat) All the sides were purchased by us (

Cake DONE! 100 cupcakes w/stand and cake top tier (Burning Cupcakes: $229.52 -includes tax for favors too)

Favors DONE! 200 custom tealights (Burning Cupcakes: $80)

Photographer DONE! He's all mine...all many pictures as I want :D (Anselm Photography: $500)

D.J. DONE! loud obnoxious brother and an iPod hooked up to a stereo.

Officiant DONE! FI's dad is going to do it...for FREE and it's going to be super sweet. :)

Beverages DONE!

Rentals DONE! 3 20x20 canopies, 2 10x10s, 75 chairs, a generator and 10 tables (Recreation Center of Fort Lewis: $300)

My bouquet DONE! (Pike's Place Market in Seattle...$10)

3 Bridesmaid bouquets DONE! (Pike's Place Market in Seattle...$15)

Flowers for reception/décor DONE! (Pike's Place Market in Seattle...$50)


Write vows DONE! Didn't even say them...ugh.

Compile play list DONE!

Gather vases for reception DONE! Some of them were my mom's and some of them were mine/purchased

Finalize Day-of-Schedule DONE! Although I discovered that schedules are for organized people...not us.

Guestbook DONE! But it didn't work out too well. :(


Programs DONE! 65 fans ($17.12)


TOTAL SPENT SO FAR: $3427.72 (Still calculating...)