Mar 19, 2011

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Shane and I met June 19th 2009 at a wedding rehearsal dinner.  The groom was his friend; the bride was mine.  We were both in the line.  We took note of each other at the rehearsal, but neither of us was looking for a relationship at the time. At the rehearsal we sat at different tables. We chatted a little around the buffet line and ended the evening sitting together beside the pool politely pretending to listen to the grooms father tell off color jokes. The highlight of the evening was the shoulder rub he gave me during a break in the festivities.

At the wedding we, unfortunately, didn't get to "walk" together,which meant we weren't seated together at the head table. Infact we were at opposite ends of a very long table. As soon as the formalities of dinner were over I moved down and took the newly vacated seat to his right. I'm afraid i was terrible and didnt give the other bridesmaid her seat back when she returned from dancing. LOL. Luckily there were plenty of empty seats by then. We talked most of the reception away, paying little attention to the rest of the room. We danced several dances as the party wound to its close. He gave me the most incredible kiss as I was getting ready to leave.  It was one of those movie kisses that make your leg lift, your toes curl and your insides melt. He had given me his number, although he admited later that he never thought I would call. But by then I had stars in my eyes. 

The funny thing was that I didnt have my own car at the reception and the person i thought was going to give me a ride bailed, so I called Shane almost as soon as he was out of sight to ask him to give me a ride.  He was so surprised to hear from me soooo soon and I teased him about being a stalker.  We laughed about it a lot. We talked all night even though he had to drive to St. George in the morning.

We talked again on the phone from late sunday night until he had to go to work monday morning. Luckily he had gotten a nap in the afternoon. He told me that by the end of our conversation that morning he new I was the one. It took me a little longer, but much less time than I would have expected. We fell in love so quickly it was dizzying, but he said it felt like it took me years to realise I loved him. He says I chased him and he caught me.