Jan 15, 2011

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I'm not a stickler on what shots I absolutely want, but of course, I want the most important things caught on camera.  Here's my little list:

1.  Bride entering Church with her Dad

2.  Bride and Groom kneeling at the Altar

3.  Bride and Groom placing rings on each other

4.  First kiss as married couple

5.  Bride with Bridesmaids

6.  Groom with Groomsmen

7.  Bride and Groom with Bridal Party

8.  Bride with parents, Groom with parents

9.  Bride and Groom with both sets of parents

10.  Bride and Groom with all Padrinos

11.  First Dance, Father-daughter dance

12.  Lots of action shots of guests and couple

13.  The little details:  the cakes, the decorations, the room step up, etc.


Other inspiration photos:

Must Have Photos photo 1  (Of course, the most famous one on PW)

Must Have Photos photo 2  Must Have Photos photo 3

These two are from  They are actually pictures of couples in the church we are getting married at.  Look how beautiful they turned out!

Must Have Photos photo 4

I'm not quite sure where I got this photo (so if it's yours, please let me know).  I thought this picture was cute because we are having our reception at the beach.  I think it would be fun to reinact the Corona commercial.  :-)

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My bridal shoot was this past Sunday, and I had a blast!!  It was so much fun, and I think the pictures are going to come out great!  The entire shoot lasted 2.5 hours!  My photographer said he was on a roll and couldn't stop. He compared this photo shoot to eating a really good food and not being able to stop.  Lol.  Here's some pictures my dad took of me that day.  Oh and the first picture is of me and my grandma. <3  We are very close, and this picture means the world to me.  She started to cry when she saw me.

Bridal Photo Shoot photo 1 

Bridal Photo Shoot photo 2 

Bridal Photo Shoot photo 3

Bridal Photo Shoot photo 4 

Bridal Photo Shoot photo 5

  Bridal Photo Shoot photo 6 Bridal Photo Shoot photo 7

  Haha... my mom.


Today, I got some wonderful news!  My bridal pictures are ready!  Yay!  It's going to be so hard to choose which photo to use as my Bridal Portrait for the reception!!  I should be receiving the CD with all of these pictures on it.  As soon as I get more, I'll post them.



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Alice In Wonderland.  My future MIL is throwing me an "Alice in Wonderland" inspired bridal shower.  Alice in Wonderland is one of my most favorite movies from my childhood, so it was only natural to have a very Unbridal shower!  Here's some of our inspiration.

UPDATE - 11/27/10.  So, I had my second bridal shower this weekend, and everything went fantastically!  Everyone had a great time and we played a few games, laughed, cried - we did it all!  This was supposed to be an Alice in Wonderland inspired bridal shower, so I dressed the part of Alice.


                   My Hostesses                                                  FMIL, Me, and Mom


                                 My Girls! Pwani20, Sici03, & Illeana (hopefully coming soon!)


The camera loves me.  Lol.                                          Me & Pwani20!

Breakfast at Tiffany's.  As an adult, this has to be one of my all time favorite movies!  I LOVE Audrey Hepburn!  So, my mom and aunt have decided to throw me a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" inspired bridal shower.  We are going to have all the ladies dress in a black dress and pearls.  I can't wait to see how it all turns out.  Here's some of our inspiration.

UPDATE - 11/20/10:  So today was my first bridal shower!  I was so excited especially because of the theme!  We had a great time and alot of my family was able to show up along with FMIL and my future grandma.  Everyone dressed up in their best Audrey Hepburn attire and everyone looked fabulous!  I think everyone had a great time too... the mimosa's were an added bonus!  And my dad made me the sweetest video.  He put together pictures from me growing up, to my graduation, and to me meeting the man of my dreams.  It had several heart touching songs -- one that hit home was "You can let go daddy."  ;-(  It made me cry!  That song has so much more meaning behind it than anyone will ever know.  It was very sweet.



Me                                                  Me and Alana (MOH)

Me and Cat (MOH)                                               Me and My mom

My Hostesses (My Aunt Nancy & My Mom)                 My FMIL and my future Grandma

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Photographer.  Raul Salazar Photography

Package includes:

  • 8 Hours coverage
  • 1 - Bridal session
  • 1 - 8 x 10, 20 pg hard cover book
  • 1 - CD with all wedding related photos (bridal and wedding day)
  • 1 - 16 x 20 print
  • 2 - 8 x 10 prints
  • Traveling free included
  • Digital retouching for first 10 images


Videographer.  Five Star Wedding Films

Package includes:

  • Two Camera Ceremony
  • One Camera Reception
  • Special Effects (B&W to Color, Sepia, Old Film look, etc.)
  • Wedding Highlight Video
  • Bridal Preparation (One hour)
  • Photo Session Highlights (photo session after ceremony)
  • 60 Photo Montage (Growing up and/or Honeymoon Photos)
  • Five Custom DVD Copies with opening menu


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Here's a rough draft.  We will be alterating it as the day gets closer to make sure we've included everything.



8:00 am   -   Wake Up & Eat Breakfast

9:00 am   -   Hair & Make Up

  (work out any last details for wedding)

12:00 - 1:00 pm   -   Light lunch

1:00 - 2:00 pm   -   Get dressed (videographer filming)

2:00 - 2:15 pm   -   Leave for ceremony



3:00 - 4:00 pm   -   Ceremony

4:00 - 5:00 pm   -   Bridal Party/Family pictures and Bride & Groom Pictures

5:00 - 5:30 pm   -   Bride & Groom arrive at SPI

5:30 - 6:00 pm   -   Extra Bride & Groom pictures at the island

6:00 - 6:55 pm   -   Bride & Groom getting settled in room & refresh



6:00 - 6:45 pm   -   Cocktail Hour & appetizers

6:45 - 6:55 pm   -   Guests find their seats in reception hall

6:55 - 7:00 pm   -   Bride & Groom Grand Entrance

7:00 pm   -   Buffet Dinner

7:45 pm   -   Welcome Speech & Toasts

8:00 pm   -   Bride & Groom First Dance

8:05 pm   -   Father & Daughter Dance

8:10 pm   -   Cake Cutting

8:20 pm   -   Bouquet Toss

8:25 pm   -   Garter Removal/Toss

8:30 pm   -   Open Dancing

9:00 pm   -   Money Dance

9:00 pm - 12:00 am   -  Open dancing

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The Bling photo 1  The Bling photo 2

The Bling photo 3 The Bling photo 4

The Bling photo 5 The Bling photo 6