Jul 25, 2009

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Met my Sweetie online in May of 2006.  I have been in love every since.  We got married on July 25, 2009 at the beautiful home of my sorority sister and her family. It was a beautiful hot day where so many of my family and friends showed up and showed out to make my special day beautiful.  I didn't have to lift a finger, and everything came out better than I could have ever imagined. The decorator really did her thing with all of the draping.  The florists were on time and it was better than what was contracted.  The DJ was on time, and had all of the music to really make a good party. My sister did the food and it was sooooo good, everyone complimented the food for months.  I was a very budget conscious bride, but it looked like an upscale wedding.  I was a mature first time bride ;o)  and did not have the full bridal party.  I only had a flower girl, ring bearer and my step daughter was a attendant/junior bridesmaid. We did start late, due to traffic on the freeway.  but no one minded, and we did have everything set up ready to go when the guest all arrived.  Plus it gave time to cool off a bit, although I lost an hour of daylight for my pics.  I have been married for 7 plus months and we are in total bliss...not all day every day, but for sure everyday.

 Let me go back to the beginning....

I am one of seven and the babygirl at 49 ;o)  Out of three girls no one had married till I got married on the 25th of July. We had a ball doing all of it, and my wedding was a true family affair.  My sisters were coordinators and caters and really helped me with finding deals. I recieved two bridal showers, one from my staff and one from my family members. Both were held  the same weekend, one Friday and then the other on Sat. Both were truly beautiful. My main colors were dusty rose\ silver\gold\white accents. The showers ended up being different versions of pink,but they were still in the Rose family. I felt so special for the whole month prior to the wedding date.


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 As the special day drew near, the real activity started to happen.  I have never felt more love than on my wedding day.  Everyone around me was positive and supportive...the ones I paid and more importantly the ones that volunteered. I shared so many special memories, and being that the wedding to place a private home and I was surrounded by everything that seemed normal, I never felt a moment of anxiety. My step-daughter came upstairs at one point and told me she loved me and couldn't wait to get the wedding started. People just really showed up and showed out for me, and I will be forever grateful. My vendors were timely, and did their thing on every turn.  My sister did all of the food and I just hired her some help.  That was the biggest  draw, and got no pics to show how pretty the food looked. The food area was draped and it looked beautiful. The dj was  wonderful and kept the party going all night. The florist was amazing and everyone loved the pool floaters of flowers and candles. We did end up starting about an hour late due to terrible traffic jam on the 405 and the guests kept coming and coming so we  could not start. Plus my flowergirl  was somewhere out there in that stuff, and I wasn't gonna start the wedding with out her. The wedding last till about 12:30a.m. The hubby and I returned to the hotel to spend the night.


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So, after the wedding we went back to the hotel and spent the night there. Our daughter went back home and my sister stayed with her there. The next day we layed around and visited with a few people then home to be alone and honeymoon for real ;o) The next morning we work up and got ready to go on a short honeymoon in Santa Barbara. We go there often and it is always so peaceful and quiet and pretty, so we decided to go back there for the honeymoon. We stayed at a bed and breakfast that was really nice, and cost effective. We were broke after the wedding ;o( We stayed three nights and just chilled and took in a few sights.  We had the best Mexican food there, although I say that about a lot of places. We saw a movie and went shopping, and walked around downtown. Everything was really nice.


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