Mar 12, 2011

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We were lucky enough to be chosen to be one of 20 weddings featured in D Magazine's 2011 fall/winter issue!!!   I think that I bought ALL of the copies!



 Our venue, The Texas Discovery Gardens at the Fair Park, were also very nice to place 6 of our pics on their rental advertising page!!  Guess who the headliner is????  I've heard that they placed the page from D Magazine in the window.  I need to go looksie!



My DIY flowers also made the cut the venue's page.  Pic 11 are my flower balls that the FG's carried.  Pic 16 are of the flowers that were used on the cake table.  Pic 18 are what my BM carried. 


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The Pro s photo 1 

The Pro s photo 2

The Pro s photo 3

The Pro s photo 4

The Pro s photo 5

The Pro s photo 6

The Pro s photo 7

The Pro s photo 8

The Pro s photo 9

The Pro s photo 10

LovePicLove were our wonderful photographers!! :)

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Elvis of www.elvision.net was our videographer or should I cinematographer.  He was EXCELLENT!  We forever be able to relive our wedding day thanks to he and his crew!!!

Click on this link to see our video teaser.

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After Wedding Shots photo 1After Wedding Shots photo 2After Wedding Shots photo 3After Wedding Shots photo 4After Wedding Shots photo 5After Wedding Shots photo 6After Wedding Shots photo 7After Wedding Shots photo 8After Wedding Shots photo 9After Wedding Shots photo 10After Wedding Shots photo 11After Wedding Shots photo 12After Wedding Shots photo 13After Wedding Shots photo 14After Wedding Shots photo 15After Wedding Shots photo 16

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Good Morning Wedding Day photo 1Good Morning Wedding Day photo 2Good Morning Wedding Day photo 3Good Morning Wedding Day photo 4Good Morning Wedding Day photo 5

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Mt Little Boy photo 1Mt Little Boy photo 2Mt Little Boy photo 3Mt Little Boy photo 4

I had to give my little man his own page.  He was soo patient through this whole day!!! :)