Feb 18, 2012

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Sooo... About me! Ummm.... This should be fun! Well if you guys know me and how I am! I really don't have to do this right!?! Okay, I will....

Well, I was born and raised in Port Saint Lucie. I know you are thinking WTF! We still live in Port Saint Lucie. I have 4 parents that have been there for me thru everything. And I have most likely given them all their gray hairs but what kids don't?  I have 3 younger brothers (lucky me), one turning 21 in April, one that turned 20 in December and one that just turned 9 in January. If you know me my family is a big part of my life.


Well about my honey, You guys know he wouldn't fill this out so I will. He was born in Cherry Hill,  NJ. and moved down to Florida when he was 6. His parents are some of the best people I know. They are always there whenever Pj or Jen need them. He has one sister, Jen Jen and she just turned 20 in December in boot camp for the Air Force.

How we met:

When Paul and I met we were in our senior year of high school. So, yes we are high school sweethearts. The first time we really met each other was at a party that my friend was having. He let me win in pool 3 times (I think, it's been a long time). We exchange numbers and really haven't been apart since then. We have been together for 7 years now and counting.

When it happen:


Thursday, December 24, 2009



How we got engaged:

The Proposal... I think that every girl has this dream of how it was going to happen and I have to say that Paul did even better then I could have dreamed of!

So, every year since the City of Fort Pierce has started putting up Christmas lights by the Tiki Bar we have been going. If you have seen the lights before you know that they are amazing. The lights going on and off with the music that is playing. This year we kept saying that we were going to go but something always came up. Which wasn’t a big deal, so we said that we were going to go on Christmas Eve because we didn’t have any plans?

Christmas Eve, We talking about going out to dinner and seeing the lights, but when Paul got home he really didn't want to go out because he had worked all day. So, of course, I got disappointed because I wanted to see the lights. (I found out later that he did that because he never plans things and he didn't want me to think that something was going on!) I finally got him to get dressed and go. When we pulled up to the lights the parking lot was full. So we are thinking that the Tiki bar was opened and we could get something to eat and then go listen to the music and watch the lights. Well that plan didn't work out because the Tiki bar was closed.

We decided that we would just go somewhere else to eat. But I wanted to listen to a song first. I found us a seat on the wall right next to the water. And the song that we both liked came on. Me not paying any attention to anything doesn't realize that he is trying to get the ring out of his pocket. (Opps) So the song ends and I am ready for food. So I start heading back to the car. When he grabs my hand and turns me around and tell me that he Loves me and kisses me and that is when he got the ring out and asked “Will You Marry Me?"

Well, now it gets funny because I forgot to say "Yes", until we were in the car!