Nov 11, 2011

Happily married music teacher. Newly christened Maid of Honor!
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So very super duper exicted about these!  Please allow me to share my best pics with you!

Engagement Shots photo 1 Engagement Shots photo 2 Engagement Shots photo 3

Engagement Shots photo 4

(our engagement photog encouraged us to get in a shoving match!)

Engagement Shots photo 5

Engagement Shots photo 6 Engagement Shots photo 7

Engagement Shots photo 8

Engagement Shots photo 9

(As the photographer said..."You get to marry that guy!")

Engagement Shots photo 10

Engagement Shots photo 11 Engagement Shots photo 12

Engagement Shots photo 13


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These have been a hell on wheels I MEAN labor of love to create, but they're super us and I would not have done them any other way.

Okay, as seen earlier in the bio, FI drew a bunch of stick figures to show our friends & family how the engagement went (no photos - as he said himself, "I think the engagement should be a private thing, and then the wedding is the public thing.") 

DIY Detail Save the Dates photo 1

(He actually had to say that - no joke.)

The stick figures spread like WILDFIRE through FB, etc. and everyone loved them.  One of my BMs who is helping with a lot of creative planning & making the cake says we should use them for EVERYTHING.  So naturally we had to use them for the STDs.

DIY Detail Save the Dates photo 2

This was the inspirational sketch, which was altered a little bit.  Most of the difficulty was getting the image on the actual card.  Of course, it would be an image HE DREW, because I would not have it any other way, and it's also a way for him to be involved, which is very important to me.

Final product:

DIY Detail Save the Dates photo 3

DIY Detail Save the Dates photo 4

Some of the later ones we've made show the figures a little faded...alas.  Adds to the "vintage" feel of it, which is part of what I'm going for.

I also used the fonts Lauren Script (regular) and J.F. Ringmaster from DaFont.com - yeehaw!

The really not fun part of it though has also been writing out all of our own envelopes (so much for buying pretty pens instead of ADDRESS LABELS!) and getting all of that taken care of.  I also "booby trapped" the envelopes with heart confetti that I punched out of the scraps from making the STD - nothing goes to waste, right?!  Which is cute, but some people then leave a trail of paper hearts behind them.  Oh well!!

it is neat to see them on our friends' fridges when we go over!

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What I love about wedding planning, more so than anything else, is being able to be there for other people to make sure that things stay copacetic.  I delight when I get to help people plan their weddings.  I don't ever forsee that as a business or anything, but I love helping my friends and I also love Project Wedding for that reason.

And my best piece of advice?  They'll get over it.

My mom hates my shoes!  My grandmother doesn't want to hear this song!  My uncle's cousin wants to walk me down the aisle since my dad hasn't been seen in 20 years but I want to walk by myself but he's getting cranky about it!

They'll get over it.

If they don't like it, remember: although it may be the most important party of your life, you're still planning a party.  If they don't like something about it, they'll get over it. 

And yes.  People do talk (and will talk) about weddings for years and years in the future.  But ever so rarely do they talk about how much they hated that the stephanotis boutinnieres were pearl-centered rather than rhinestone centered. 

They'll get over it.

And it usually happens before, on, or by the wedding day.  Future mother in law making you INSANE over rehearsal dinner stuff?  She'll get over it.  Insane evil step-mother with insane evil step-daughters (just like Cinderella!), including a step-daughter's neo-Nazi boyfriend, causing you trouble?  They'll get over it.

The previous two scenerios occurred in two weddings in which I was a bridesmaid.  And guess what happened by the wedding day?  THEY GOT OVER IT.  And everyone had fun at the respective weddings.

If you keep that in mind, people will come out of your wedding knowing that it was an awesome fun good time.  And if they don't?  They'll get over it. 

And if they don't do that?  It's their problem and not yours.  As I tell my students all the time, deal with it.  No need to be a Bridezilla.  Just know that they'll get over it and move on your merry way, planning your ideal wedding day.

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I'm with Eastside Bride on this one.  I think that glass jars are one thing I'll NEVER get sick of seeing at weddings.

Actually, repurposed glass items play a big role in our wedding.  HOORAY!

Heart of Glass photo 1 Heart of Glass photo 2 

(second photo is from my friend Katie's wedding!!  she actually makes jams & jellies and so those are her canning jars!!)

Heart of Glass photo 3 Heart of Glass photo 4  Heart of Glass photo 5

Last photo from Etsy seller...whoops?!

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My fiance and I are getting married, and proud that many of our GLBT friends (some of whom married their significant others in Canada - which is ridiculous that they'd have to) will be attending our wedding.

We support equal marriage rights for all couples in love.  And we hope that you will too.

UPDATE: a) congrats to New York state!!  b) our friends Laura & Ash just got engaged!  I am so excited for them to be planning a wedding!!

equal marriage rights photo 1


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First off, I am an AW and kind of long-winded, but I'm also entertaining, so you should read my blog about things concerning wedding planning along with a billion other subjects.  HOORAY!

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k back to my wedding introduction!

Is it bad that my mom thinks the funniest thing in the whole world is when we say "Wedding's off!"  She says, "You have to be so secure in your thought process to even think that.  I love it!"

I told my co-worker, who is a big proponent of arranged marriages, "If my mom could have chosen anyone in the world, she's still have chosen Tim."  :)

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