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Oct 14, 2010

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A Beautiful Ceremony
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Reverend Knox was fantastic to work with. He is warm, genuine and personable. He is so helpful with suggesting the order of events for the ceremony which we definitely needed help with since we had so many elements! Our wedding was an interfaith wedding and he officiated along with Rabbi Lefkowitz. They both worked really well together and the ceremony flowed perfectly! He was very accommodating when it came to the Tea Ceremony. I provided him with a little wording to describe what it was about and he fit it in nicely!
He was not available for our rehearsal, but Teresa filled in for him and definitely helped us tremendously. Overall, we got so many comments on what "A Beautiful Ceremony" it was! Thank you Kevin and Teresa!
Services used: Officiant
A Beautiful Ceremony
Thanks for the great review!! Your wedding was indeed a great time and you two were a FUN couple! Thanks for the honor of being your officiant!

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I can't say enough how wonderful the team is at An Affair to Remember. After a long story which I will not go into, we had Lisa as our day-of coordinator, which was one of the best decisions we made in regards to our wedding. Four days before the wedding, our videographer fell through and she spoke to a one of her go-to pros that they frequently partner with at weddings. She even negotiated a rate equal to what our old videographer was charging and snagged him at the last minute!! Thank goodness he was available! Even during my mini meltdown after the videographer incident, she calmed me down and talked sense into me to get me back down to earth. She was efficient, professional and definitely made things happen!!
The day of the wedding, Lisa, Kristen and Shannen ensured that our wedding went as smoothly as possible. I had a TON of DIY details and they definitely handled them all perfectly! My husband and I are so happy with how everything turned out. Thank you so much ladies! You made our day even more special!!!
Services used: Wedding Planning

