Sep 16, 2012

I am from South Carolina and love all things weddings.
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 Wedding, Reception, Portrait, Sign-in Wedding, Reception, Green, Portraits

I love the idea of having the guests sign the matte board of an engagement photo as the guest book.  After all, these are my closest friends and family that will be attending the wedding and seeing their notes hanging on the wall of our home willl be a constant reminder of the love we share and the blessing that each one is to our lives.  I also love the thought behind the other photo.  Having the wedding photos of your family for several generations at a table possiblely with candles in memory of those that weren't able to witness the event.

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These are inspiration for the centerpieces and table decor.  I love the black and white tablecloths and candles.  I also love the ribbon detail on th vase.  Since my mom was a teacher and her mom was a teacher, I love the idea of small chalk boards being used as the table numbers.

Wedding, Reception, Orange, Bride, Roses, And, Table, Candles, Groom Wedding, Flowers, Pink, Centerpiece, Red, Orange, Yellow, Roses, Dees petals Wedding, Flowers, Reception, Cake, Centerpiece, Blue, Dress, Flower, Favors, Table, Invitation, Elegant, Box, Card, Decoration, Girl, Ring, Tiffany, Chair, Holder, Gown, Guest, Money, Pillow, The wedding main st, Book, Boxes, Sashes, Linen, Basket, Wishing, Well

These are photos of inspiration for the specialty tables.  I definately want a sweetheart table.  I love the large floral arangements as the centerpiece for the guest card table.  The boxes stacked up to look like a wedding cake with a slit on top is a nice way of collecting the cards on the gift table for those last minute gifts.  It also serves as decoration for the table.

 Wedding, Cake, DetailsWedding, Cake, Purple

I love square wedding cakes and real roses used as decoration.  These are inspiration for possible wedding cake design.  I also love the "I DO" on the table.

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I have always loved roses.  I plan on having a large round bouquet with only roses.  There will be three shades of red and white roses.  The bridesmaids will hold a small round bouquet with red roses only.  The mob and mog will have similar bouquets to the bridesmaids, but they will also include a flower that is special to them.  For example, my mom's mom grew lilacs and that is a special flower to my mom, so regardless purple lilacs will be in her bouquet.


Reception, Ceremony, Wedding, Candle, Decorations, Lanterns, Lights, Awesomeshot studios, Luminaires Wedding, Flowers, Reception, Red

Candles and roses will be the decorative focus of my wedding.  I love the idea of marking the pathway to the ceremony site (which will be outdoors) with candles.  These are some inspirations for that.

Wedding, Flowers, Pink, Centerpiece, Red, Orange, Yellow, Roses, Dees petals

I love large floral arrangements just before  you walk down the aisle.  These are examples of some inspirations for that purpose, of course, the colors would match the scheme we choose.

 Wedding, Reception, Ceremony, Dress, Divine event planners Green, Purple, Wedding, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Inspiration board, Peacock

These are inspiations for the aisle decor.  I love rose petals along the aisle.  The last photo of rose petals shows hearts all the way down the aisle.  This would be a great idea espically if the invitations we choose have a similar heart shape on them.  The chuppah (jewish wedding structure) decoration will be like the big photo.  Roses along the top of the chuppah and roses used to hide the ties of the fabric along the four posts of the chuppah.

Wedding, White, Ceremony, Black, Damask, Aisle, Ribbon, Your wedding company, Black and white, Pillow, Satin, Ring pillow, B w Wedding, Reception, White, Ceremony, Centerpiece, Black, Silver, Your wedding company, Rhinestone, Buckle, Unity candle, Pillar candle, Black whiteWedding, Ceremony, Black, Damask, Candle, Unity, Flocked, Tapers

The candles are inspiration for the unity candle we will be lighting.

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 My engagement ring is similar to this but an original design created for me.

  Jewelry Inspiration photo 1Jewelry Inspiration photo 2

My ring with hebrew writing (a passage from Song of Solomon) and amethysts.   His ring with same writing in Hebrew.

Wedding, Jewelry, Accessories, Earrings, Kristengracecom   Wedding, Jewelry   Wedding, Jewelry Wedding, Jewelry  Wedding, Jewelry, Bracelet  Wedding, Jewelry 

I have always loved statement earrings.  So I may or may not wear a necklace.  I also love the more modern look of wearing a cuff.  I think that a great pair of earrings and a bracelet of some sort would be a great gift for the bridesmaids.

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Shoes and Handbag Inspiration photo 1Wedding, Reception, White, Red, Blue, Dress, Bridesmaids, Black, Inspiration, Board, Bride, Silver, Accessories, Grey, Gift, Silk, Clutch, Dupioni, Fiaz co

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