Jul 16, 2011

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Hello everyone!

Boy have I been busy!  It’s been nearly four months since I last posted an update and so many exciting things have happened, where do I begin? Well, let’s start with the top three in chronological order since I last blogged:

1) WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOME!!! Yes!! After about 8 months of being picky and selective we found the home of our dreams and it is more than I could ever be thankful for.  We put an offer in at the end of February and had our closing April 11th.  It’s been nearly three months that we have slowly begun getting nestled in our home.  Only Pat is living there at the moment.  He is preparing the house as much as he can for my arrival on the wedding day and there is such anticipation and excitement in the meantime.  =)   We made our first mortgage payment a week ago and it was exciting but I am sure that is a one-time thing.  LOL. Pat is doing all the painting since he is a pro since I am a sorry excuse of a helper and can’t even tape the walls for him properly, lol.  I guess I will just have to leave all the work to him.  ;)

We weren’t anticipating having the house furnished right away since we were focused on getting past the wedding before we would have extra funds to slowly start bringing pieces to decorate, but Pat’s parents were a HUGE blessing and bought us a living room set, a dining room set, a dinette for the kitchen and a microwave.  As you know, we both live with our parents still and needed everything except a bed, so I can’t tell you how utterly grateful I am to have them in our lives.  I feel like even a million “Thank You”s would never be enough. 

Little by little, we are starting to fill the nooks and corners with the things we need most.  It’s a little sad to say that I am excited to purchase rugs, kitchen gadgets and accents for the house instead of the usual summer dress and sexy pumps, lol.  As for the house itself, it is perfect <3.  It is just the right size for us, beautiful, maintenance free, has friendly neighbors, a safe neighborhood, and is big enough to have parties and guests which was a major deciding factor when we were on the hunt.  <3

2) THE BRIDAL SHOWER WENT PERFECTLY!!! Yes, I survived the shower preparations which were honestly a nightmare since I decided to have cupcake trees (flower pots with stems posing as tree trunks attached to a styrofoam ball holding approximately 60 mini cupcakes each) that consisted of baking and frosting oh about 700 mini cupcakes and assembling them to construct “trees”.   It took days of work, but they were a hit and were well worth the stress in my opinion, although my sisters and friends who helped may think otherwise, LOL.  We were so thankful everyone made it, despite a bad storm that surrounded the area, but luckily it took place in-between the start and finish of the shower and we were luckily indoors the entire time.  The gifts were much appreciated and we now have everything we need to get started in our new kitchen.  =)

The games were so much fun and there was a nice (embarrassing) surprise by my sisters that I won’t get in to, lol, and all-in-all it was great to see everyone and celebrate the approach of the Big Day. 

I have been pressed for time and have yet to send out “Thank You” cards but will be doing so by the end of next week.  Sorry to anyone who may think I forgot, but I am truly thankful and will be taking a moment to write those out soon.  =)

3) THE DRESS FITS!!!! I was scared out of my mind that I would never get to this point and would have to alter the look of the dress significantly, but all my hard work has paid off and yes, the wedding dress fits.  I had my first alterations appointment this past weekend and was dreading the day when I would have to face reality of it fitting me or not since I purchased it with it nowhere near zipping up on me, but my discipline pulled me through this one.  I swear I almost cried when it went all the way up!  SUCH A RELIEF and it’s so beautiful!! I have a few more pounds to lose to look picture perfect in it, but I now have the motivation I need to get the job done.  I can’t believe we are just about a month away.  I am so anxious.  =D

As far other exciting, but not exciting enough to make my Top 3 list goes, we picked out beautiful, colorful linens, our menu tasting and cake testing was delicious, all the bridesmaids have their dresses, groomsmen have been fitted for their tuxes, rehearsal dinner is set and engagement pictures were so much fun- we are just waiting on our edited photos at the moment.  I ended up returning the original bridesmaids’ gifts for something more fun and am very happy with my decision, thanks to the help of my David’s Bridal wedding planner Jo.  =)

As far as finalizing wedding day coordination, just yesterday I called to confirm with the vendors and made a handy list of contact names and phone numbers for emergency. 

