Nov 11, 2011

Happily married music teacher. Newly christened Maid of Honor!
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PRO PICS bride groom photo 1

PRO PICS bride groom photo 2PRO PICS bride groom photo 3

PRO PICS bride groom photo 4PRO PICS bride groom photo 5

PRO PICS bride groom photo 6PRO PICS bride groom photo 7

PRO PICS bride groom photo 8

PRO PICS bride groom photo 9

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Let's begin with our flower girl, sneaks and all, and ring bearer.  Both are friends' children, and so cute they were unreal.  Months later my flower girl asked me, "Hey Emily, do you remember your wedding!?"  :)

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 1

They were freakishly cute.

Our friend Karen says this is her favorite picture.  She says, "This was when he first saw you, and it was just there.  I started crying then."

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 2

Next up is the start of the bridal party processional, and our officiant, one of my husband's best friends.

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 3PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 4

My mother and grandmother.

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 5

Passing off the bouquet to my Maid of Honor.  I didn't take it back until much later.  :)

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 6

Overview of the scene (which I love), and then a happy groom. 

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 7PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 8

First reading - "i thank you God for this most amazing" by e.e. cummings.

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 9

Second reading - from "Still Life with Woodpecker" by Tom Robbins; then me reading my vows off of my Blackberry.  I had flipped out because my vows that I printed off that morning got lost.  This was success.

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 10PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 11

These vows were super important.  I made EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCE CRY.  Because I am a winner!

More adorableness.  Kids are so super fun to have at weddings.

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 12PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 13

Planes, tranes, and automobiles (well, buses).  I don't believe friends who tell us that a plane flew overhead, mostly because I didn't notice it.  I was focused.  However, no one could ignore the train behind us.

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 14

He turns to his Best Man and says, "These vows are a real train wreck!"

All of our first kiss photos look like we're eating each other, but I love this "post-first kiss".

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 15

PRO PICS ceremony stuff photo 16

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PRO PICS Getting There photo 1

PRO PICS Getting There photo 2

PRO PICS Getting There photo 3

PRO PICS Getting There photo 4

PRO PICS Getting There photo 5

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To begin with...

non pro starters photo 1

non pro starters photo 2

















non pro starters photo 3

non pro starters photo 4

non pro starters photo 5

non pro starters photo 6

non pro starters photo 7non pro starters photo 8

non pro starters photo 9

non pro starters photo 10non pro starters photo 11

non pro starters photo 12

non pro starters photo 13

non pro starters photo 14

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nowadays, at some level, everybody loves a bride.
and everybody loves a bride, i think, because a bride symbolizes hope.

in a world filled with NO NO NO NO NO and fear and terror and doubt, a bride fills up the space in the minds eye as a giant white tulle YES, and you don’t need to know the romantic backstory. somehow, through some miraculous chain of events, this woman has decided to throw herself into a life commitment. and it means something different now than it did 100, even 50, years ago. because nowadays she has a choice.

- Amanda Palmer


I almost didn't sit down to surf the web before going to work on the morning of September 22nd, but I thought, "Eh, so what, forget it!"  Boy was I glad I did!  I got a shiny!!

An Honor and a Privilege photo 1

So proud to be a part of the Pink Heart PW Hostess Team!  Hooray for helping others!!

Need help?  Ask this hostess!!

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"It's like Paris, without the jetlag!"

Honeymoon in Montreal photo 1

My first thought for a honeymoon?  PARIS!  But Paris, mid-November, in the middle of the school year?  It wasn't going to work.  And FI has already been there.

So the next thought was Montreal!

And then I don't know why, but I guess I figured NYC would be cheaper, and FI has never been there.  I have several times.

And then we looked at hotels in NYC and the rates are CRAZY.  Going to NYC without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars involves couch (or even floor) surfing and metro cards.  Not ideal accomodations for a honeymoon.

We considered other places: San Fransisco, Key West...but one of us had already been there.  I think it makes it that much more special when you are going to a place together for the first time on a honeymoon.

So after much discussion, we turned back to the idea of Montreal, and booked the whole thing in one afternoon.  Our flights are not bad, and the hotel we booked is TO DIE FOR.

Honeymoon in Montreal photo 2

And not overpriced!  Seriously, it's your honeymoon, you've gotta get a nice room! 

So yes - cultural capital of Canada!  My ancestors are from here, and it's going to be cold, but that's okay.  We live in South Florida, and honestly we are not beach people.  And neither of us have traveled here in the past.  So excited!!

I just hope we get to see a little bit of fall foliage before the winter sets in!

Honeymoon in Montreal photo 3