Jun 24, 2011

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I'm engaged! :D

Was I expecting it? No.

Was I super surprised? Yes.

Did I tear up/cry? Yes.

In other words...it was awesome :)

First of all, one of my friends that I've known for a long time decided to drive down from San Jose with her husband to go to Disneyland for her birthday. Her birthday is on February 13. Ben and I tend to usually do a Valentine's weekend trip, but this time we decided to spend it at Disneyland. Ben made reservations for us at the Grand California Hotel and I made reservations for all of us to eat at the Blue Bayou on the 13th and then at Steakhouse 55 (sooo need to eat there again!! :) ) on the 14th. On the 13th we all went running amok through the parks and had a nice time.

On the fourteenth, Ben announced that he had created a scavenger hunt that would take us around Disneyland to the different rides/attractions. The object of the scavenger hunt was for each one of us to choose a clue/riddle at random and then work together (all three of us, he became "The Riddler") to put our heads together to figure out these riddles. Once we figured them out, we would go to the ride/attraction and go on the ride, but since it was super crowded that day, we decided to take pictures in front of each ride/attraction while holding the riddle. Afterwards we would continue to the next clue. Pretty simple and it was super fun. Ben had made each riddle be interesting and you had to really know the rides/attractions in order to be able to answer them. I'm pretty sure they were super time consuming since he had about 30 of them (if not more) created for us.

Eventually the clues led us through Sleeping Beauty's Castle, where we read Aurora's story (one of my favorite Disney movies) and to the wishing well were, as a couple, we made a wish together. The next clue took us up through Main Street and to the Railroad Station were we could look at Main Street and all the way to the brightly lit castle. Ben then gave me another clue in which I had to decipher the ambigram (it said, "I Love You") and once I figured out I was supposed to open up the ambigram he had given me I realized that there was a poem there for me to read. Ben proceeded to read the poem he had written for me. The poem took us from how we met, through our monumental moments. The words were so sweet and moving that I started to cry. It didn't dawn on me that this was a proposal until he got to the third line down...then I really started to shake and cry. By the time he finished proposing and I looked at him, he was down on one knee holding a little black pillow that held a beautiful ring that was lit from above by flowers. Needless to say I said yes :)

So that's the story of our engagement :) and now the planning for the wedding has begun. :)