As far as my to do list, I am happy to say that we are nearly finished and have minor things to accomplish at this point: ring bearer pillows, wedding jewelry, marriage classes, ceremony programs, seating chart, escort cards, aisle runner, final dress fitting and hair trial.  See? Not so bad, I hope.  *Gulp*

Currently, I am racking my brain over something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  Hmmmm…………

Lots of Love,


The Future Mrs. Rebecca Pena

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Projectwedding.com is slacking cause I don't have my countdown email as of yet today, lol, but we are just under five months away from the wedding and it's Valentine's Day!! Yay! Time is really starting to fly and the anxiety is starting to rush over me as I write this update and begin to make a mental list of everything still needing to get done.  However, this weekend was fantastic in general since I was able to do a little bit of everything and we finally got a chance to sit down with the wedding reception coordinator to go over details and look at linens.  We also made the final decision on our flowergirl dress and all my bridesmaids have been sized for their dresses as well.  At least that's done and out the way. 

So what have we been up to this past month?  Pat and I have been attending membership classes so that we can officially become members of our church.  In addition, we will be spending the next two Sundays completing marriage coursework to help prepare us for our lifelong journey ahead.  =)  That's all on top of working two jobs still, house-hunting and trying to still find time to enjoy each other.  Needless to say, we have both been very busy as usual, and nevertheless our to-do list continues to grow.  We will be looking at houses again this coming weekend, and we think we may have found "The One" so please keep us in your prayers as we work towards taking another monumental step in our lives. 

And just so everyone is in the know as best as can be, we have scheduled the bridal shower for Sunday May 22nd tentatively at 2:00 p.m. at Bethel Church in Crown Point, IN and will be sending out invites at the beginning of April.  In the meantime, we have managed to schedule a tasting for the reception dinner at the end of March and I will be making calls to set up cake testings at a couple bakeries in the coming weeks.  Phew!

In case you were wondernig, I still haven't lost any weight...lol, but I have slimmed down and my clothes are looser, so that HAS to be a good thing.  Just a another month before alterations begin, and engagement pics will be taken as soon as the weather turns to Spring.  I guess the only other thing I need to worry about at this point is bridal shower details, finding a rehearsal dinner location, accessorizing, makeup and the final hairdo for the wedding day.  Does it ever end?  Apparently not.

Well, I more than likely have to work tonight, but am really hoping that I don't.  I will be heart-broken if I don't get to see my Valentine.  Make sure you spend your day with someone special in your life and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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You have to love that projectwedding.com sends you an update every single day with your wedding countdown as if skipping a day of reminding you would make a whole world of difference, but yup, that's right folks, we are exactly six months away.  It's been just over a month since I last updated and, with the holidays come and gone, we haven't gotten a great deal more accomplished, but we did send out the Save the Dates like we had planned.  We also scored a BEYOND AMAZING deal on invitations for the wedding so it is a relief to know that we won't be paying $500 for them as I was discovering in my search for invitations and all things wedding. 

I happened to venture out to my all-time-favorite store Macy's yesterday during lunch and snagged some amazing deals for bridal shower gifts.  My mother has been ahead of the game with that for quite some time, picking up things she finds here and there, but I am finally able to focus on the shower now that the major things have been decided and taken care of.  For those of you invited that happen to be reading this, the bridal shower will be in Crown Point on May 22nd, which is a Sunday so mark your calendars!  After finally taking a moment to sit down and think about the bridal shower, I realized it is only four months away so my MOH (sis) Rosie and I jumped right in and started looking at decorations and invitations and I am happy to say that we have a good handle on it and things should run smoothly from here. 

Pat and I met with the DJ on Tuesday and I was impressed and relieved that he knew exactly what he was doing and is very professional about it.  After talking about ourselves, the wedding and all the details, it sounds like he knows exactly what we want.  What a great feeling.

At this point, I am currently trying to schedule an appointment to meet with the linens lady for the reception.  After that the cake will be the only thing left on our list to arrange.  Yay!  Waiiit...I was wrong.  I currently have to deal with the dilemma of coordinating a rain location for the ceremony which is a headache I don't even want to think about, so if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate your input. 

I am going to cut this short since I have to run out the door and to the gym, but have a great day everyone!

