Oct 16, 2010

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Here are a few teasers from our wedding !
I can't wait to get the rest.

Everything about the weekend and the wedding was Perfect!!!! I loved absolutely  everything.

Our amazing Photographer was Carey Nash! I would recommend him in a heartbeat!


i do photo 1

i do photo 2

i do photo 3

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We did our engagment pictures last night ! I am IN LOVE with our photographer. Carey Nash !!!

He gave us a few teasers ! I can't wait to see the rest.




e session photo 1

e session photo 2

e session photo 3

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So I have now finished the guest book, but it is to thick to fit in the scrapbook I bought for it !

This is what it looked like with all the pages inside.


The Guest Book photo 1


So that looks stupid !

I wasn't sure what to do, but I think I may have come up with a solution.

I will put all the pages in a vase, then I will have an empty vase for them to put the pages in once they have written on it.

So the large white piece is where the photo of them will go and the smaller white piece is where they will write something to us !

The Guest Book photo 2


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This was the first dress I looked at after we got engaged. I printed it and put it in my ' wedding binder '

So when the time came to try on dresses this was forsure one I had to try.

I probably tried on 20 dresses ! I got down to 2 . . . yep the one I printed was one of them.

I went back another time to decide bewteen the 2 and I knew that the one I had originally saw was THE ONE !

Here it is . . . Dallas Marie by Maggie Sottero !

I ordered it in Diamond White, so it is just a shade off white !! I am pretty sure that I am going to take the sash/bow off. It sits in the strangest place ! Right on my boob. SO EXCITED !!!


The Dress photo 1

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We are having Macarons for our wedding favors !

We are going thru a bakery in Calgary, AB . . . Yann Haute Patisserie.

They were really great to work with. We are doing 3 different flavors.

1. Purple Shell - Vanilla Chocolate Filling

2. White Shell - Blackcurrent Jam Filling

3. Purple Shell - Mint Chocolate Filling


They are SOOOO good !!

I wasnsn't sure what I was going to do for packaging but I decided to go with a clear cello bag with some black ribbon to close the bag. They will sit on top of the menu on top of the napkin at each setting !


Macarons photo 1


I am now trying to figure out what type of ribbon to use.

( ours are still going to be purple and white, but they are custom colors so I just got a few normal ones to use to try and figure out the packaging )

They are going to be packaged in a clear cello bag . . . here are the options that i have thought of so far. Which one do you guys like best ???? Please let me know !

Macarons photo 2




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Beacuse our Venue is out of town. I made a trip to Canmore to do a ' dry run ' with a few things.

I am making our Guestbook and each couple will have their own page. We will have someone taking photo's of everyone as they come in so I can put it in the guestbook. There will be a spot for them to write us something on the same page. I will post some pictures as soon as I have a few pages ready.

This is what the guestbook table will look like. . . .

The Venue photo 1

aren't those pictures frames Fun !! I found them on Etsy and the lady custom painted them for me. So fun. I think I will put just some random photo's of Duncan and I. The table cloth is a purple Damask Pattern.


The " Alter "

Our ceremony and reception is going to be in a restaurant ! We knew from the start we didn't want our wedding in just a plain ball room or in a hotel.

We fell in Love with Murrieta's ! We are renting the entire place.

They have a private room in the back of the restaurant and that is where the ceremony is going to be. This fireplace will be the ' alter ' ! I had these canvas's made from a lady on Etsy. She was such a pleasure to work with. Check out her stuff.

The Venue photo 2

The Venue photo 3


Table Set Up

My Vision is Simple Elegance ! Lots of Candles . . .  the black table cloth and the white roses. Hopefully it looks amazing.

We are having a smaller wedding. Around 80 - 90 people.

This is how I am pretty sure the table's will be set. We are doing long tables instead of round tables. I think they are going to be amazing !! I hope anyway.

Here is a sneak peak at the setting.

There will be beautiful White Roses in the long clear vases. I am going to make the Menu not so wide so you can see the napkin on either side.



The Venue photo 4

Here is more of the table. The table cloth is Black and there will be white roses in the vase.

I am thinking about doing my Table Numbers on the Wine Bottle. Kinda like a Label . . . still playing around with it. But that is why the wine bottle is in the middle. There will also be place settings at each seat. But because this was a dry run, we didn't want to get in the way or be demanding. I am so excited to see everything together.

The Venue photo 5