May 18, 2013

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We finally got engaged back in October!  I was so perfect and so us!  Dan planned an awesome hiking/camping trip to the highest peak in Texas; Guadalupe Mountain near New Mexico border.  We hiked for about 4 hours to get to the top and once we were up there he asked some other people who had summited to take some video of us at the top.  They did and were unknowingly filming our proposal.  Dan completely shocked me!  I was expecting it sometime in the next several months but thought for sure he'd blow any surprise!  We love hiking so this was just an extra special trip that I will never forget!  Here we are at the top just before he proposed!!


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This is Hurley.  He is my fur kid.  Sometimes I wish that he was in fact a real kid that could walk and talk.  Then I remember that Hurley likes to eat from the garbage can.  No kid should do that.

Hurley is about 2 years old and I adopted him as a puppy from the Houston SPCA.  He is a terrier mix with the craziest, frizziest fur you'll ever see.  He is truly the most comical dog you'll ever meet.  People say that he's got a huge personality for such a little dog.  Hurley came with the package when Dan and I met and after a few weeks they were bff's.  I swear Hurley likes Dan more than he likes me.  Dan is always doing stuff around the house and Hurley is under his feet at all times.  We like to say that he's "helping."  We love this little guy so much! 

{Hurley aka: Hurls, Hurley Boy, Bad Dog!, Good Boy, Get off the couch!} 

Fur Kid photo 1 Fur Kid photo 2 Fur Kid photo 3

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I am one of the lucky ones.  I've found my soul mate and my best friend. 

Daniel and I met through a mutual friend (my ex-long story) and haven't been apart since.  Seriously.  We had actually met about a year prior when my ex-boyfriend and I went out to dinner with him.  He was friends/co-workers with my ex boyfriend.  We all had dinner together and that was that.  I didn't think twice about him since I was in a long-term relationship.  Fast foward about a year and a half and I found myself single and on a whole new adventure.  I was enjoying being single and getting to know new people around the city.  My ex-boyfriend who I was still friends with, invited me to go golfing with him and his new roomate who just happend to be Daniel!  We had a nice time golfing although Daniel was hitting on the beer-cart girls the entire time and being pretty ridiculous.  After golfing we joked that we should add eachother on Facebook.  I do believe that we were FB friends later that evening and messaged eachother non-stop for a day or two.  About 2 days after golfing and chatting on FB, Daniel asked me over for dinner and a movie (ex-boyfriend had left the country for work).  I of course said yes and spent an hour making sure my hair and makeup were just right-not too much, not too little.  He made me venison spaghetti and we watched the Discovery Earth DVD's.  We sat across the room from eachother and just chatted during the movie.  I remember Dan saying, "I really like talking with you.  I normally don't like to talk much."  LOL!  We stayed up so late talking that he asked me if I'd like to spend the night...I did but nothing happened.  We didn't even hold hands or anything.  Obviously I was hoooked.  I got up the next morning and went home.  If I'm remembering correctly, we went out to dinner (Indian) the very next evening.  We have not been apart since!  No joke!  It was just like we had known eachother out whole lives and instantly felt comfortable with eachother.  It sounds a little crazy and way too fast, but it just worked for us.  We were hooked from the get-go and didn't want to be apart.    

We have been dating for a little over a year now (Anniversary is 09.08.09), but it feels like we've been together forever and I mean that in a good way!  Daniel and I love spending time together doing just about anything.  We especially love the outdoors and wish we could get out and away from the city more often that we do.  Dan has turned me into a hunter and we love doing that together.  We also like camping, movies, Texas country concerts, and working out together.  We purchased a home in April of this year and have been super busy remodeling and updating our home.  Yes-I moved in with him after only 7 months of dating!  We couldn't stand living apart.  Our home is a perfect place for our love to grow and develop.      

Dan is one of the most unique guys I've ever known and I love him more and more each day.  He is seriously my best friend and I love being his one and only.  He is such a good man and he makes me want to be a better person.  He is the most genuine-original guy you'll ever meet.  Dan and I have spoken about marriage before and it is definitely in our future (not sure how far into the future).  I try to play it off like it's no big deal-but I seriously cannot wait to marry this man and spend the rest of my life with him!!!!!

 My Man Dan photo 1    

{JC + DQ}


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Hello ladies,

My name is Julie.  I'm originally from Michigan but am a rather recent (07) Texas transplant.  Luckilly for me-the love of my life, Dan, calls Texas home.  Through a lot of different divine interventions we met and that was that.  After our first date-we haven't been apart since. 

I'm not engaged and don't really plan to be anytime soon and I'm in no rush.  BUT-I LOVE WEDDINGS and all things weddings.  I love reading about them, seeing pictures of them, talking to people about them, planning my future wedding, etc.  I love them so much that I got a part time gig with one of Houston's premier wedding planners.  I love getting to see these big Texas sized weddings up close and personal and getting paid to go to weddings isn't bad either.  If you need a planner or just a day of coordinator-get at me.     

This is a fantastic website and I enjoy looking at everyone's great ideas and fabulous/unique weddings. 

I still don't have my set idea on a theme/color scheme/venue/etc. but I've got plenty of time to plan...

To True Love,


P.S.  If I've got one of your amazing photos on here without your credit-please let me know so I can add it. 

P.P.S.  I've got most of my goodies set to 'private.'  I'm not saying that you're some weirdo but I gotta keep the personal stuff sorta private.  Friend me if you wanna see more!  :)