Jun 11, 2011

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I'm going to keep some of the stuff on her private just in case the FI ever starts to look around. So if you want to see more....just friend request me. Thanks

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So working with my dress twin and trying to decide if a flower or a jeweled hair comb would look best I finally settled on a hair comb. I found this beauty on Etsy by Olgabest28. Another happy customer! This is a beautiful piece. It's a little on the heavy side but I'm sure my hair stylist will be able to make it stick in their all night. I figured since my dress is very classic and doesn't have a whole lot of sparkle to it that this with the earrings would give it just the glitz and glam I'm looking for.

And a little something for the hair photo 1

And a little something for the hair photo 2

And a little something for the hair photo 3

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These are the gorgeous earrings from Design by Kara on Etsy. They are amazing. And she was fantastic to work with. We went back and forward a few times about what I was looking for and the first pair I order just weren't right. She let me trade them out for another pair that is perfect.  So here they are.

The Bling photo 1

The Bling photo 2

The Bling photo 3

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I've bought two pairs of shoes. The first pair is the white ones from Dessy that I plan to take the bow off of and add the shoe clips to. they are pretty big on the sides though. And the color is a little off from my dress. With that being said I bought this sparkle pair and they are also a little big. So I'm torn. I'm going to take both pairs up to my next fitting and make the final choice then. hopefully add some gel inserts to them and have them work just fine. if not i might have to resort to taping them to the sides of my feet. you cant see them under my dress anyways. so i'm thinking whichever are more comfortable.

The Shoe Dilemma photo 1

The Shoe Dilemma photo 2

The Shoe Dilemma photo 3

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Ladies, get your tissues ready.  Men, prepare your eyes for rolling.  Children, go play outside because our house isn't kid friendly.

What follows is a story destined to be passed down from generation to generation, a story so epic and original that George Lucas will make a trilogy about it and then like 30 years later make three more movies that aren't very good.  Okay, it's not really that great, but it's our story and we love it. 

Jesse, having complained for three years to Julie about how unoriginal and cliche proposing on Valentine's Day is, decided to do just that, after all, she wouldn't even expect it!  The story involves the beach, a bottle, and a dog named Beanie.

The Beach
While the proposal date may not have been original (it was actually the day before Valentine's), we like to think the proposal itself was.  It started with a weekend getaway to Seaside, Oregon that was planned well in advance of the proposal.  While planning the trip we decided to visit The Goonie house and the school used in filming Kindergarten Cop.  Jesse knew Julie loved the Goonies as well as the little girl from Kindergarten Cop who couldn't unbuckle her overalls to go to the bathroom.  He also knew she loved jewelry.  And so the idea began...

The Bottle
While taking a walk on the beach on a clear, dark night Julie pointed out constellations (she knows constellations?! wow, what a catch!) while Jesse secretly (and blindly) threw a glass bottle into the dunes behind him.  Having no idea where the bottle landed and having to continue to walk because Julie thought it was so nice out, Jesse had to count the steps from the bottle while they walked-how else would they find it again?!  After getting tired of walking and counting steps Jesse suggested they walk back in the direction they just came.  After counting the exact number of steps he counted while walking the opposite direction the couple came upon....absolutely nothing. 
That's right. 
There was no bottle!

The Dog
Luckily, Beanie needed to make potty and wandered off into the dunes where he came across a bottle.  The couple followed Beanie and Julie, having noticed the bottle only after Jesse kicked it to draw more attention to it, said:

Julie: "Holy crap, some kid's class project! It's a message in a bottle!"
Jesse: "Well open it up."
Paper Inside Bottle: "Will You Marry Me?"
Julie: (thinking "Oh man I found someone's marriage proposal, they are going to be piiiissed.")
Jesse: (on bended knee, ring box in hand) I love you, will you marry me."
Julie: "YES!"

And there it is, the story about how we got engaged!

Now, onto the Ring....

here it is with the wedding band! Sorry i loaded the pic sideways.

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Hop in your Delorean, punch it to 88, go back in time and learn all about how we met!

The year was 2002.  Nelly reminded us that it was "Hot in Herre," Friends was number one on tv and Sweet Lou still coached the Seattle Mariners.

In a time where Facebook didn't exist and Lindsay Lohan wasn't crazy yet, Julie was attending college at Central Washington University and Jesse hated his job slinging sporting goods on Olympia's westside.   The Humphries introduced the couple and the fireworks were instant.  It was love at first site...or more accurately they didn't really like each other that much.  One of them yelled at the other and both attacked each other with wit and sarcasm. That was fine because she lived in Ellensburg and they didn't see or talk to each other for another three years.

Thanks to MySpace and Julie's frequent trips to town to visit mutual friends, the seed of awesomeness was planted and began to grow slowly.  After graduating college Julie moved back to Lacey and around that same time Jesse moved to her 'hood (queue the slow motion, romantic music).  Actually, hold off on the slow-mo music, maybe play something more friendly because it turned out they just starting hanging out by default: they were the only people they knew that didn't have kids and weren't in a relationship. 

The friends became more than friends.  They became ultimate drinking buddies.  People always say that you have to have something in common to build a good relationship and that something in common for Julie & Jesse was beer.   And friendship.  And humor. But mostly beer. 

After all their friends got tired of Jesse liking Julie and Julie liking Jesse but not dating the two decided to shut everyone up and date.  Six months later they were living in sin in an apartment with Julie's fat cat, Daisy.  And six months after that they moved into a house together and then six months after that it was six months later and six months after that they got....ENGAGED!!!