Jun 08, 2012

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I'm a visual communication minor, so you can probably imagine how exited I was at the prospect of making our wedding stationary. So, I've been officially (like OFFICIALLY) engaged for three weeks now and I already have a good idea of what I want. So I'm posting. I got the idea for the invite from many a stumbleupon adventures, and made everything else from there.


***The info is all filler info ... we don't even have an official date yet. :)***

***EDIT*** We have an official date, and I've changed these designs a bit. The first ones are the old, the second the new.

Stationary Ideas photo 1

The invite reads: Lindsie and Stephen met while working on the [high] school play. Those who were involved with The Crucible knew that it was bound to bring about odd occurances--the show was about witches, after all. Nonetheless, these poor students needed extracurriculars to list on their college applications. L & S didn't get along.

The girl says: "Flaming idiot!"

The boy says: "Ooh ... cute."

Then, one day, they started to talk; they discovered they actually kind of liked each other. A friendship bloomed. After deciding that they were never ever going to date (anyone), they went to a dance together. They danced. They fell in love (oops). And now that that's all settled, you are cordially invited to the celebration of Lindsie Wagner and Stephen Trego's entrance into wedded bliss.

Stationary Ideas photo 2

Stationary Ideas photo 3

**The typo (children't) has been fixed. :)

The invite is A7 size and the STD and RSVP card are postcard size. :) They all need a little more editing, but I am kind of in love. <3

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Stephen and I (Lindsie) met my sophomore year of high school. It was his senior year. I wasn't planning on dating until college. He had just gotten out of a bad relationship and wasn't planning on dating for a while. Stephen and I were best friends, and we decided to go to a school dance together so that we would both have a date without the risk of the other person thinking that we were in it for a relationship.


Well, we danced that night, and ended up falling in love. We now both go to Whitworth University; I as an English and journalism double major, and he as a music major. We've been together for almost three and a half years, and we are having our wedding in about another year and a half (June 2012).

***EDIT*** After some consideration, he decided to no longer go to Whitworth, but transfer to another local college to get his degree in early childhood education. He has finally found his passion!

I happen to be one of those people who completely loves planning stuff, so I've already put together a ton of inspiration and designed the mock-ups for my stationary. :) See below!

I'm planning on having a vintage garden style wedding at Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington.

Here's the venue:


Our colors are goign to be pale yellow, bright yellow, and sage green with brown and tan accents.

About Us Our Basic Wedding Ideas photo 2About Us Our Basic Wedding Ideas photo 3About Us Our Basic Wedding Ideas photo 4

For flowers, we're using green blush gerber daisies, yellow ranunculus, and baby's breath (for sure!). We might be using white peonies and/or viburnum.

About Us Our Basic Wedding Ideas photo 5About Us Our Basic Wedding Ideas photo 6About Us Our Basic Wedding Ideas photo 7


**EDIT** I am in love with paper flowers, so we might end up using more paper flowers, and less real flowers. I think we'll still throw in some real flowers too (ranunculus for sure), but definitely focus on the paper ones. They're gorg!