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...Christmas! Winter has fallen upon us! And as much as I love Chicago, the winter really brings me down--mainly because I get terribly sick with Bronchitis and it never fails that it sticks with me like a bad habit.  After nearly a month and a half of being sick on-again/off-again, I believe that I am 90% recovered and am experiencing just a little congestion at this point. Talk about a rough time when you are determined to not let the fact that you feel like crap stand in the way of crossing off some of the items on your To-Do list and still trying to maintain your work and workout routine.  I will admit that I did not work out two out of the past six weeks because I was deathly sick at one point and didn't think I was going to make it, let alone was it in my best interest to continue to weaken my immune system (ya think?!).  From here on out I am praying that I am 100% healthy up until the wedding.  I can't even explain how I got through the past two months on such low energy and can't imagine doing it again, especially if I don't ever fully recover from the cold I have right now.  I am trying to take care of myself as best I can, but could use an angel or at least a wedding planner...lol.

There is no snow yet, or very little at best, but it's the cold air that causes me to go into "cuddle mode" and not want to do anything but stay toasty and warm inside the house.  Regardless, wedding planning mode is still in full effect and I am pleased to say that I have accomplished quite a bit since my last update.  With the holidays approaching I seem to be too distracted to get any Christmas shopping done and have been putting it off which is completely out of character for me since I am usually done with that by this time of the year, but, due to lack of interest or should I say redirected focus, I find myself grabbing what I need without trying to save as much money as I normally would.  Honestly, I just want Christmas to come and go already so I can give 100% to finishing up wedding details and be done and ready with everything by March at the latest.  "Why?" do you ask? So that we can focus on finding a house and be settled by the time the wedding comes around.  This will be the first time Pat and I will have a place of our own, so we are starting from scratch and will need time to furnish it--everything from toliet paper to sofas. Can you imagine the stress level I will be at six months from now if I don't get a hold on all this while I have the time? 

At the moment, we have found our dream home and can you believe it was the first one we looked at? Nothing else has compared and it is in the perfect neighborhood, beautiful, modern, and affordable.  I pray that the timing is perfect and it is still available when we ready to make an offer on it.  *wishing*

Other than that, my fiancee is uberly talented and has designed our Save-the-Dates (STDs...lol) from scratch and they are romantically elegant and sooo our style.  We will be sending them out in the next couple weeks, so that means we need to get our hands dirty and start getting addresses together.  I can only imagine how much fun that is going to be...*sarcasm*   With a little help from my five sisters, mother, and an equally-talented, generous and good friend we should be able to knock them out in a day.  *crossing fingers*.  I plan on getting the supplies this weekend and working on them the week between Christmas and New Years when most of my sisters will be home for the holidays and out of school until next semester.  Wow, time is flying, but STDs will soon be crossed off the to-do list. Yay!

The next step will be cake and invitations, I guess.  In between I have managed to decide on Sangria for my bridesmaid dress color and will be alternating light purple and pink roses, carnations and ranunculus into the flower arrangements along with green hydrangeas.  We will have sangria or possibly light purple table cloths and gold chiavari chairs *sigh*.  It's going to be beautiful. 

Anything else I missed? Hmmmm....oh yeah, the White by Vera Wang line will be hitting our stores in the next couple months, so I am waiting until then to pick out headpieces, veils and flower girl dresses just because I havent seen anything I love.  Alterations will be coming up soon in February, so I need to get serious about this whole weight-loss thing.  Why do we women do this to ourselves?!?  10lbs. should be a piece of cake, so let's hope so!!   I have wedding on the brain 24/7, and thankfully have managed to find earrings but am still looking for shoes although I have found tons but none have worked with my dress.  We found and booked our florist and will be making the deposit for the photographer in the next couple days.  We picked out and placed the deposit on the tuxedos, picked out and reserved the bridal shower venue and I found my makeup artist.  Aren't we doing pretty great?! We have been doing spectacular at saving for the wedding, so I am optimistic everything will turn out as planned.  =)  In the meantime, I am sure I will find lots more ideas and continue brainstorming up until the big day.

Have I entertained you to your liking? or bored you to death? Probably a little bit of both, right? Check back soon for my next update and Happy Holidays to everyone!






