Sep 18, 2010

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So this is the decor so far for the top of the tent:

 Reception Decor photo 1<---Lights and Aqua Chinese Lanterns. I love Chinese Lanterns: they're cheap, elegant, fun, and beautiful!

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Oh my gosh, I am so in love with my venues!!! Yay! I super excited!

The Venues photo 1<--This is the ceremony location...of course there wouldn't be those pink flowers and we're going to be adding some different decor. :)

The Venues photo 2 The Venues photo 3<--Okay, look into the background of this pic and that's where our tent is going to be set up! I'm so excited! I mean, look at the view!

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  • 11 Comments DIY pomanders came out great! I'm putting them on the sides of the chairs at my ceremony. FI loves them and even helped out a little with the process! I'm feeling super proud of myself!

DIY Carnation Pomanders photo 1


My Inspiration:

DIY Carnation Pomanders photo 2

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I just finished this today! I think it turned out great! It was DIY and I feel so proud...I Do Letters Cake table decor photo 1

I even added that cool black frame on my computer!! Haha...

There will also be clear votives and candles and possibly little square, thin vases with like 4 roses that I just haven't bought yet. Something like these:

I Do Letters Cake table decor photo 2I Do Letters Cake table decor photo 3

With different color candles:

I Do Letters Cake table decor photo 4I Do Letters Cake table decor photo 5I Do Letters Cake table decor photo 6

Obviousely all the same size as the votives. :)

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This is my cake inspiration:

Cake Inspiration photo 1

I'm hoping to get one very similar to this.

Actually, no I'm not!!! I've changed my's the new inspiration pic:

Cake Inspiration photo 2<--I want to do this sort of "cherry blossom" cake with red, pink, and white flowers. More:

Cake Inspiration photo 3



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This is all of my lovely inspiration! I found them all on google but let me know if they're yours so I can give you credit! I really love my color combo and I'm thinking about using the butterflies, like in the second pic.

Inspiration Board photo 1080712_n.jpg image by budgetsavvybride

Inspiration Board photo 2Inspiration Board photo 3Inspiration Board photo 4