Jun 26, 2011

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FI is very proud of the ring he picked out. I love it! I can't get a good pic but it is similar to this one from phannie. I love that it is unique with the setting offset. There is so much detail on the band.

The Rings photo 1

Here is pics of the ring from our e-session.

The Rings photo 2The Rings photo 3

Wedding Bands

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One and only picture of our tablescape from the photographer I got :(

This is one of the BP tables

non pros reception photo 7

non pros reception photo 8non pros reception photo 4


Flowers came from sams club and rununculus came from fiftyflowers.

Centerpieces have FINALLY been decided upon.... well, almost.

Cocktail tables, bar and bathrooms

Centerpieces photo 27

For the head table

Details Pros photo 32 from Pwani20

I purchased crystal candlestick holders from RubyRed713. I have four, 2-8", 2-10". I plan to add a pomander on top similar to these.

Candle, Holders, Stick from RubyRed713


For the bridal party kings tables

from as0626.from Kristeen


Guest Tables

I purchased 19 black urns, also from RubyRed713. I plan to use them for the guest tables. I still haven't decided what flowers I will use, but she used carnations.

Flowers, White, Centerpiece, Black, Vase, Urn

Flowers, Reception, Pink, Green, Centerpiece, Orange, Bouquet, Roses, Centerpieces, La partie events, Hydrangea, Rose, Peonies, Garden, Unique, Tulips, Tulip, Peach, Peony, Florals, Fun, Creative, Ranunculas, Poppy, Poppies, Ranuncula


Parent's Tables

Flowers, Reception

 from Pwani20

Still love these....Curly Willow and Manz Trees

Centerpieces photo 7Flowers, Reception, Orange, BrownCenterpieces photo 8Centerpieces photo 9


 I love the ribbon and tags from McBirdies bio

My DIY projects photo 2

I still love these centerpieces with fruit...

Centerpieces photo 18Centerpieces photo 19
Centerpieces photo 20Flowers, Pink, Centerpiece, OrangeCenterpieces photo 21



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Monograms by Signatures by Sarah

Monograms photo 1Monograms photo 2

Monograms photo 3 Monograms photo 4

Monograms photo 5



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My bouquet inspiration (from Kristeen)

Bouquets photo 1Bouquets photo 2


I was disappointed in my bouquet. It was not as lush as I was expecting, didn't have any orchids in it and the petals were turning brown when I got it. My groom's boutinerre was brown as well.




Bride's Bouquet - ivory/white roses, white ranunculis, white tulips, white stephanotis, phaleonopsis orchids, accented with soft white feathers, hand tied with white ribbon and a stem ornament.

Rose                                                     Ranunculis                                    Tulip

    Stephanotis                                         Phaleonopsis Orchids

Bouquets photo 3

Bouquets photo 5Bouquets photo 7

Photos courtesy of The Knot and Bloom Floral.

Bridesmaids - White roses, white ranunculis,  green hydrangea, purple calla lilies accented with green hypericum berries hand tied with dark purple ribbon with lime green cris cross



Flowergirl Pomander - green roses, accented with purple

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I have always wanted to get married in a church. I think church weddings can be so beauiful. Although, I do admit seeing you ladies outdoor venues makes me a little jealous. FI's family is Orthodox, so it made our search a little easier. The first church on the list, a Greek Orthodox Church, one that FI's parents were married in over 30 years ago. Surprise! They still do weddings and all we had to do was become members and put a deposit on the Bride's Room. It's just as beautiful on the inside as it is out.

Location photo 1Location photo 2

Photos from St. Haralombos Greek Church

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 We picked our cake!!

It will be three tier, round cake. It will be white almond, with black raspberry filling and sweet buttercream icing. We will also have a sheet cake made of chocolate almond, with bavarian filling and sweet buttercream icing.

Inspiration (taken from actual baker) All Occasions Bakery