Sep 13, 2008

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( 2.0 / 5.0 )
I had a trial run with Elaine and I was very disappointed. She did a great job on the hair, but the makeup was so plain, I could have easily done it myself. She spent 15 minutes lining my eyebrows and about 5 minutes on the eyeshadows (I really think it should be the other way around.) Another thing is, I am very oblivious to my own shape/skin/style. I needed someone who's had lots of experience to show me what kind of hair or makeup can make me pretty. Elaine had a lot of experience, but she definitely wasn't helping with the ideas... I'm a shopper who looks for a balance between the cost and the quality. From the trial I could easily see the cost outweigh the quality. This is why I didn't book her.
Services used: Beauty & Health

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Royal Accessories Inc.
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I found this store after wandering on the streets in that area for like 30 minutes. It had a great selection of veils. Nothing too fancy, but all the basic choices were there: different lengths, beaded, laced, pearled, single layer/multi layer... everything. The veils were nice enough for one-time wear. There were also a huge selection of hair accessories. Everything were about 1/3 of the price at David's Bridal. Definitely recommend this place if you don't want to spend over $50 for a veil!
Services used: Jewelry