Sep 18, 2010

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We were engaged on New Year's Eve 2009!  We were at a close friend's house celebrating NYE with a small group and their kids.  It was about quarter til Midnight when his friend asked me to go upstairs and make her kid smile as he loves me and she didn't want him to be upset at Midnight.  As I walked up the stairs, I realized that something was up when I saw all 9 kids leaning over the balcony, with HUGE smiles on their faces!  I turned to look up the stairs and walking down was Kent with a rose in one hand and a box in the other!  He came to the landing where I was and got on his knee...he told me how much he loved me and PROPOSED!  After 5 years, I of course said YES!  We hugged and the kids blew those paper popper fireworks above us - it was just so cute! 


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Kent and I met during the summer of 2004!  We both play softball on co-ed teams and summer season had just began.  He showed up on the field, playing on a close friend of mine's team and boy, did he caught my eye!  I mentioned something about the new guy to my best friend and MOH now...and all she did is run over to him and give him this huge hug!  What you say??!!  So she returns and proceeds to tell me that he was friends with an ex of her's and that he's single now. 

Summer went on and we got to know each other more on the fields and some other friend gatherings.  He always saved a seat for me or sat by me during games....but never asked me out!  I was at a stage of my life in which I was NOT going to ask a guy out - if he wanted to see me, he'd ask.  So FINALLY at the end of season party for softball, he walked me to my car and asked me out!  He said that he had gone out with people before and nothing has lasted for him (we're both in our 30's & 40's now) so he wanted to get to know me as a friend first and decided that he liked what he knew of me and surely didn't want to not see me every week after softball ended!

Over the last 5+ years, we have grown together and have had so many happy times!  Our families & friends are intertwined like our lives.  We've been through everything together and I can't imagine spending my life with anyone but Kent.  :)