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Yes, my life at the moment can best be described as the lyrics to the Rihanna song S.O.S....and seriously can someone please help me?!!  My last update was about three months ago and let me just tell you Pat and I have such a long way to go and time is creeping up on us very quickly! We are nearly eight months away, that means only about six months until the bridal shower and seven months until we need to decide on a place to live.  Yikes!

Here is what we have accomplished since I last updated:

Photographers: (check!)

Wedding dress: (check!) (Yay!)

Ceremony music:(check!)

Cocktail hour music: (check!)

Bridesmaid dress: (check!)

Wedding jewelry: Nah.

Veil and shoes: Nope

Florist: Think again.

Cake: Sike!

Engagement pics: You wish! (I mean, I wish)

Centerpieces: Zilch

D.J.: Not yet

Invitations: To be continued...

Save the dates: Uh, that would be a no.

Wedding colors: Uh, that would be a Big fat NO.

Honeymoon: Dream on.....

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned the guest list continues to increase!!! So much to think about and not enough time. This list is just off the top of my head, so I am sure there are tons of other details we still need to consider.  When does it all end?!

AND Can you believe that I haven't even decided on my wedding color? Just when I think I have my "final answer" I start thinking "what if"......my mind is like a bowl of jello just all mushy and jiggly and wiggling back and forth, back and forth (great metaphor, get the picture?)  The bottom line is that I can't decide and everything is so beautiful.  I am a pink girl, but everything changed once I got the dress because it really is true that everything else revolves around the dress and pink doesn't look so great next to mine. =(    On top of that, I wanted golds, but my dress has silver beading....boo....which means we are now looking into silver accents and not gold and definitely are not considering pink as an option.  Sooo, it boils down to Sangria (think of the drink) and Lilac which are both really beautiful colors, but I just can't make up my mind.  I am trying to erase the images in my head of orange, pink and gold and replace them with purple, pink and silver, but it just isn't happening. We shall see.......

To make things more hectic, I now have to lose roughly 7 pounds (down three already) to fit into my dress because I am convinced I can do it without needing alterations, so I am adding two extra days of cardio into my already busy schedule of a full-time job and part-time job.  What have I gotten myself into!?  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

So what haven't I talked about? Oh yeah, Pat and I just celebrated our five year anniversary of dating on October 29th and due to low funds we went out for dinner locally and just enjoyed each other's company which we rarely seem to be able to do nowadays.  Pat is in school, working his full-time job and doing freelance design on the side so his day is just as full as mine.  We are burning our wick at both ends, but we're young, determined and trying to give ourselves what we deserve and I know we can do it.  It's tough emotionally on us since we are used to seeing each other everyday and now barely see each other once or twice during the week for only an hour or so, but we just keep working towards the day when it will all be done and over with and we can go back to a life better than normal since we'll have each other to go home to at night.  =)

Hope you enjoyed this update and, once again, wish me luck.  I definitely need it as you can see.



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I am so excited and overwhelmed! I waited for this day for quite some time.  I swear I had a life plan that involved me getting married by 23 and kids by 27, but here I am -27 years of age- and just engaged.  I couldn't have asked for it any other way though because 27 is a mature, wise age and I'm so ready for this.  =D

So how did we meet? We really never did. Ok, let me try to explain this....we had mutual friends and knew of each other and that was about it.  We were in the same place at the same time on a few occasions, but were never introduced or spoke to the other.  We started chatting online only by mistake because Pat was using our friend's computer and happened to respond to my AIM message.  From there we took the time to get to know each other, but both of us were in relationships so we kept it friendly.  Eventually, and nearly a year later he asked me out on a date.

The Proposal: It happened the day of my birthday and I wasn't expecting it which made it so much more amazing.  I had expected it to happen the year before on my birthday because I had told him that I though it would be nice to get engaged on my birthday but once that didn't happen I was kind of confused as to when it was going to happen.  My birthday rolled around this year and, rather than get my hopes up, I didn't bother think about it.  We went to Sears Tower since I had been wanting to go  It was zero visibility on a cloudy day but it was perfect.  We were the only ones there and the view was so serene.  We talked for a while about anything and everything, our past, present and future, and then he got down on one knee.  Tears of joy were all that came out as I pummeled into him for a hug.  "Is that a 'yes'?" he asked jokingly as I had my arms wrapped around him.  All I could manage was a shake of my head.  I was so happy.  =D    We took a picture to capture the memory.  It was such a great feeling and I still remember the feeling of how happy we were in the moment.  Afterwards, we headed back home and met my family and friends for a birthday dinner and announced the news to everyone once we sat down.  *Sigh*

