Jun 27, 2007

( 2.0 / 5.0 )
Do not buy your dress here if you have other options. First of all, service is horrible. The sales people there are rude and have a "I don't care" attitude. They have more than one location and so samples are shipped back and forth. You have to call in to be sure that the dress you want to try on is in the store. I called and made an appoinment to try on a dress, they assured me it would be at that location, I came in and the sales girl tells me it is still at the other location. That aside, I purchased the dress I wanted. Which for the amount I paid I would have thought they would have been friendlier...I won't go there. And so they call me 5 months later that my dress is in. They tell me I MUST pay the balance of the dress within 7 days. SO I make an appoinment, my fiance takes time off, my bridesmaids take time off and we get there only to find out that they can't find my dress!!???? They tell us that it mistakenly got sent to the other location and that they will call us when it arrives from their other location. Forget the fact that they could have checked to see that the dress was still there before my appoinment and why would my dress be going back and forth between stores?!!! I purchased the dress at the studio city store and have only been in there. It has been three days since that fiasco and still no word on where my dress is ?!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am worried about my dress.
Services used: Dress & Attire