Dec 29, 2010

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It's anodized titanium, and so stupid light you hardly feel it at all.  Very different and unique-the carving will take some getting used to because I can feel it with my pinky, but I don't think I'll mind. :)

My ring photo 1

My ring photo 2

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They started out as a simple Love Knot Invitation kit from Invitations by Dawn, but the more time I had on my hands, the more complicated they became in my head....ain't that the way it goes? LOL! All in all, they cost under $200-$90 for the invi tes, $25 for the red folders (from LCI Papers), and about $10 for the stamp and ink, and then postage to send them out-and the glue sticks, of course.  Printed them at home, which saved a bunch too. But it wasn't all just open the box, stuff th em in the envelopes, and send them out! Oh, no, that would be too easy.

First, we had to trim the long edges on the folders so that they would fit in the envelopes:

Invites are DONE photo 1

Then, had to trim the sides off the invites so that they'd fit in the folders:

Invites are DONE photo 2

Time to stamp!

Invites are DONE photo 3

Turned out pretty good.

Invites are DONE photo 4

The more I look at them, the more I like them...and realize how much money I saved vs. having a "professional" do them.  (Ignore the pinkish, took the pics at work.)

Invites are DONE photo 5


Invites are DONE photo 6


Invites are DONE photo 7

Detail of the knotwork:

Invites are DONE photo 8

Dang.  Good thing there's only 50!

Invites are DONE photo 9

Time to stuff!

Invites are DONE photo 10

Ready to go out-dropped them in the mail this morning. (Yes, I forsee having to call a lot of people to find out if they're coming. LOL)

Invites are DONE photo 11

*whew* glad that's done. ^_^

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Talk about crazy, I don't think I've ever won anything in my *life*, about oh...a week or so after I joined here on Pdub, they ran the contest for Paloma's Nest, and I entered....and actually WON! Jeanish put me in contact with Caroline at PN, and she was wonderful in asking me what I wanted to see-on the Ring Bearer's Bowl, the Bouquet Charm, and apparently I won the Heirloom Packaging as well.....SCORE!! So I told her what I would like on there, and asked if they could edge both in silver as well-apparently they could, because they're BEAUTIFUL!! Was thinking about making FI wait til the wedding to see them, but that boy can't wait for anything-would have been impossible to keep a secret. (Going to have to hide my dress somewhere else, LOL!)  So, without further ado, here they are!!

I WON Paloma s Nest photo 1

I WON Paloma s Nest photo 2

Both of the bags say Paloma's Nest on them, but I forgot to flip the other one over. ;)  Packed in there all

I WON Paloma s Nest photo 3

Bouquet Charm:

I WON Paloma s Nest photo 4

Ring Bearer's Bowl-ok, so here's the back story on the saying.  FI is a bit of a geek, and when he got me flowers for Valentine's Day, he says he had a hard time deciding what to put on the card.  I'm not so much of a geek, myself, but I find it funny-so he decided to borrow a cue from Yoda (Star Wars).  It took me a second, but I rolled when I got that's what I decided to have stamped on the bowl. :)

I WON Paloma s Nest photo 5

So cute! FI told me I couldn't leave them out, so I had to put them back in the box.  Probably a good idea. ;)

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So yeah, I got the Fan Photographer gig......but to be honest, I've never liked taking pictures of people all that much anyway, lol......and, considering it only pays $7.50/hr, and I'd be working like 5 hours, and have worked 3 games in two weeks....not exactly a gold mine, no? Well I had applied for other jobs at the same time, and heard back from the Renaissance Cleveland hotel...interviewed, the job!! Woohoo, a real, full time job, with BENEFITS! (which I haven't had since I got out of the military in '06....yeah, I know, riding a motorcycle with no health insurance isn't exactly the brightest of ideas, but hey. lol)  So first day was this past Wednesday, and, though I was scheduled for 8 hours, worked it's ok, I wasn't goin to get a full 40 this week anyway.  I got hired to work the Front Desk, but when you work there you pretty much have to know everything, and the past two days I've worked the Concierge/Club Lounge and the Operator...who knows where I'll be today! Don't have a lot of time to spend with FI anymore, considering I'll be working whenever they need me-but at least, when we do have time together, we'll finally be able to go out and do something. :)

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So we weren't going to do STD's, due to money constraints, but then JeanM ran a free sale and some wonderful PW'er (I'm sorry, I don't remember who!) found a free shipping code-free? I can afford free. ;)  So we jumped on it-while they weren't exactly what we were looking for, who can argue with free? Right? lol....Figured an STD would be a good idea, since we moved away from where we're getting married (to CLE from ATL), and people might need a reminder-or a notification, depends on how much attention they pay to FB. ;) lol....So, without further ado, here they are! :)

They're actually a bright white color-so ignore the greyish blah they look like right now. ;)

Save the Dates are in photo 1

And the back....I didn't realize they were postcards until after they arrived-SWEET! Saves me from having to buy envelopes-and the stamps are cheaper, too. LOL Anyway.  So there's this big blank spot on the left, but since all the information is on the front of the card, I figure that-once we either buy or borrow a printer-we'll put a small b&w picture of ourselves (probably an e-pic, once we take them) on that side, with "formal invitation to follow" either above and below.  That line would have been on the front, but we decided to put the website there-had I known they were postcards, I would have waited to put that on the back, lol.....and yes, I know it's a WW website-but I found that before I found Pdub, works, tho, and I've not let myself look at the Pdub sites-especially since I've already got STD's with it on there! lol ;)

Save the Dates are in photo 2

And there you have it.  We're probably going to wait until late June or early July to send them out, since we're not getting married until the end of December-but it's my first box of wedding paraphenalia! lol :)

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Grr.  I moved to OH from Ga at the beginning of November, and was "supposed" to get this swank job at the Federal building...well, I interviewed for it twice, was in the top 10 "finalists", but...yeah, didn't get it.  So I've been looking since then-the job market isn't that great here in Cleveland, and it doesn't help that it was named the "Most Miserable City in America 2010" according to  Great.  But, I kept looking and checking craigslist, and the yesterday I ran across an ad to be a Fan Photographer for the Cleveland Indians...ok, so it's definitely not a dream job (not at $7.50/hr, anyway), but I like photography, so I sent an one back almost immediately, saying to be there for interviews this afternoon. Hokay, cool.  Well got there, and it was one of those "whole bunch of people show up and we'll interview you one at a time so just sit here in this stuffy room and stare at each other and only have 4 chairs" kinda deals. lol!  But! I got the job! So, instead of trying to make frozen chicken tenders and ramen last as long as we can, maybe FI and I will actually be able to splurge now and then.

You know, like on stuff like...oh, veggies.  Or frozen pork? LOL ;)