May 18, 2012

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well... the wedding is off and we are currently not together anymore. we are going to try to be friends. it was a mutual yet hard breakup. we just decided that right now were not ready to completely jump in and we each want different things so we are going our seperate ways. he is looking into moving to colorado and im  looking into newyork so.....i wish him all the best and i can't wait to 'til i can come back and rejoin this awesome community of ladies. thank you all!!

Well ladies I have been dating my boyfriend Matthew for over 3 years now (May 18). Yes I said boyfriend...were not officially engaged  yet. I do have a promise ring its gorgeous (I'll get pics up soon). We do plan on getting married May 18 ,2012. The wedding is somewhat in the works mainly b/c I want everything to be perfect so I'm trying to get ideas and some minor things done. The reason being we both want to get through school before we jump into it. :(  He is 20 and I am 21. yes we are young but thats ok.  he's in air force and going to school to become a parole officer ( for now anyway), and I am trying to finish my marine biology degree to do marine conservation. . well thats it for now...add me as a friend or just ask questions I'll tell you anything...almost..

 This is a pic of us at his basic training graduation in San Antonio Texas, last fall