Pat is probably the greatest person in the world.  He knows me inside and out and loves me for me.  He has been with me at my best and my worst, and I couldn't ask for a more perfect match.  We are complete opposites but he is truly my other half.  He is cool, creative and crazy and I am girly and uh, well...normal...lol.  He hates that I am so girly, but I know he secretly loves it.  =)

Our wedding day is July 16, 2011 and let me just say that was the easiest part so far.  It has been nearly eight months and I have accomplished practically nothing.  I have lots of ideas, but I am also very open and indecisive so it is making it harder.  Pat has nearly no opinion whatsoever, he says his line is “Yes, Dear” and that is about it…lol.  Put the two of us together and you get absolutely no decision making accomplished.  Ugh.

There have been quite a few bumps in the road already, which may be why I feel a little discouraged at this point.  The biggest one being the ceremony site which I thought was going to be the easiest part since we attend a great church that we love.  Turns out, they don’t do weddings in July!!!! WHaT?! Ok, it’s my fault, I should have checked into it first simultaneously when booking the reception, but come on, who expects something like that? Seriously? I had booked the reception venue in April, so I thought I was way ahead of the game.  Little did I know……So, in the meantime, I have reserved the date at the Catholic Church I grew up in and also at a county park with the most beautiful gazebo and landscaping.  What’s the problem you ask? Oh gee, well the fact that I no longer practice Catholicism so I am really reluctant to get married in a Catholic church and in the alternative that we will melt in this hot, humid Indiana weather on July 16 next year outside at the park.  July 16th this year was a scorcher, so take a guess how it will be on my wedding day.

On to the next, and that is the dress.  I had this fabulous idea to get a part-time job at David’s Bridal when a friend notified me that they were hiring.  And guess what? It was a fabulous idea!!!!! I work usually less than 10 hours a week, but I love, love, love it.  The girls are great and it is so much fun talking to brides and being excited for them and with them.  And of course, there is always that nice little discount.  Oh wait, what was my point? Oh right, that I work full time and part time mostly on the weekends, so I am finding it difficult to take the time to look for the “the dress”.  I started with David’s Bridal, of course, but didn’t get "that feeling".  There was some drama and it kind of threw me out of whack, and I recently got back on track, then had another major fiasco.  Disaster averted!  Back on track and hopefully I have my mind in the right place this time.  I don’t know what it is that is throwing me off, but the DB girls promised they would help.  They are awesome!!!!  Let me just ask, Girls, do I need to have "that feeling"?

Wow, there is a lot of info here.  So what have I accomplished thus far? Um, money, guest list, reception site and bridesmaids gifts.  Lol.  Yeah, this isn’t working out as I planned and I kind of feel as though I am doing it all backwards, but whatever.  Maybe I just have too much time to plan still and I feel like everything can just hang up in the air for a bit.  We are having our reception at Innsbrook Country Club in Merrillville, IN and it is gorgeous with tons of sunlight coming in from all angles.  My colors are guava, orange, yellow, and gold, so just imagine lots of sherbets and I will post some pics soon once I figure the rest of this site out.  You may be wondering about the bridesmaids gifts, but I can’t tell you because any one of my five (yes, five) sisters who are my bridesmaids might possibly read this and then they would know what I got them and it would spoil everything.  It is already killing me to keep it a secret for a whole year!! BUT, I will say that Macy’s is awesome and they love me and send me coupons all the time and that is probably where I spend half my life which is how I happened upon an AMAZING deal that I couldn’t pass up and they had all six that I needed so I couldn’t say no and I have a whole six months to return them.  I am letting them pick out their own dresses because I know they will look great in whatever they choose, I just have to give it the OK, and if the “gifts” don’t work with them, then I can just return them and continue the search.  But hey, if they work out, then at least I got that out of the way.   =)

Oh yeah, and I did win the Kohl's Lovebirds giveaway and got an awesome pots and pan set.  We will need everything since we are starting from scratch!

Wish me luck girls and same to all of you.