Sep 25, 2010

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Let's first start out with the invitations. I was browsing online and choosing all the different styles that I wanted to order.  But after going thru the cost I started to realize I didn't want to pay $300+ for invitations that end up getting thrown away.  We wanted to save money and decided to make them.  Then the cost of paper and envelopes, etc etc we were looking to pay around $150.  So then I got a AD in the paper from Michaels craft store and viola a 50% off coupon.  I called my mom to see if she had gotten one in the mail too and sure enough she did. I even called my MOH to use her coupon. So we went to Michaels and found some brown invitations with little swirlys on them.  Paid $40 for 60 invitations that included the envelope, the invitation cards, response cards/envelopes, mailing labels, seal stickers and ribbon.  

                                          DIY Projects photo 1 

Here is a finished invitation. 

                                          DIY Projects photo 2

My MOH bought these for her friends wedding, but she never used them. So they were handed down to me and they were a perfect match to the invitations, thank you's, and save the dates. 

                                          DIY Projects photo 3

We also used the other coupon for the favor boxes.  Since were our colors are brown and chartruese (pretty green) were going to use these boxes with chartruese ribbon and fill them up with dried Kiwi's dipped in chocolate.  (YUM)

          DIY Projects photo 4 DIY Projects photo 5DIY Projects photo 6 


Our card box, I wanted something that we could use again and keep around the house. I stumbled across this DIY project on www.weddingbee.com.  Its called the Photo Card Box. 

I purchased my frames at Michaels for $3.23 each (4 frames total cost for was $12.92). The wood stain was 2.00 with a 40% off coupon

        DIY Projects photo 7       DIY Projects photo 8

The top and bottom pieces were scrap wood from Lowes FREE!  The fabric I bought in Los Angeles for $1 and . And roughly $5 for all the hinges and screws.  Estimated total for all supplies $20.

                                                        DIY Projects photo 9

The finished product should look like this...

                                                    DIY Projects photo 10   


My MOH and I went to Marshalls looking for outfits for a make up party and while we were in line to check out we came across thank you cards and save the date card that matched my invitations.  Original price at Michael's 14.99 for a box of 10, Marshall's price $3.99.  Saved alot on these too  Check out my save the dates:

                  DIY Projects photo 11 Finished Product --> DIY Projects photo 12

I wanted to wear a nice flower in my hair for the wedding along with my veil (veil and dress will not be posted until after).  So browsed Etsy.com and found a few flowers that I liked but I wasn't thrilled about paying $30-$40 bucks for a flower.  Once I chose the one I liked the most on Esty, I decided to go to michaels with my 40% off coupon and buy a flower.

These are the two that I liked the most on www.etsy.com

                       DIY Projects photo 13           DIY Projects photo 14

This is what I made out of a Peony flower.  I took it apart and re-arranged the petals, added feathers (from a boa I already had) and a cluster of pearls from a broken necklace that I had kept. Here is my finished product and all for $2.82

                                        DIY Projects photo 15

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Our original wedding was going to be in Newport Beach, CA on a beautiful Yacth.  But because of financial reasons we decided to keep our wedding close to home and save about $14 grand. :)  That's 14k we can put towards our first home. 

We decided to get married at Lakeside and also have our reception immediatly following the ceremony.   Here are some pics of where were getting married:

Ceremony Reception photo 1Ceremony Reception photo 2

This is the room that we'll be having a ceremony in:

Ceremony Reception photo 3

Were going to have brown pintuck linens and our centerpieces are going to be accents of green and our napkins will be a chartruese color.  Here is the look i'm trying to accomplish:

Ceremony Reception photo 4 

I also like this idea and instead of coffee beans replace them with split peas and green cymbidium orchids

Ceremony Reception photo 5

I like these but using all green and ivory colored flowers.  Especially liked the manzanita tree. 

Ceremony Reception photo 6    Ceremony Reception photo 7


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We took our engagement photos in Santa Monica and let me tell you our photographer was GREAT!  Orginally I was only going to use him for our engagement session, but because we LOVED how our pictures turned out were booking him for our wedding too!  David was awesome and it felt like we've known him for years.  Check out his work at www.blissfulphotography.net 

Enjoy some of our pictures

Engagement Session photo 1  Engagement Session photo 2  Engagement Session photo 3    Engagement Session photo 4  Engagement Session photo 5  Engagement Session photo 6

Engagement Session photo 7   Engagement Session photo 8Engagement Session photo 9   Engagement Session photo 10

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So my girls and I, along with my mom went to Downtown Los Angeles into the Fashion District hoping we could find dresses for the wedding.  We started roaming the street at 9am, walking from store to store, looking at practically all the same dresses.  By noon we still had found NOTHING!!!  Seriously in downtown we found nothing, or if we did see something we liked, it didn't come in brown.  I didn't know brown was an UNpopular color.  By now we were hungry and we were tired.  So all that walking around from 9am-1pm we found nothing and ended up at Davids Bridal. 

When we first started looking at dresses we started with this:

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 1 

When the girls tried them on they weren't so cute.  Okay Okay the dresses were cute and on two of my shorter rls it was going to cost an additional $60 to get it hemmed.  I personally didn't like the way it poofed on bottom, so we were also going to remove the poof from the halter and the strapless dress....but after staring at the dresses i decided to cross these off the list. 

This dress was my absolute favorite

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 2

The girls  on the other hand thought it was a little too casual because of the material, Cotton/Sateen.  I personally loved, but I wanted the girls to get a dress that they would be able to wear again and again. 

And this ladies was our FINAL decision. 

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 3I know I know its similar to the the second dress.  The material was different and it was slim fitting, something ALL the girls agreed on.  And to top it off we went from everyone having different dresses to everyone the same, even my maid of honors. :)   

The girls want to go with a Strappy gold shoe which I'm okay with, but then when i went back to L.A on the second day my maid of honor and i found these for ONLY $12.  So we bought'em

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 4

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We met through mutual friends in high school.  Although we went to different schools, we had the same friends, attended the same functions, and of course we were always at the same parties.   

I had a thing for Erik and his buddy liked me, but because of the guy rule we never dated.  After we both graduated we went our seperate ways.  Erik ended up moving all over the west coast and I moved to Las Vegas.  After that we lost contact and didn't talk for 6 years.

In the year 2006 Erik decided to relocate to Las Vegas, but had no means of trying to find me or anything.  The following summer of 2007, we both attended Pure Aloha (a hawaiian festival held every year) at the Cannery Hotel and Casino.  Remember, niether one of them knew that they were going to be there.

Enjoying the company of my friends and walking around shopping at different vendor booths,  I noticed him in the distance and thought to myself "I know this guy".  But it didn't register and continued to party with friends.  Later on that evening after a few drinks sitting at a table, watching and listening to a concert...all of a sudden the guy I noticed in the distance walks up to the table, because he knew one of the guys I was hanging out with.  As I stared at him I shout "EASY" his nickname back in high school.  His response was "oh Sh&!, Kristyl".  We exchanged numbers, kept in touch and from that day on we have been dating and now they're soon to be Husband & Wife.


                                          Destined to be Together photo 1