Jul 15, 2011

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My FI picked out the spot for our e-pics...Griffith Park on Valentine's Weekend!

He had taken me to this same spot for Valentine's Day the year before and it was horrible (a lot things went wrong!)  This year, however, EVERYTHING went right.  It was extremely crowded but our photographer did a great job of capturing just us.  FI was shy in front of the camera and we giggled as he was directed to "nuzzle" me.  We had a great time and had some great luck!  FI lost his cell phone somewhere in the middle of our outfit change but he was so understanding.  He knew how much I wanted some great pics and insisted on finishing instead of searching for the phone. (After all these years, we don't have many pictures together.)  Thank goodness a good samaritan turned the phone in at the lost and found inside the observatory!  We also left our car windows wide open by mistake with my phone and purse in plain sight but no one touched anything! 

It was memorable Valentine's Day.  Here's some of our e-pics:

E Pics at Griffith Park photo 1

He was "nuzzling" me!

E Pics at Griffith Park photo 2

E Pics at Griffith Park photo 3

E Pics at Griffith Park photo 4

E Pics at Griffith Park photo 5

E Pics at Griffith Park photo 6


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I wanted something simple but body-hugging that would still bring out my curves.  I desperately wanted to go to a fancy bridal boutique and find a designer dress but it was just not possible with our budget.  My worst fear was that I would go to one of these boutiques and fall in love with a dress that I just couldn't afford.

Solution?  Don't go to a fancy bridal boutique.

I DID, however, go to shops that had dresses at a more reasonable price for me.  I went to David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo.  They ended up having some really beautiful gowns.

After 3 different visits with my sisters, mom, and best friend, I selected this Alfred Angelo style 2146 in Diamond White.  The large bow will be removed and I will be adding a sash to brighten it up with a little bling.  I love it!  It definitely hugs in the right places.

Alfred Angelo 2146

Sash (not in blue, but in white):

The Dress The Shoes photo 1


My FI is only a couple inches taller than me so I wanted to choose a low heeled but still feminine shoe. 

**Also, I have extra wide Fred Flinstone feet so I wanted to choose something that wouldn't be killing me or causing me extreme pain on my special day.

Steve Madden Gramicy in Pink Satin will work out very pretty.

The Dress The Shoes photo 2


Here's what my dress looked like when I first picked it up from Alfred Angelo.

I love the dress but I'm not fond of the giant sized bow.  I will be removing it at alterations and will replace with the jeweled sash.


I was ecstatic! Couldn't contain my joy and finding a dress that I loved...



Here's the final version of my dress after alterations:

I love it EVEN MORE now!

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So Bryan surprised for my 30th birthday with the gift that I REALLY wanted:  A ring!  Well not really a ring, but what it signified: marriage to my love.

We met up with friends at one of my favorite bars to celebrate my birthday and on our way home I started asking him when he thought he would be ready to take the next big step.  I became upset and started in on my crying antics when we got to his apartment.  I asked him: "What are you going to do?  Pull a ring out right now?"  Much to my suprise, he headed to the kitchen, grabbed something out of a drawer, and knelt down next to me with a jewelry box.  He proposed right then and then there!  My tears quickly turned into joyful ones and we hugged and kissed!

Yes, yes, maybe it's not the most romantic story but it's ours...

He picked it all on his own and I think he did a GREAT job!  I love it!


from Kay Jewelers

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planning a wedding 

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Bryan and I have together for over a decade and we're finally tying the knot!

 Love in the making photo 1

We met right after high school on our senior trip to Puerto Vallarta.  It was young and casual...or so we thought.

Love in the making photo 2

Love in the making photo 3

Fast forward 12 years later and we are set to wed on July 15, 2011!

We've been through a five-year long distance relationship, college, more college, jobs, separations, and more.. but we've made it through and we're ready to start our lives together on a new path.

I'm truly happy that our love has pulled through and now we're taking the next big step!  I can't wait to start spending the rest of my life with the man of my dreams...