Jun 26, 2011

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I left my sim card at home, so I have no photos of getting ready. But my DOC did get a few.

My Recap

FMIL brought the champagne, right before we started pictures.


We did a few formals before the ceremony.


My brother and SIL


FI with his neice


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more non pros photo 1more non pros photo 2more non pros photo 3more non pros photo 4more non pros photo 5more non pros photo 6more non pros photo 7more non pros photo 8more non pros photo 9more non pros photo 10

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We had a perfect day!

The night before and morning of were total chaos, there were lots of things that didn't get done, but in the end, it went well.


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Our pastor gave us some samples of programs from past weddings, that gave me some ideas.

greek ceremony programs photo 1

greek ceremony programs photo 2greek ceremony programs photo 3

greek ceremony programs photo 4greek ceremony programs photo 5

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For the girls:


I ordered 6 (+1 for myself) clutches in silver. They have a removable eggplant fabric flower on them. The insides are embroidered with their first names.

bridal party gifts photo 1

Jewelry -



matching necklace/earrings from blustarfruit on etsy, one of PW's own

bridal party gifts photo 2bridal party gifts photo 3

I am going to DIY the fabric flowers to attach.

Groomsmen -


While I don't love them and had something a little different in mind, I tried to delegate and sent the FI. I didn't have the heart to tell him to take them back (I did that with the first ones... 6 ties for $200, at a B1G1 sale). In four years, I have learned to pick my battles and honestly, they aren't bad.



 (still need to find)

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I cannot PM, so serious buyers can email me at misty.anderson111907@yahoo.com



Lots of Glassware  ----- Available After June 30

12 Fishbowl Vases  $20

Centerpieces photo 27

4 Cylinder Vases (24 inches tall) $8 each

9 Cylinder Vases  (6 inches tall)$2 each or all for $15

9 Cylinder Vases $2 each or all for $15

For Sale photo 9

7 4 in. square vases (heavy) $4 each

Purple and Grey votive holders (30 each) $1.00 each

60+votive candles $4