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I bought it at David's Bridal...I love it!!  It is simple, yet elegant and extremely comfortable!              

                                               Dress and Accessories photo 1



Nina Hilaria in Ivory Satin

Dress and Accessories photo 2

Head Piece

Dress and Accessories photo 3


Undecided...I have a butterfly jewelry set from Tiffany's that I could wear, but I can't get the idea of wearing jewelry with a leaf pattern out of my head.  However, I can't really find any that i like.


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These are the colors of my wedding. 

My Colors photo 1  My Colors photo 2  My Colors photo 3

This will be the color of the tuxedos.  My BM will have this color tucked into the detail of their dress.  I will wear this color as a sash around my waist.  We will also all be wearing brown accessories.

My Colors photo 4  

These colors will also be used in decorations and flowers!!! 

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My BM are the best!!!!  I wanted them to have a say in what they are going to wear.  We went shopping and they both fell in love with the same dress.  They didn't have the dress in the colors that I wanted, so we went to another place.  The dress I chose turned out to be a dress that they all loved.  Alexiadesigns makes these dress.

         Maid of Honor (Cousin)                    Bridesmaid (FSIL)                          Bridesmaid (Cousin)

Here are my BM dresses photo 1  Here are my BM dresses photo 2  Here are my BM dresses photo 3

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This is my engagement ring.  I always wanted a three stone ring.  However, while shopping, I tried this ring on and fell in love.  I showed my fiance the ring and I was super excited to see the ring on the night he proposed!

                                          My Rings photo 1


Here is the wedding band I picked out!!!  I hope that I like it when I put it on with my engagment ring!!  I had to order it online because finding a wedding band with hearts in a store is next to impossible!!  It should be here soon!!  (I ordered it from

                                          My Rings photo 2

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Joe proposed to me on November 22, 2009.  It was so unexpected!!  We had talked about marriage many times and he always said it would happen when we were more financially stable.  (Unfortunately that is taking much longer than we both anticipated.)  Joe left early in the morning to go hunting with a couple of his friends.  He usually gets home sometime in the late afternoon.  Before he left I had mentioned something about doing something with his mother.  I was suprised to hear him come home early in the afternoon and he was running around our small apartment attempting to hide his hunting gear while changing his clothing.  I let him continue for about 15 minutes before asking him what he was doing.  (He wasn't expecting me to be home and didn't see me sitting in a chair.)  At the time he told me he was getting ready to go to a friend's house.  I wasn't suprised that he was in a hurry to get there because he is usually in a hurry to get to this friend's house.  Around 5 pm I was starting to get upset because he wasn't home yet.  I was under the assumption that he was going to eat dinner with me.  Joe arrived shortly after and didn't say a word when he walked into the apartment.  He continued his silence as he crossed the room to me.  When I looked up to ask him about his afternoon he held a black box.  Without saying a word he opened the box and revealed a shiny heart shaped diamond.  He got down on his knee and asked me with tearful eyes to marry him.  Of course I teared up too and said YES!!!!!