Oct 30, 2010

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Since my mom was going to be in town for our Engagement/Birthday/Housewarming Party, I decided that we should go ahead and go wedding dress shopping (despite lbs lost:nada) so we could have some mother/daughter time,  as she wasn't going to be at the wedding.  It's not personal, NO ONE but us is going to be at the wedding!  Anyway, so I mapped out several stores in town to hit and off we went.  I decided to try David's Bridal out first, because hey, you never know.  I was expecting less than stellar service and selection, and they did not disappoint.  On to another store.  We happened onto 'Something New' on Old Shell Road, and it was everything you would expect as far as an exceptional wedding dress shopping experience.  We parked, and noticed the Lexus, Infinity and BMW in the parking lot and Mom is like "This can't be the right store" and I'm like "Of course it is!".  So we walk in and are immediately warmly greeted by one of the sales staff and we begin chatting about what I was looking for.  She asks my budget (eeks!) and then steers me towards the sales rack (hey, it is what it is).  I start perusing the dresses and pluck a sparkly, romantic number, despite that it was strapless and I really didn't want to go that route.  The sales lady (Lucy?  I'll call her that anyway) brings my dress into my changing room and helps me dress.... and it fits! perfectly!  I step out into the viewing areas and step on the pedestal, and Mom, whom is as anti-bride, anti-wedding as you can get, says 'It's perfect! So pretty! So beautiful! You must get it!  My immediate thougut was, 'I can't buy the first dress I try on!....I must shop and shop and agonize and spend way too much money!'... but after waltzing around the store for about 30 minutes, I realize that this is the dress.  It's sparkly, it fits and it's on sale.  What more can you ask for?  It's a princess, strapless gown from the Casablanca line.  They are going to add tulle shoulder coverings for me, so it's not ~really~ going to be strapless. And I have a flower clip that they are going to incorporate into a birdcage veil for me.  It will stay at the store and I will 'visit' it regularly.  We went back the next day with my mom's best friend and also a friend of mine to see The Dress.

Me in the dress vs. the model:

The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2

The Dress photo 3The Dress photo 4



The Dress photo 5


Now just need to find the shoes... and everything else! Oh and hit the gym!





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I'm just throwing some ideas together as far as color palette and what I want the day to look like....


My colors are burgundy and petal pink. Think hurricane glasses filled with wine corks.


I've tried to keep track of where the photos came from, but that's so darn tedious!  So ladies if you see a photo or idea of yours, let me know and I will surely credit you!


The cake and the topper:  (topper is called 'Love Pinch')

Wedding Ideas photo 1

Wedding Ideas photo 2Wedding Ideas photo 3

The shoes and the color of the shoes:

Wedding Ideas photo 4Wedding Ideas photo 5

Dress ideas:

Wedding Ideas photo 6

Wedding Ideas photo 7


I love her veil and kid gloves:

Wedding Ideas photo 8

"something blue" for my mom to sew:

Wedding Ideas photo 9

Hair clip from: katehouse on etsy

Wedding Ideas photo 10

Hair and makeup (tho I may change my mind and do an updo):

Wedding Ideas photo 11  

Wedding Ideas photo 12


Gettin ready:

Wedding Ideas photo 13



Visual ideas for ceremony:

Wedding Ideas photo 14Wedding Ideas photo 15Wedding Ideas photo 16

Wedding Ideas photo 17   

Wedding Ideas photo 18

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We decided to take a long weekend trip to Austin, TX over Valentine's Day.  Terry took over most of the planning and he did a great job!  We stayed at a bed and breakfast, tried out lots of BBQ, listened to live music and saw alot of Austin.  On Valentine's night we had reservations at a restuarant off 6th street and then we decided to take one of those hansom cab rides (horse and buggy).  We piled into the buggy and buried under lots of blankets (it was FREEZING!).  We rode around the Capital Building and the wind was crazy.  Towards the end, Terry whips around in the buggy and gets down on one knee, produces a sparkly ring and proposes!  All I could say was (besides YES!) was It's my turn! It's finally my turn!!

 The Proposal photo 1

Ring from Scott Kay's Vintage line. :) :) :)



When we got home we sent out announcments:

The Proposal photo 2

We plan to be married as a 'weddingmoon' this fall in Napa Valley, CA and maybe have a reception at the Slavonian Lodge in Biloxi, MS (our hometown).

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We shot our Engagement Session at Mobile Botanical Gardens using Danin Drahos of Ocean Springs. It was HOT! Engagement Photo Session photo 1Engagement Photo Session photo 2Engagement Photo Session photo 3Engagement Photo Session photo 4Engagement Photo Session photo 5Engagement Photo Session photo 6

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I will start off by first saying that I am first and foremost, very much a Homebody.  I love to travel and have been on some great trips overseas, but otherwise I am HOME.  That means I am not a bar-hopper!  (anymore).   I don't hardly ever drink (anymore :)   But I was a big fan of a great local band that was enjoying some local celebrity.  A friend of mine and myself started, shall we say, somewhat stalking this band.  When we found out they had a website, we squealed (as much as 20 something and 30 something gals would 'squeal') with delight.. and started appearing at their shows.  One night we showed up at one of their gigs at a local bar and at one point during the night, they were taking a break and the regular music was playing and my friend and I were bustin a move on the dancefloor.  Suddenly a slow song came on and I didn't want to stop dancing.  The drummer was near me on the dancefloor, dancing with someone else, so I asked him if TK (the bass player)  danced, to which he said yes.  My future fiance was standing on the edge of the dancefloor, talking to a friend.  So, in my inebrience, ran over to him, grabbed him by the hand and pulled him onto the dancefloor for a slow dance.  The next day, I asked my friend if she saw us dancing.  She said "honey, ya'll weren't dancing, ya'll were ~cuddling~".  My friend had the forethought of taking a picture of the 2 of us that  night before we left, so I have a photo of the first night we met (though I don't remember much!  and that is not me!)  And the rest is history....


I've attached a photo of us at a MSU football game (my alma mater!).  I'm not including the one of us the night we met... it's not exactly flatterning considering my inebriated condition ;)


How we met photo 1