Mar 10, 2012

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Gerald and Elena met in the summer of 2010 while attending the Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Festival.  They had mutual friends both attending the function, and so they were introduced to each other.  Elena indicates that when she met Gerald, she knew she had to have him in her life, even if that meant just being friends.  Gerald indicates that when he met Elena, he couldnt stop staring at her!!  So a friendship developed!  Elena told her little sister, Edna, about Gerald, and she even suggested that they go out!  Well, that didnt happen! 

Elena saw something in Gerald that she knew was honest and true, and she saw so many qualities in him that she knew would make him a great partner.  Gerald saw a woman that was funny, beautiful and everything he has ever wanted.  And so a relationship formed.  A relationship of true love!

Gerald and Elena have fallen so deep in love that close friends can see it in their eyes and feel it around them as well!! They are both so romantic, and so compatible for each other!