Oct 03, 2010

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Maggie Sottero Milana in light gold/champagne. I LOVE it!

My sister is getting married a couple of months before me, so I'd gone around the bridal shops with her and hadn't really seen anything I liked. On the spur of the moment my mother and I went into a tiny bridal shop in her local town and i'd picked out a few but when I put them on, I looked, as Thomas says 'desperate' (i.e. not good!). Also, white completely washes me out, especially with my bleached blonde hair.

The lady in the shop asked "how do you feel about embroidery and beading?" I wasn't keen but said yes as I was running out of styles, and when she brought it in, draped over her arm, I didn't like it! When I put it on though, it was a different story and I completely fell in love with it!

I'm wearing it with the cap sleeves as shown on the Maggie Sottero website, and with my short hair, I feel like a 1930s film star!

It won't be arriving in the shop until August, it feels like such a long time wait for it. I really wish I 'd taken a photo in the shop, as I keep seeing things I'd like to wear with it - so I have to keep popping back here to look at wildfire and dianalynn in their dresses :-)

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The husband to be photo 1

This is me and Thomas (I look a little pink!) on St Patrick's Day 2009. We met nearly 6 years ago at university when Thomas was introduced to me as the housemate of a friend on my course and got together a couple of months later. I think it was his charming Irish accent that won me over! Thomas is amazing - he cooked, cleaned and encouraged me when I was finishing my PhD, and looked after me when I went into hospital for a double jaw operation. He makes me laugh, loves my cat, and I love him to bits!

We live near Cardiff in South Wales, UK, with Lolly the cat.

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The church photo 1(The contributor of this photos is Jonathan Billinger)


We're getting married in the Church of St Oliver Plunkett in Blackrock, County Louth, Ireland, where Thomas is from. Its a lovely church and overlooks the bay and the mountains on the other side of the water.

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We'd been talking about getting enagaged for a while, but I definitely wanted Thomas to ask me, rather than we just agree to get married - where's the romance in that?!

One Sunday in January we decided to go into the city to have lunch in one of our regular haunts, and while we were eating, Thomas casually said "Shall we go and look at rings when we've finished?". I nearly choked! But of course I agreed. I spotted the ring I'd seen a few weeks ago and pointed it out - in ten minutes we'd bought it! I wasn't allowed to wear it yet though, I was informed I was not having it until he'd asked my parents, so we drove to my parents house an hour away and I had to wait in the car in my parent's driveway while he went in to speak to them.

He was in there for AGES! I wondered what on earth was going on but it turned out that my dad was still outside feeding their animals and Thomas was waiting for him to come in so he could ask both of them. My mother told me she wondered why Thomas was so edgy and why I wasn't there and why he kept asking where Dad was!

It felt like ages until Thomas came out of the house, but he did eventually appear and got in the car, took a deep breath and held out my ring and said "Love, will you marry me?" Even though it was in the car, in my parents driveway, it was still lovely! My dad had proposed to my mother in his car a lay-by of a road, so it looks like we're making this a bit of a family tradition now!