Nov 11, 2011

Happily married music teacher. Newly christened Maid of Honor!
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Due to several factors, mostly privacy concerns (always there on the internet), I have elected to make a good portion of my bio Friends Only.  If you have a bio & are active on the forums, then feel free to add me!  I love friends!

The only rule that I have is that if you show me yours, I'll show you mine.  :)  You gotta have SOME bio pages in order for me to add you.

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Tim keeps asking me what the colors are.  He might even show up in a silver tie.  :) 

Much of the colors are based on the engagement ring (see above).  It's an inspiration.

Color Scheme Details photo 1Color Scheme Details photo 2Color Scheme Details photo 3


Swatches from dessy.com :)

The blue may be a little darker, but you get the idea.

Seeing as how my biggest inspiration for the wedding (and the dress!) comes from a 1957 musical, I think that going with all things vintage will be nice, too.


first photo from Offbeat Bride (I believe), second from here on PW, third from Once Wed (photog: Josh Goleman).  Clue me in to more accurate sources of the other two photos and I'll gladly note that.  :)

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If this wedding were a movie, it'd be...

Funny Face... (starring Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire)

directed by Baz Luhrman... (Moulin Rouge, etc.)

on an Andrew Bujalski budget.  :)


Inspiration Board!

Inspired photo 1

Inspiration board gathered from personal photos, random blog posts, facebook shots, and of course, PW inspiration.

Two more I made!

(gimme a minute here..)

And an inspiration shot, not so much even for the wedding but from the movie Funny Face, which I honestly haven't seen in years but stayed with me enough to inspire me for the wedding!

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The Dress!!

Thank Dolly Couture and Audrey Hepburn for this inspiration!


The Dress photo 1

I saw this in Dolly's "custom collections", and fell in love with it.  Then, she made it a regular style, available right off the site.

Inspiration + INCREDIBLE photo of a bride in the dress (via Facebook)

The Dress photo 2  The Dress photo 3

My dress will be in ivory.  I know, it seems insane to order offline, and I won't be going into any stores to try on dresses, but I'm okay with that!

UPDATE: They have created a purchase link for my dress!  It will be customized in that it'll be made to my measurements, there will be a big, beautiful organza bow on the back, and there will be a custom pink petticoat to add fullness to the dress (and match the shoes).  I'm a little nervous about the matching with the shoes, as I haven't even tried them on yet...but alas. 

And my mom is buying it for me!!!!  Which is a huge help.  Part of the money being used for the dress is money she inherited from her birth father, who we have only met once.  Although it's a strange and sad way for my biological grandparents to be involved in the wedding, it's oddly poetic, as well.

 And to match the shoes (see below), I think I'm going to order a dyed petticoat...something like this (also from my dress designer).

The Shoes!!

I was thinking blue, in keeping with the color theme of the wedding, however I think I am just going to find the shoes I like best and wear those.  These in particular from www.unique-vintage.com are current front-runners.

The Accessories!

I am definitely a fan of handmade EVERYTHING, a craft fair aficianado, for sure, so I have definitely looked to Etsy for jewelry!  My favorite bridal jewelry seller is plumbcrazy, because her style is simple, classic, and just so damn pretty.  I have been drooling over her jewelry for some time now, and I think I'm going to go with these earrings...

(had to size the photo down a little bit...it was larger than the dress photo...)

Along with a streamlined necklace and maybe a bracelet, too..

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I love hydrangeas, roses, gardenias and delphiniums.  We'll see how this all comes together.  These are completely unsourced photos that I've found all throughout browsing Project Wedding.


I would love to get a lot of blue mason jars, white ribbon, order from a warehouse shop, and completely cut out the florist, but we'll see how well that all works.  I think it can be done, though.

DIY brooch-y silk bouquet

I found this photo on the PW boards one day, and fell in love.  I KNEW this would be my bouquet.  And I also love that it's something I can keep for years to come. 

inspiration, c/o the lovely and beautiful pmnunes83!

One day, I got locked out of my building (FI has the key to the building and I just have a code, which wasn't working!) and I went to Michael's and went bonkers.

And I kept buying brooches from Etsy until I was satisfied!

Here she is!!

I just need some inspiration for a bouquet handle.  And that top/center rose is a little squished, and maybe we could use some more blue in that very white patch in the third photo.