Jun 04, 2011

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Hey there PW fam!

Thanks for visiting our page. Ken and I met through mutual friends in 1999. I was still in High School when we started dating and we have been together ever since. We have grown up and grown closer over our decade (plus more) together. We are very excited to plan our wedding~ our big day is June 4, 2011.

We love to travel and believe that Spanish archetecture is just beautiful! (we searched for MONTHS to buy a Spanish-style home but gave up...just means our dream house will be a Spanish Villa! =) We are getting married in a Spanish-revival golf course in Orange County, CA and will have touches of this throughout our design/invites/food, etc. Although both of us have just a touch of some Spanish ancestry (I'm half Filipino and his grandfather is French/Spainard) there is just something that is romantic,stylish and timeless about Spain; I think this describes our relationship and love as well. Whatever we do, we want it to be cool and have some "swaggar" in it so I hope our wedding reflects our style.

Happy wedding planning PW peeps!