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Beautiful Music & Paint It Black Quartet (Est. 1985)
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
We used Beautiful Music for both our ceremony music/cocktail hour and for dj services. Overall, we were very happy with the quartet (trio plus trumpet) and Shannon was very flexible and accommodating with our pieces that we requested. We got great comments from our guests on the music!
Re: responsiveness, during the planning process, I did not feel that Shannon was as responsive as she could have been. I would get a response to one of my emails several days to a week later usually, and I would not get complete answers to my questions I asked via email as she uses a mobile device to reply. I felt that if the emails were done via PC, I probably would have received more detailed answers. However, she is very good by phone. So if you need to contact her, that is probably the best way. Speaking with Shannon, she is very professional, knowledgeable and sincerely cares about your wedding and how it is handled.
The cocktail hour music was done by Eddie on sax and we also received rave reviews on his music ability. Definitely recommend Beautiful Music for ceremony music and the cocktail hour.
Unfortunately there was a snag, which Shannon and I both discussed in depth. Re: Eddie as the DJ, I received feedback from our guests that was not favorable. No one was dancing and they felt the music played was really dull. As my husband and I were hardly in the room, except for brunch, we were not able to enjoy or hear the music. After much research on both ends and discussion with Shannon on what transpired, Eddie performed his job since 80% of what he played was on our play list, however I made a comment on my list to please include dance and 80's (a separate list) since we realized our playlist is a little slow and to mix things up. Unfortunately, that was not followed and all songs that were played aside from the guest requests were slow songs/dinner music. Granted, our crowd apparently weren't a dancing bunch and it was a morning wedding, but more upbeat music would have been nice and appropriate to keep the mood high. Shannon apologized and offered to refund us the booking fee which was considerate.
To sum it up, I give Beautiful Music's ceremony music and cocktail hour five stars.
Due to the issues that were noted above, I give their DJ services three stars and cannot fully recommend him.
Services used: Ceremony Music, DJ
Beautiful Music & Paint It Black Quartet (Est. 1985)
Hi Lisa and Mark - I wanted to respond as quickly as possible to your review. I have included all our email notes since your event reagarding the DJ services for your event. I was able to discuss your event with the wedding coordinator as well, she was able to confirm my determinations. I strongly consider the event being a morning wedding impacted the response immensely to the DJ and dance music - I also noted that the coordinator mentioned - that our DJ well mannered and was honoring any request made from the guests and the group would still not respond by dancing. Our DJ has extensive experience not only locally as a well known artist but also nationally including events for two former presidents while in office as well as hundreds of private clients. We have never encountered a problem or response like this at events. Your comments and the experience will help us when booking morning events in the future. Another determining factor was that you were not in the room for most of the event, when the Bride and Groom are absent the events do not always go as planned - for example if the Bride and Groom are on the dance floor the guests are fully engaged and taking part of the festivities. I am not only disappointed, with this portion of the review, but also the note as to my responsiveness - as I responded with over 35 emails and that does not include the many detailed blackberry messages for immediate answers to your important questions as well as many long distance phone calls to answer each request, and question as quickly as possible for you. We appreciated the comments received at the event - both for us as the quartet and our sax/DJ - from your guests - our DJ did get positive feedback as well. Other details I would like to mention - we were happy to extend a discount to work within your budget as well. Your event was beautiful along with your special music requests for the ceremony. We were glad to provide detailed phone consultations with both myself and our DJ - I was sure we had everything not only prepared, but all the information needed to insure event success. We wish you the best and will strongly consider your event in the future when morning weddings are requested. Sincerely, Shannon & Beautiful Music ________________________________________ From: Shannon Caine [] Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 6:08 PM To: 'Lisa and Mark Subject: RE: review of event - notes - Shannon Hi Lisa, When I talked with him – today – he mentioned that when he played the upbeat party tunes- only one guest would dance, the lady that was requesting most of the party tunes. He was perplexed as to why they would not dance – to any of the upbeat songs – too. We have not done a brunch morning wedding setting before – we have made notes from this event, so as to be able to let clients know when planning. Thank you, Thanks again, Shannon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Lisa and Mark Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 5:31 PM To: Shannon Caine Subject: Re: review of event - notes - Shannon Hi Shannon - Thank you for sending this over. Looking over the list, yes most were from our must have list, but if you also notice on the bottom, I mentioned that it has a lot of mushy songs and to please play dance and 80's songs to mix it up. "We noticed our must haves are chock full of slow and mushy songs, so we definitely need some fun dance/upbeat songs and 80’s thrown into the mix.” I requested Dynamite and Club Can't Handle Me amongst various other dance songs, but according to the list below, nothing upbeat and fun seemed to be played other then the ones the guests requested. I would assume that he would have mixed up the playlist and not play so many slow songs and I think that is what the guests were referring to. On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Shannon Caine wrote: Hi Lisa, This is the report from Eddie on your event. Thanks again, Shannon Caine, Beautiful Music Hi Shannon, I've included the do not play list, It is a very large list from the client, as well as Highlights from the play lists that were included: My Girl It Had to be You By Your Side Copacabana Bubbly Fallin For You Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman You're the Inspiration Save the Best for Last Minuano Browned Eyed Girl Jason Mraz Chicago tune – guest request. Tainted Love- Guest Request I Will Survive- Guest Request Cha-Cha Slide- Guest request Let’s Get It Started In Here – request. Big Band - clients lists Frank Sinatra Songs – client list Standards from client list All –special requests made by guests A lady guest asked me to play "Tainted Love" by Softcell. I did, she danced with a friend so I went into " I Will Survive" and she continued dancing with her friend. She even asked others (I also asked on the Mic for others to join her) to get up and dance with her, nobody would respond. As that was winding down I asked her if there was something else she would like. So she asked for the Cha Cha Slide. I played it, nobody danced on this one. Very unusual, Never had this happen. In fact they have asked me not to play it at Down Town Disney because I had so many people dancing that the street was blocked with dancers. I had met a few band directors at this event and one person who was a pro musician, these types rarely dance at events. They were complimentary of the music. I also announced from the microphone to the entire room of guests “if there was something they would like to dance to or listen to” No response. Other things that make a party less likely to have dancing is Lighting; usually it is dim lighting, which was not going to happen because natural lighting with huge glass windows combined with the size of dance floor and large room size. Often it is suggested to have a smaller dance floor to create a comfortable setting for the guests. This was very large open setting considering the number of guests. For example the previous Saturday evening I had 75 guests in a room twice as small and the dance floor was twice as small - Once they started dancing it never emptied. When I see people are not dancing I try to play music people like to listen to; One guest remarked after I played the Pat Methany piece "Minuano" that I could play Methany the rest of the afternoon and he would be happy. I did not do that, I also played a Chicago song off their standards list; again someone came up and talked how they knew this album and so forth. I just played two Chicago songs; one was on the Bride's list and one a guest request. As the Bride and Groom were finishing up dinner I asked if there was anything I could do for them, they stated no, everything was fine. They really didn't have any comment or requests. After the Bride and Groom had left the reception, the lady guest who had been dancing came back in. I was playing Black Eye Peas song; “Lets Get It Started In Here" they liked that but, They DID NOT DANCE as the staff had started tearing down the room. So I went back to playing a song on the brides list (That’s when the Lady that had danced before made a comment about how she liked the song I had been playing but not the one now, and they left the event. I continued to play until the Caterer had said they were gone at 2:25 so I started tearing down the set up as directed. This one guests really wanted to have a party scene and party dancing – however the guests in attendance were not interested. This is a big note here, even when people don't dance, usually they will dance to a Famous Slow Song. The guest weren't interested in even doing that. They were sitting mostly at tables talking and enjoying themselves. I had all the songs that you had sent me in the previous e-mails from the client and our phone consultation. I was not approached by the Bride and Groom during the event at all - Positive or Negative. I feel I did everything that they wanted; you will see she gave me some liberty to adjust songs. I did communicate throughout the entire event with the guests and checked with the Bride and Groom as well. Please let me know the feedback, as I am always looking for ways to improve what I do. I did adhere to the lists below from the client: Thanks, Eddie Our from Bride's List - “Oh Hell to the No” List Any organized dance YMCA Chicken Dance Macarena Electric Slide etc Rap R&B/Hip Hop Country No conga line No John Mayer No Justin Bieber No Grease No B-52’s From Bride - The below must haves and artist lists are only guidelines. Of course not all will be able to be played, but we wanted to give you a good idea of what we like. We noticed our must haves are chock full of slow and mushy songs, so we definitely need some fun dance/upbeat songs and 80’s thrown into the mix. From: Shannon Caine [] Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 6:53 PM Subject: note from Shannon Hi Lisa, I called a few times today trying to catch you in person. Since speaking with you I followed up in detail with Eddie as well as others at the event. Eddie was very upset that there was any negative feedback at all on this event – as he catered to each request that guests were making as well as keeping in line with your music list, NO Plays etc. He played – some of the tunes at the cocktail hour on sax to extend how many tunes he could accomplish in the short reception time line. From your Must play list – it shows in his computer program that – he played 22 of the songs listed of 26 – top must play list. Well over what I had interpreted from our quick call the next day from you. He did state that you had one lady guest who requested party tunes such as tainted Love, I will Survive and others – even one that was on your No Play List - - emphatically no play – and even honored that request. She kept trying to get people to get up and dance to the party tunes – but no one wanted to do so. She also asked for the Cha- Cha Slide – and he honored that request – no one would dance with her. Everyone was happy and enjoying their time together – many danced on slower songs that you had requested. Many requests were made to Eddie and he honored each one upon request. Then at the close of the event – your Dad came over and told him a great job and extended him a $40.00 tip for his services and thanked him for music. Eddie, said, many of your guests came up and complimented him on the music including the Pat Methany request you had on the list – Minuano. Eddie also announced several times that if anyone had a request to please come up to the DJ table and let him know – he was glad to honor any request. Based on the research and information I have gathered – I will not be able to extend a refund on his services, he followed the schedule, the request list in order of how it was given, as well as had his notes form your phone interview with him – he stated – there were a few items that were on play list – but the category was on the no list – for example – MY Girl – was requested – but was on the no play R&B list. He did honor the request, and it was received well. Eddie is the consummate professional and wanted to also say he had notes that you had given him the liberty to adjust the songs as needed for the guests enjoyment. He feels he did everything possible to make your event a success. He also noted that the size of the dance floor and morning lighting may have discouraged some folks from dancing. I was so happy to hear your call that day – and you were so pleased with the music. Please send me your address- as I will send you a gift from me – in honor of your event. Best to you and yours, Shannon

