Jun 26, 2011

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PROS Ceremony photo 1PROS Ceremony photo 2PROS Ceremony photo 3PROS Ceremony photo 4PROS Ceremony photo 5PROS Ceremony photo 6

PROS Ceremony photo 7PROS Ceremony photo 8PROS Ceremony photo 9PROS Ceremony photo 10PROS Ceremony photo 11PROS Ceremony photo 12PROS Ceremony photo 13PROS Ceremony photo 14PROS Ceremony photo 15PROS Ceremony photo 16

PROS Ceremony photo 17PROS Ceremony photo 18PROS Ceremony photo 19PROS Ceremony photo 20PROS Ceremony photo 21PROS Ceremony photo 22PROS Ceremony photo 23

PROS Ceremony photo 24PROS Ceremony photo 25PROS Ceremony photo 26PROS Ceremony photo 27PROS Ceremony photo 28PROS Ceremony photo 29PROS Ceremony photo 30PROS Ceremony photo 31PROS Ceremony photo 32PROS Ceremony photo 33PROS Ceremony photo 34PROS Ceremony photo 35PROS Ceremony photo 36PROS Ceremony photo 37PROS Ceremony photo 38PROS Ceremony photo 39PROS Ceremony photo 40PROS Ceremony photo 41PROS Ceremony photo 42PROS Ceremony photo 43PROS Ceremony photo 44PROS Ceremony photo 45PROS Ceremony photo 46PROS Ceremony photo 47PROS Ceremony photo 48PROS Ceremony photo 49PROS Ceremony photo 50PROS Ceremony photo 51

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I am sad I didn't get any pics with just me and son, but he refused to go to me in my dress. LOL

PROS Just Us photo 1PROS Just Us photo 2PROS Just Us photo 3PROS Just Us photo 4PROS Just Us photo 5

PROS Just Us photo 6

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Despite my attempt to minimize the amount of formals, we ended up with a lot.

PROS Formals photo 1

PROS Formals photo 2PROS Formals photo 3PROS Formals photo 4PROS Formals photo 5

Me and MOH

PROS Formals photo 6


PROS Formals photo 7PROS Formals photo 8PROS Formals photo 9PROS Formals photo 10PROS Formals photo 11PROS Formals photo 12

PROS Formals photo 13PROS Formals photo 14



PROS Formals photo 15PROS Formals photo 16

Best Man

PROS Formals photo 17


PROS Formals photo 18

Groom's Family

PROS Formals photo 19PROS Formals photo 20PROS Formals photo 21PROS Formals photo 22PROS Formals photo 23

PROS Formals photo 24

Bride's Family

PROS Formals photo 25PROS Formals photo 26PROS Formals photo 27

PROS Formals photo 28PROS Formals photo 29

PROS Formals photo 30

Bridal Party

PROS Formals photo 31PROS Formals photo 32

PROS Formals photo 33PROS Formals photo 34PROS Formals photo 35PROS Formals photo 36PROS Formals photo 37



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I didn't speak to anyone (other than DH) about our First Look, leading up to the wedding. I knew everyone would have thier own opinions and try to talk me out of it. But, I made up my mind months before.


After some pics with the bridesmaids, we went back to the room and I tried to escape quietly. Except, my MOH, knew what I was up to and did have her opinion, but went with me anyway.

PROS First Look photo 1PROS First Look photo 2PROS First Look photo 3PROS First Look photo 4PROS First Look photo 5PROS First Look photo 6PROS First Look photo 7PROS First Look photo 8PROS First Look photo 9PROS First Look photo 10

PROS First Look photo 11PROS First Look photo 12PROS First Look photo 13PROS First Look photo 14PROS First Look photo 15PROS First Look photo 16

After our first look, I sent my MOH to deliver the B-pic Book.

PROS First Look photo 17PROS First Look photo 18PROS First Look photo 19PROS First Look photo 20PROS First Look photo 21

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The morning was stressful, as expected. Trying to make sure everything got to the church and the hall, including myself.

But once I got to the church, I put everything else behind me and realized what was done was done.

I didn't make a big deal to my photographer about getting ready photos and regret it. By the time he got there, I was ready (except for my dress) and most of the girls were mostly ready.

PROS Getting Ready photo 1PROS Getting Ready photo 2PROS Getting Ready photo 3PROS Getting Ready photo 4PROS Getting Ready photo 5PROS Getting Ready photo 6PROS Getting Ready photo 7PROS Getting Ready photo 8PROS Getting Ready photo 9PROS Getting Ready photo 10PROS Getting Ready photo 11

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