Jan 15, 2011

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Coming soon November 2012! :-)
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The Before More Pros photo 1 The Before More Pros photo 2

The Before More Pros photo 3  The Before More Pros photo 4

The Before More Pros photo 5  The Before More Pros photo 6

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Reception Decor photo 1 Reception Decor photo 2

                Guest Tables                                                       Bride and Groom Table

Reception Decor photo 3     Reception Decor photo 4

                                                            Guest Book Table

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Hi girls!!!  I'm SO happy to be back!  I only have time for a recap since DH (weird!!) is being a butthole and wants to use the computer to look at pool tables.  Lol.  So I can't really post any pictures yet.  Anyways... here's how my day started off:

I spent the night in my condo with all my bridesmaids.  It was so much fun!  I woke up at 6:40 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  I had wanted to sleep until 7:00 am since I didn't go to bed as early as planned.  So, I got up and had HUGE butterflies in my stomach and a slight headache, so right away I took some ibuprofen.  Luckily, after a little breakfast (blueberry muffins made by my sister) and some gatorade I was wide awake and ready to go.  Our hairstylist got to our condo at 8:00 am and started the beautification process for me and my bridesmaids.  Around 10:00 am my hair was done, and I had to go downstairs to make sure everything was being set up according to plan in the reception hall.  Everything was looking great -- except there were no flowers.  Then at 11:45 am, we started my make-up.  The videographer and photographer arrived to film my getting ready process and we took a couple pictures in the room with my bridesmaids and my mom.  At 1:00 pm, the groom arrived at the hotel to pick up the ceremony flowers that the florist was SUPPOSED to bring to the reception hall.  Unfortunately, he was still not there.  My heroic bridesmaid, Sici, gave the florist a call.  Apparently, there was some type of "miscommunication" and the florist had no idea he was supposed to do that.  ((Complete bull -- FI talked to them at the beginning of the week about it and they said that was completely fine.))  So, Sici was able to get them to go to the church and drop them off.  However, they didn't even take the right ones!  They ended up using 2 centerpieces from the reception table. Grr.

Well, it turns out it was raining.  But not just raining... it was POURING!!!  So we had to drive a little slower to the church.  I was so worried about my dress getting wet and my hair that there was no time to be nervous.  As I arrived at the church, the groomsmen came to my rescue!  They each had an umbrella to walk me, my sister, and my dad into the church!  So sweet!  So, I get inside the church while my dad is parking the car and the processional music starts.  My mom went in a different car than me and she wasn't in line yet!  I was furious -- and so was my sister.  The ladies in charge of helping us with the procession and ceremony were being insistant that we had to start without my mom (or dad).  My sister went over to the ladies and said "NO!" super loud (lol) and told them we are not starting until my mom walks in the door.  As that was happening, my grandpa's charm fell off my bouquet.  :-(  And then my aunt walks up to me holding a little pendant of my grandpa's picture and told me "Grandpa's watching you.... he's here."  I bursted out in tears!  Lol.  But just in the nick of time, my mom showed up... walked down the aisle... my sister reattached my charm to my bouquet... my dad showed up (soaking)... and I was at the end of the aisle waiting for my cue.  I looked up, took a deep breath, and saw the man I was about to marry.  <3  Everything was all ok in that moment.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  It went so smoothly.  I was so afraid I was going to faint or cry.... and none of that happened!  It was just perfect.... absolutely perfect.   Until the priest decided to call Robert, Roberto.  Lol.  Roberto is his name, but all this time the priest had been calling him Robert so it completely threw me off during our vows.  Lol.  I had a really hard time pronouncing his name... I can only get it on a good day... and apparently 1.15.11, was not.  I had the whole room crack up, so it was a funny memory. 

After the ceremony, the bridal party stuck around to take pictures in the church.  I had originally wanted to do the pictures outside but it was still raining hard.  At the very end, DH and I went outside in the rain -- no umbrella -- and took pictures in front of his car.  You remember the car, right?  Orange challenger?  Oh yeah!  Lol.  I'm looking forward to seeing the pro pictures!

After that DH and I took off to our reception.  Cocktail hour didn't start until 6:00 pm, so I had an hour to touch up my hair and make up.  Then more bad news -- the band and the DJ didn't have enough room to both set up, so we were going to have 30 minutes of dead air while waiting for the band to take everything down and the DJ to set up.  :-\  I needed a beer.  Lol.  Luckily, Pam came to my rescue!!  She became my (unplanned) DOC!  Lol. And she did a FABULOUS job!! I can't thank her enough for what she did for me that day.  I didn't have to worry about a thing!!!  DH stopped the band 15 mins early and we used that time to have the two bestman speeches and my sister's speech... which BTW were absolutely touching speeches!  It was so funny because my sister's speech was last, and one of the biggest tear jerkers and one of the bestmen (that gave a speech before her) took the microphone back and said, "My speech was better."  Then one of the guests said, "Get off the stage Kanye!"  LOL! 

The other 15 minutes were used to direct our guests to our SURPRISE photo booth!!! (YAY!!!!)  BEST investment that we made for the wedding!!!  I HIGHLY recommend it... everyone loved it!!! 

After the DJ set up, DH and I were able to do our first dance.  We danced to Ryan Adam's version of Wonderwall.  Supposedly, everyone loved the song.  Then it was time for the father-daughter dance.  I barely made it out to the center of the dance floor before bursting out in tears -- happy tears.  There was not a dry eye in the room.  DH had to leave the room, he said.  :-)

Everyone was complimenting our food and the CAKE!  I'm sure you all saw the photo.  My baker did an EXCELLENT job!  I'm soooooo happy with the way it turned out.  So after our cake tasting and our toast, it was time to party!!!  We started off the night with "Cupid Shuffle" and then I never left the dance floor!  Lol.  Only, to put on my awesome, personalized converse of course!  Everyone got a huge kick out of them.  Lol.  But my feet definitely thanked me for it.

We has such an awesome time and I received so many compliments from the cake, the linens, the photobooth, the food, the guest book jersey...  and it's all thanks to the girls of Pdub!!!  Love you all!

Ok, I know this was extremely long, so I'm sorry.  Lol.  Even though some things went wrong, overall I had a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, and FUN wedding!  I couldn't have pictured the day better myself.  And the best part, I married my best friend.  :-)

So, glad to be back here.  I promise to post pictures (non-pros) as soon as I can get the computer back!  See you all soon!!

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Non Pros photo 1 Non Pros photo 2

Non Pros photo 3 Non Pros photo 4

Non Pros photo 5 Non Pros photo 6

Check out my dad's intense stare as he's driving me to the church.  It was raining SUPER hard and we were a little behind on schedule.  On top of all that, he was nervous.  Awwww <3.

CEREMONY. (Most photos courtesy of Pwani20)

Non Pros photo 7 Non Pros photo 8

Non Pros photo 9 Non Pros photo 10

Non Pros photo 11 Non Pros photo 12

Non Pros photo 13 Non Pros photo 14

Non Pros photo 15 Non Pros photo 16

Non Pros photo 17 Non Pros photo 18

Non Pros photo 19 Non Pros photo 20

           Me and PWani20!


Non Pros photo 21 Non Pros photo 22

Non Pros photo 23 Non Pros photo 24

Non Pros photo 25 Non Pros photo 26

Non Pros photo 27 Non Pros photo 28

              Two of our favorite people                                    Our photo booth picture

Non Pros photo 29  Non Pros photo 30


Non Pros photo 31