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Jessica McClintock
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I bought my reception dress at the boutique and couldn't have been happier! Emily, the manager at the store is so friendly, cheerful and soooo helpful when I was trying to choose a dress. Their dress selection is amazing and every so often they have crazy sales! I went in to pick up my dress after alterations and ended up walking out with 2 more dresses that I ended up wearing on our honeymoon! I had to buy both since they were incredible deals! Thanks Emily for helping me make the choice! :)
Only thing is I wish it was in a larger mall with more traffic, like Lenox or Mall of Georgia. The boutique is too amazing to have in such a slow mall!
Services used: Dress & Attire

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We had our wedding at Lake Mary Events Center which had a list of approved caterers. We decided to check out JME and were pleasantly surprised after getting quotes from other caterers in the area. The price is reasonable for what is included and they are very flexible with the menu. Michael customized it to meet our needs since we had a brunch wedding.
During the planning process, Michael was so nice and pleasant to work with. He was very responsive and quick with emails. He addressed all of my questions and concerns and did his best to assist me in any way he could!
Day of the wedding, the staff was efficient and cheerful. We got a lot of compliments on the food which I have to agree with! The staff served food to our sweetheart table and ensured we got all the extra ramekins of toppings for our mashed potato martini bar. Luckily because food was brought to us, my husband and I got to eat and enjoy the food, which was super tasty! I highly recommend John Michael events to any bride in the Central Florida area!
Services used: Catering

