Sep 19, 2009

Cheek Couture On Location Hair and Makeup
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
Robin was our artist and she was fabulous. She did my trial run on location at my mom's house (which I scheduled to be the morning of my bridal shower). She also came on the wedding day to do hair and make-up for my bridesmaid's and myself. It would have been nice if they had given us 2 artists so that we didn't have to start getting ready so early, but other than that - it was a completely positive experience. Highly recommended!
Services used: Beauty & Health

Davids Bridal
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
My overall experience with Davids Bridal was a good one. For the money, they have excellent options. The sales associate who helped me (Michelle) was amazing. I tried on 6 dresses and found "the one." I ordered it in October 2008 for my September 2009 wedding. They estimated it would arrive at the beginning of January and it arrived a month early, however it had a red stain on the back. We had to order a replacement which came in February. So I was very glad to have ordered it early from the start. The only real negative part of the experience was with alterations. I felt like once I bought the dress, the service level went down. Also, the alterations cost half as much as the dress, so keep that in mind. They wanted me to pick it up 3 days before the wedding but I insisted it be sooner, and I'm glad I did because the fit was wrong and they had to do it over again. All my bridesmaids got their dresses there as well, and one of them did not fit the same as the sample. Overall, I do recommend them for those with a tight budget. Because I bought my dress there, the bridesmaids, mother of bride and grandma of the bride all got $20 off their dresses, we all got 15% off shoes and the groomsmen got $30 off their tux rentals at Mens Warehouse.
Services used: Dress & Attire

SoCalSunshine Productions
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Linda & Gene are so great to work with! I have heard so many horror stories about photographers and luckily we didnt have any of our own. We have received so many compliments on our pictures and our wedding album. They have great customer service, very quick to respond to every email. We felt very comfortable with them, which helped make our pictures more natural. They did such an amazing job capturing all the wonderful moments of our wedding and most of the time, no one even noticed them. They were such a great value - with their assistant, it was like we had 3 photographers at times. It's really difficult to choose a good photographer - most of the time you don't know what you are going to have to deal with. The reviews we read about Linda & Gene are what helped us make our choice. We were looking for a good price but we did not want to sacrifice quality, and with them, we didn't have to. I can't recommend them highly enough! Thanks again you guys!
Services used: Photography

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I think choosing a DJ is a very personal choice. It really depends on the kind of event you want. Eric was absolutely perfect for us. It was important that we didn't have a corny DJ and that it didn't become "The Eric Show." We had gone to a few weddings earlier in the year where the DJ's were just so horribly corny and we didn't want ours to take away from what the day was really about. He was a great "Master of Ceremonies" and really kept the flow of the night going. He made suggestions for the timeline of events that worked out well. We wanted to be able to go around during dinner and talk to everyone and he gave us time for that instead of rushing us through it due to the timeline. Although, he was great about reminding us what time it was so that we were aware of the timeline (it goes by so fast!). He always made sure that we were ready when it was time to move on to the next part (the special dances, cake cutting, etc). Eric seemed a little quiet when we first met him, but I loved that he didn't come off like a salesman. He played ALL the songs we requested (and there were a LOT). Even our ceremony music was obscure but I found where he could download it from and he did. Our Best Man speeches were fairly short and didn't really toast us, so after, Eric asked everyone to raise their glasses and he toasted us - he was quick on his feet like that. He played great dance music. In all his reviews online, the brides always said "he kept people dancing all night" and now I know how very true that is. Our dance floor was full the entire night. We don't dance and spent most of our time mingling with the guests, but everyone who did dance said they had a great time. Even people who don't normally dance were either on the dance floor or commented about how great the music was. Toward the end, a guest had requested "Bohemian Rhapsody" and he told her (nicely) he couldn't play it because it would really slow things down so he played "Thriller" instead and kept it going till the end. We also didn't want any corny songs, like YMCA or the Chicken Dance or We Are Family, and he was good about not playing them or anything like them (of course, if you wanted him to play them, he totally would!). He was absolutely amazing and at a great price - I can't recommend him highly enough!
Services used: DJ

( 3.0 / 5.0 )
This is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen and I was so happy with the way that all of our pictures came out. We chose the venue because we could have both our ceremony and reception outdoors (which was very important to us) and they provided just about everything - tables, chairs, linens, set-up and break-down, catering, PA system, etc. Pretty much all we had to provide were the cake, flowers and any special decorations. Overall, it was not a bad experience, but for the money we paid, I expected more service. Our original contact and was great from the start. Unfortunately, she had to take maternity leave and did not return until the week before our wedding. The coordinator who took her place was less helpful, mostly because of how busy she was doing double her work. Luckily the original coordinator did return and was able to be there for our wedding, and that was a good thing. The biggest disappointment was that there really was no good place for us to take our pictures after the ceremony. Being a golf course, I would have expected to get a ride on a golf cart out to a nice location, but that was not offered.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner