Sep 18, 2010

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Here are my Bridesmaids...this is a kind of funny picture, but anyways:

My Bridesmaids photo 1

**Going from left to right: My MOH Kathleen, my sis Amanda, and my BFF Melissa.

This is my Jr. Bridesmaid, my cousin Sarah:

My Bridesmaids photo 2 (Sorry, this is a weird pic, no she's not drunk!!!)

Here are the dresses they are going to wear, by Alfred Sung (except they will be in all aqua):

My Bridesmaids photo 3

Going from left to right, the girls that are wearing them: Amanda, Kathleen, Melissa, Sarah.

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This is my FI's ring...we're both really excited about it!!! It's a 14k white gold ring with diamonds all around it. We got it on My sister got her husband's wedding band there and her experience was good, so I'm really excited! Here's a pic:

His Ring photo 1

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These are the toasting flutes that me and my sister made. They are hand painted with rhinestones and beaded wire on the bottom. I love how they turned out!

DIY Toasting Flutes photo 1

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This is the veil I'm going to wear. Since my dress doesn't have a long train, I decided to have a long veil to "make up for it"

The Veil photo 1

It has BEAUTIFUL lace edging...I love it so much! I'm really excited to wear it!


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This is the flower girl dress:

 The Flower Girl photo 1

I found it on

With this pomander:

The Flower Girl photo 2 

(Or at least something like it, this is an inpiration pic)

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The Hair my Stylist hopefully can do photo 1

I'M IN LOVE! Hopefully my stylist can do this. I believe she can! Of course, I love all Carrie Underwood's hairstyles, and this one catches my eye because it's elegant but fun and comfortable! Yay!