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Kristen Wynn Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Kristen is an amazing photographer. After checking out her site, I knew that we would hit it off since she had the same eye for details as I do! From the beginning, she stayed in constant contact and responded quickly to all of my emails. I had an enormous shot list and was concerned about it being overwhelming, but she handled it all in stride. She was professional, genuine and soooo nice about everything! The day of the wedding, she showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed and got right down to work. She did her best accommodating my shot list in the little time that we had. She was never intrusive and she was a total photo ninja. I never once noticed her or her camera during the ceremony or reception when she was snapping candids. She worked really well with the rest of my vendors and my DOC commented to me how awesome Kristen was!
After the wedding, she put teasers up on her site within a week and we had our finished CD within 2 weeks. Talk about speedy service! I love it! She is so flexible and will help you out with any additional retouching or requests on effects you have.
Overall, you will not be disappointed with Kristen! She is an amazing photographer especially if you are a budget bride like I was, as she is quite affordable compared to others out there. I've gotten so many compliments on our wedding photos on how artistic they are and how detailed the shots were. We can't thank you enough for everything you've done. We couldn't be happier with our photos! :)
Services used: Photography
Kristen Wynn Photography
Lisa, hi! Thanks for the great review! You know your wedding was amazing. Honestly, your DIY details and great venue make a photographer's job easy! And your shoes were so awesome! I think we're super similar in so many ways and I just loved working for you. I want to see a shot of your canvas when it comes in! Happy holidays to you and Mark! Hope you enjoying your time as newlyweds together.

130x130 sq 1468421556 ea77f7aad2fa88a8 1466090473761 vendor gallery adam kaylee lake mary events center
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We had our wedding at LMEC and could not have been happier with the venue. We initially wanted our wedding on a Friday, but because it was booked, they let us know if we had it on Thursday, we could get the whole venue for more than half of the cost of Friday! We were sold! A weekday wedding here is a great deal and we could not have afforded it if we had it on the weekend.

Jennifer and the team at LMEC were so helpful through the whole process. She was very responsive in communicating in emails and phone calls and answered any questions or concerns I had. And I have to say when she gave us a tour of the place, the photos do not do it justice. It is a beautiful venue and a definite gem in Lake Mary. We got a lot of compliments on it!

If you have your wedding here, you will not be disappointed! It is so amazing to have the entire place to yourself and you don't have to worry about random people traipsing through your lobby or staring from afar while having your ceremony. It's complete privacy when you book the whole venue. Thank you LMEC!
Services used: Rentals & Photobooths

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( 4.8 / 5.0 )
Vicki did a phenomenal job with our flowers. She was friendly, helpful and really easy to work with. Since she works out of her home, she was more affordable than other florists in the Central Florida area that we had talked to. We had a limited budget and she worked with us to cut corners.
When we met with her, I really didn't pull any inspiration except the colors of our wedding and the flowers I liked. She sat down with us and gave us suggestions on what would work and I trusted her creativity. In the end, she definitely wow'd us. We had so many compliments on our flowers. Thank you Vicki for helping make our day beautiful!
Services used: Flowers

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Pristine Bridal Care
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I just received my wedding gown and it looks beautiful!!! It came delivered in a very sturdy box. When I opened it, it exceeded my expectations. It came carefully boxed and shrink wrapped. The dress was on what looks like a small bust form in the box, so it retains its shape up top. I am so happy I had Pristine clean and preserve my gown. I hope my newborn daughter will be able to wear it on her wedding day. I highly recommend Pristine to get your gown cleaned and preserved! Thank you so much!!!!
You would recommend this vendor to a friend
Services used: Dress & Attire, Unique Services

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Professional Elegance On-Location Wedding Hair and M.A.C. Make-Up/ Airbrush Application
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Tiffany was amazing to work with! She was in my area and stopped by for a trial initially. It didn't look exactly the way I wanted it, but after all was said and done, she assured me it would be perfect on the wedding day. The day of the wedding, Tiffany was there bright, early and cheerful (it was 6:30am after all!) She worked her magic and listened to my previous concerns from the trial and the final product came out perfect! I got so many compliments on my hair and makeup and I certainly felt like a beautiful bride. Tiffany is super friendly and talented. Thank you for making me feel like a movie star! :)
Services used: Beauty & Health

130x130 sq 1463077562 dfa00c5b88a31de9 rolls royce bride   chauffeur
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Our driver was excellent. He was on time as scheduled and its wonderful they offer a pick-up and drop off rate which is all we needed. After the wedding, my husband told him to take his time to get to our hotel which was only 1.5 miles down the road. He obliged and took the long way. :) The limo was clean and stocked with champagne. Thank you so much! It was a great experience!
Services used: Transportation