May 30, 2010

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We are actually getting married more in the Reno/Tahoe/Virginia City area.  The system didn't allow for this choice.

My wedding photo 1

My wedding photo 2My wedding photo 3

We are having a small (30) simple but elegant wedding/dinner/reception in a historic Comstock Lode hotel. The people at the Gold Hill Hotel are wonderful.  They are so understanding with brides who are very nervous. 

Here are some sample wedding photos that I found on their web site.  I can't wait to have our picture in front of the wagon.  That is my favorite, but not sure how I will make it up there in my 4 inch shoes, lol.

  My wedding photo 4My wedding photo 5My wedding photo 6

We are getting married in the Great room (below), then will step outside for photos and my brother-in-laws gourmet truffles, yum!  The room will be set up with chairs for the audience, FI and I will be married in front of the fireplace.  There will be a wonderful red rose and lavender arrangement on the mantle. Rose garlands wrapped down the stairs that I will be walkding down.  My very good friend will play his guitar and sing his rendition of Elvis' song 'As long as I have you' After the ceremony, the room will be transformed into our reception site for dinner.

My wedding photo 7


Our colors are ivory and black.  I will be having pops of red with my flowers, some ribbons on my favors and my red sequined shoes. 

My wedding photo 8My wedding photo 9My wedding photo 10My wedding photo 11

This is pictures of the dress that I fell in love with.  This was the original color that I wanted, but the dress in champagn wouldn't be available for shipping until mid-May.  I am getting married May 30, so I will be getting this dress in Ivory, same color just with out the gold look to the lace.  This is going to be okay, since my jewelry is white gold.

My wedding photo 12

These are the shoes that I am wearing under my dress.  I love these shoes and asi type, I am wearing them in an attempt to get them broken in for the wedding.


My wedding photo 13My wedding photo 14My wedding photo 15My wedding photo 16

My engagement ring, he did so good, I love it.  I am not a big fan of diamonds, I personally feel that it has been comercialized and there is no real meaning behind it.  I wanted a connections to him with my ring.  In this ring, there is connection galore and he was able to get the diamonds he wanted for me down the side of the ring and on the wedding band.  The earrings took me weeks of looking for some that would "kinda" match my ring.  I couldn't believe it when I found them, they match it almost perfectly.  I am so happy,!  Yeah!  I have gotten the earrings, but not the necklace yet.  One piece at a time, my daughter said she wants to get me the necklace.  If it happens wonderful, if it doesn't, that's okay too.

My wedding photo 17My wedding photo 18

This is the dress that my beautiful daughter Brenna is going to wear and my daughter, we originally weren't going to have anybody stand up with us, but I figured that I would need to have some help with my bouquet when we exchange the rings.  So my obvious choice is one of the most important people in my world.

My wedding photo 19My wedding photo 20My wedding photo 21My wedding photo 22My wedding photo 23

These are the wedding bands.  I have two, one that I will wear with the engangement ring and the other, because I have such a rough job, is a matching band to his.


My wedding photo 24

This is similar to what I am going to have, only in place of the white flowers, imagine sprigs of fresh lavender.


My wedding photo 25My wedding photo 26

My wedding photo 27My wedding photo 28

This is Morgan and I, he is a Deputy for the Butte County Sheriff and I am a Correctional Officer for the Butte County Sheriff.  We had seen each other in passing for years, but never had the opportunity to really meet or get to know one another until two Deputies that had once been my boys/co-workers in the jail went out to patrol.  Once they had gotten to know Morgan as much as they knew me, they dropped the idea on him that maybe we should really meet.  The rest is history.

I have an 18 year old daughter and he has a three year old daughter and a four year old son that he has full custody of.  They are wonderful kids and yes, I have started all over again.  lol.