Jun 27, 2007

the go to gals
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Karri coordinated my Oct. 1, 2005 wedding at Calamigos Ranch & did an AMAZING job! I hadn't originally planned on hiring a wedding coordinator since I considered myself a fairly buttoned up person & figured I could handle (or deligate) most of the details/logistics myself. After reading review after review about all of the little things that can (& often do) go wrong on one's wedding day, I decided that I wanted to alleviate as much stress as possible for myself as well as my friends & family members & just focus on enjoying the day itself. I met Karri 3-4 months before my wedding, & she knocked my socks off with how "on it" she was. In our initial meeting she took & ran with a bunch of my ideas giving me tons of input/suggestions. She also helped give me a clearer idea of where I should be focusing my energy during the upcoming months/weeks. During the walk-through of my site, Karri ran circles around me with her organization & thinking of things I would have never thought of on my own (again, this is coming from somebody who considers herself pretty organized/on top of things!) Karri was always SUPER responsive every time I emailed her, never got annoyed (even when I emailed her a ton of times) & always came through for me. Two weeks before my wedding my hair stylist cancelled on me & Karri calmed me down & told me not to worry, we'd find somebody. The next day she sent me a huge list of stylists along with their prices & told me if I needed help she'd be more than happy to call around. A few days before my wedding (during the "crunch time") she'd check up on me & offer to help me out with little things (like my seating chart, programs, etc.) if I was in a bind. I almost forgot to add that she did a day-of schedule that was so thorough that the photographer as well as site-coordinator told me that it was one of the best they had seen (& they wished all of their brides could write one as detailed as mine!) The day of my wedding, Karri & Courtney ran the show like pros, keeping everything & everyone running smoothly. They were friendly & helpful without being pushy (even friends & family were commenting AFTER the wedding about how great they were! :) I was & am SO GRATEFUL for Karri's help. I can't imagine my wedding without Karri & Courtney (I shudder to think what a nervous wreck I would've been had I not had them there but, thankfully, they took all of that stress off of my shoulders & allowed me to just enjoy the day I worked so hard to plan.) In hindsight, I can honestly say that Karri was one of my favorite vendors to work with. From our first meeting all the way through the big day, Karri went above & beyond & did a fabulous job! If you need any more information, feel free to send me an email at :) Catherine
Services used: Wedding Planning