Aug 06, 2011

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Chris and I were debating over whether to get a DJ for the reception, or book a live band.  We really liked the idea of having a live band play as it went well with our theme, and we had had LOADS of fun at live band receptions before.  But we also don't want the entire night to be ALL rock and roll; we want it to be different generations of rock, rock and roll, alternative rock, and some other things slightly off to the side. 

SOOO.... we finally did it!  We met with DJ Robert Lawrence, who literally took hours out of his day to speak with us and get a feel for what we want.

DJs gonna rock the house photo 1

He is also the owner of Uplights, a company which rents out their highly rated uplighting LED lights for decoration.  These lights cost about $100 a pop, and he is giving us 5 free for the head table!

DJ Robert Lawrence is sooo much more than that...  he is an entertainer.  And Chris and I decided that we want people to be ENTERTAINED at our reception and have the most fun ever!!!!  And that's what he is going to do.... he has surprises for the guests, surprises for us, and makes the event more personal than we can ever imagine.... hopefully he is as good as he talks!

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It has been both a dream come true - and a complete recurring, never-ending nightmare -planning this wedding. LMAO!!! I never understood the stresses that brides go through; now I understand why some of those girls on that show "Bridezilla" act the way they do! Because there is no WAY you can stay sane while planning this shin-dig!!!! Hahaha.... I exaggerate. Not really. but truthfully, the wedding planning itself has led me to find new crafts and hobbies that I will continue to do that I never would have found otherwise. Making hair flowers out of fabric, for example, along with making fabric purses, designing invitations, etc. It is not those things that make pulling the thing together difficult - it's the THEME. I thought it would be all fun and games - but it is actually very difficult to plan a modern, classy, elegant wedding that also incorporates hard rock elements, the past, edgy patterns and colors, edgy music, extra decor that normally would not be at a wedding reception - without it looking tacky. So, I guess we'll do what Tony Horton says in his P90X workout DVDs (which are AWESOME btw): "Do your best - and forget the rest!"
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Inspirations for Reception Table Decor:

Wededing Style photo 1

Wededing Style photo 2

Wededing Style photo 3


Inspirations for Bridal Party Table Decor:

Wededing Style photo 5

Wededing Style photo 6


About our Wedding Theme:

FI and I are LOVE rock music - classic rock, oldies, rock, alternative, metal, heavy meatal - he is a total rocker (and a HOT one I might add).  He is a musician - plays electric and accoustic.  When we began talking about what we wanted in out wedding, the one thing we agreed on was that we wanted it to be the most fun and unique but STILL elegant wedding that our friends and family have experienced.  So I came up with the idea of having a Rock an' Roll / Music-Inspired Wedding - and FI was ecstatic!!!  So that's where it went from there! 

We planned on hanging up his electric guitars on the walls as well as some of his friends' guitars, albums and covers of famous oldies bands like the Beatles, and having tablecards say names of songs instead of numbers.  The ideas kept rolling out from there......  and we are SO excited!!!!!  Can't wait to entertain everyone in the biggest and most fun way possible!

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EEEEEEEEEEEK!  Our photographer, Trisha, from Trisha Lynn Photography, posted a preview of our pics on her facebook page, here. Here are the pics::::::: SOOO EXCITED:::::


Yey Engagement Pic Preview photo 1   

Yey Engagement Pic Preview photo 2

Yey Engagement Pic Preview photo 3

Yey Engagement Pic Preview photo 4

Yey Engagement Pic Preview photo 5

Yey Engagement Pic Preview photo 6

Yey Engagement Pic Preview photo 7

Yey Engagement Pic Preview photo 8

Yey Engagement Pic Preview photo 9


There should be more like the first "Save the Date" one; I think they'll definitely serve their purpose!!!!!! :)

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So we got our engagement pics done this last weekend.  Can't WAIT to see them!  Trisha and her hubby Chris were AWESOME!  Very easy to get along with, down to earth, and super creative and funny all in one!


Will update asa soon as I get the pics!

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Chris and I have been together so long that far before the proposal we knew we wanted an outdoor wedding.  I am a very churchy girl; but we both just absolutely love the beauty of the outdoors, especially the beach.  But no - the first place we looked at for our ceremony was not the beach.  I wanted something bigger, better, and always came up empty handed. I found myself talking to our friends about how Chris and I grew up miles from the sandy shores of Lake Huron, how we had picnics there late at night, how we spent summer days there, and quick Subway or Dairy Queen stops to finish our yummy food together, and I was always excited talking about it.  So we decided to go look at the most beautiful setting along the beach in all of Alcona and Iosco Counties, that we felt could also make the greatest impact upon our guests.

This place, formerly the Holiday Inn, is now known as Tawas Bay Beach Resort in little East Tawas.  We fell in love with it!  And on the same day, we went and looked at the Community Center, which I had never been to, and fell in love with that even more!!!!

Here's the resort pics:

Venues Check photo 1   Venues Check photo 2

                                     Venues Check photo 3


And here are pics of the East Tawas Community Center:

                       Venues Check photo 4

     Venues Check photo 5       Venues Check photo 6    


We are going to TAKE THIS BABY OVER and give it a new kind of makeover; it will be lile Extreme Makeover: Wedding Reception Edition!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!