Jun 27, 2007

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Thanks for the heads up! Basedon this post and another glowing one on the Los Angeles board, I went to the 5th Street offices. Their website does NOT do them justice! Of course, I haven't actually used them yet, but so far I've interviewd three or four bands and they have definitely impressed me the most. I realize that might be a function of their having better recording equipment, or better editing, but I really think it's more than that. Jack Bielan, the man in charge, gave me a lot of information in terms of: -more technical, musical stuff. Basically, this guy knows his music inside and out, and I mean all the nitty gritty theory and instrumentalization, etc. -he's very willing to share a lot of ideas about music and event planning, even though it was a first meeting and some other managers play things more close to the chest like they're afraid you'll steal some ideas and not come back. Jack's approach puts me more at ease because it shows he knows what he's doing and is confident. -the horn section on his bands are incredible. When the sax solos came on my sister and I just turned to each other and nodded. It was clear the man knew his way around a sax. -the singers vary, but I think there's something for everyone. Some people might want a softer, more delicate voice. Others might want someone gruffer with more body. I didn't love them all, but there's someone for everyone. -the bands come in different sizes from 6-12, so whatever size you want they can do. -very professional looking group, and they can do anything from suits or tuxes to white jackets. This is the only band I've looked at that I feel the need to compliment on the Internet. I really want to stress that a lot of band websites are kind of bad compared to going to the studio and listening to CDs and watching DVDs, so give them a chance.
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