Sep 10, 2011

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My wedding day has come and gone and some days I still can't believe it. Spent two years planning and it feels like it was done in a flash. It was the most wonderful day ever!!

Chad and I kept with tradition and did not see eachother until I walked down the aisle. He'll tell you that was easier for me than it was for him, lol. It didn't help that one of our groomsmen didn't show up until 3 minutes before the wedding was set to start...Chad was having minor anxiety, lol.


The Picture Recap photo 1
DH helping DSS with his hair. He looked JUST like a mini-me of Chad!! Too cute.

The Picture Recap photo 2
Nick was the "master tie-er" and tied everyone's tie! Here he's helping one of the ushers.

The Picture Recap photo 3
And then they took a break.  (get it? Break? lol)

The Picture Recap photo 4
Don't work too hard there, fellas!

The Picture Recap photo 5
Pre-makeup with my ladies. These girls are the greatest friends someone could ask for! They were so helpful and so willing to be there for me! I love them so much and this day made me realize just how much.

The Picture Recap photo 6
Bridesmaid Britany making me pretty!!

The Picture Recap photo 7
My hair was simple but elegant and I loved it! My hairstylist joked that now it "looks like you have hair!" During the hair trial she was at a loss of what to do because it's so thin. But she worked her magic!! This is us standing around a little waiting.

The Picture Recap photo 8
aaaaaand the dress!! did take 4 people to get me in this dress, haha.

The Picture Recap photo 9
Felt soooo pretty!!

The Picture Recap photo 10
So I forgot my garter and my wonderful sister-in-law ran into the house to find it.  Then the problem was I couldn't bend over to put it on. Enter Danielle to save the day!


The Picture Recap photo 11
The boys :). Apparently, Chad was having an issue with the color order. Originally, I hadn't paid attention to the color of the ties and the order of the groomsman and I didn't have it in alternating colors. This apparently very much bothered Chad. Seth (groomsman) came in while I was getting make up done to ask if they could switch the order. Lia (bridesmaid) ended up fixing everything for me!

The Picture Recap photo 12
Gotta love family! Chad with our ushers (nephews) JJ and Jordan and dear step-son, Lance.

The Picture Recap photo 13
Get him!!!

The Picture Recap photo 14
Poor Lance got just a little bit trampled :(  But daddy saved the day!


The Picture Recap photo 15
My wonderful ladies!!!

The Picture Recap photo 16
A little sass ;)


The Picture Recap photo 17
Chad's mom and dad.

The Picture Recap photo 18
My mommy with our ushers!!  What strapping young lads, huh?

The Picture Recap photo 19
Mike and Kristin

The Picture Recap photo 20
Ryan (my little brother) and Lia

The Picture Recap photo 21
Seth and Andrea

The Picture Recap photo 22
Nick and Britany

The Picture Recap photo 23
James and Heather

The Picture Recap photo 24
Best Man Jason (Chad's brother) and MOH Hayley (my sister)

The Picture Recap photo 25
Ring bearer (step son) Lance and flower girl (neice) Faith. I had fairy wings for her to wear because that was the look I was going for, however, she gave it a good college-try, but decided she felt a little silly.  See, when I asked her if she would do it it was 2 years ago and she was 7.  She's now almost 10 and felt a little too old for it.  Can't blame her.  She did try them on though!

The Picture Recap photo 26
That silly man is my daddy.

The Picture Recap photo 27
I have to explain this face.  See those stone steps? Yeah, not so great in heels when you are 7 months pregnant. So as my dad is helping me down he is saying, "so...what if I just let you fall?  that would be okay right?"  He's lucky I love!

The Picture Recap photo 28
First time he saw me. Apparently, he had been crying for a while before this. He was also pacing in the driveway before the wedding trying not to throw up. When Nick and Seth got to him on the aisle they both grabbed his butt to make him laugh. What great guys!


The Picture Recap photo 29
very artsy picture of the ceremony set up. Those circle stones were where the bridesmaids were standing so their heels wouldn't dig into the grass. That was my mom's idea. Sometimes, she's a pretty smart cookie :)

The Picture Recap photo 30
The Picture Recap photo 31
The Picture Recap photo 32
The Picture Recap photo 33
The Picture Recap photo 34
That bracelet was borrowed from the sweet and wonderful abjevents85! i got sooooo many complements on it!!!

The Picture Recap photo 35
Hehe. He's telling me i'm pretty :)


Our photographer, Rachel Meyers of Mirror Image Photography, was absolutely amazing!! We nick-named her the Photo-Ninja. The entire day I swear I never knew where she was until i saw a flash! She does amazing work!! If you're in the Wisconsin area hit her up! She's willing to travel and is incredibly affordable and fast. We received our wedding photos within about 3-4 weeks!

The Picture Recap photo 36
The Picture Recap photo 37
The Picture Recap photo 38
The Picture Recap photo 39
So this face is because the entire time she's taking these pictures Nick is saying, "Chad, check my hands! Chad I'm not touching her! Chad, don't get mad!" because it looks like he's holding my butt.  He's not...but it was udderly hilarious!

The Picture Recap photo 40
Awwww, he gets all the girls, lol :)

The Picture Recap photo 41
The Picture Recap photo 42
The Picture Recap photo 43
The Picture Recap photo 44
Our wedding shoes! lol!!

The Picture Recap photo 45
The Picture Recap photo 46
The Picture Recap photo 47


The Picture Recap photo 48
The Picture Recap photo 49
The Picture Recap photo 50

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The Wedding:

wedding countdown 


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Here are the inspirations I have for my pro pics. They will be taken along a wooded area with a white fence, on a dirt road and in a field.

From plumcrush01 and her amazing photographer Traci & Nic Turchin of Real Photography!

Picture Inspirations photo 1Picture Inspirations photo 2Picture Inspirations photo 3

From nickisansonetti

Pro Pics photo 18Pro Pics 2 photo 5

From kaylynaclark

PRO PICS Us Bridal Party and Fun photo 14PRO PICS Us Bridal Party and Fun photo 13PRO PICS more of us photo 8

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Our reception hall is The Taj in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  It's not much to look at from the outside but the inside is MASSIVE: very spacious with a huge dance floor.

Reception photo 1 This is from the "bar" entrance which will be closed off the night of the reception so we don't get boozing party crashers, lol.  The tables, however, will not be these round ones, they will be rectangular.

Reception photo 2The bar.  The door on to the left of the bar is the enterance guest will be using.

Reception photo 3 To give you an idea of the massive-ness that is the dance floor


I'll be putting two smaller additional vases with colored water and floaty candles. These are the main Vases. There will also be Ivy around all three vases.
I m sooooo tired photo 2742942-1
I m sooooo tired photo 2742942-2
I m sooooo tired photo 2742942-3 

Table Numbers

Our tables will not be listed by numbers, but by characters from A Midsummer Night's Dream.  In the entrance way we'll have a poster with everyone's name on it and which table they will be at.  Here are the name's of the tables:
I m sooooo tired photo 2742942-6
I m sooooo tired photo 2742942-7
Puck     Peasblossom     Oberon     Titania     Lysander     Demetrius     Hermia     Helena     Cobwebb     Mote     Mustardseed    Egeus     Theseus     Hippolyta     Nick Bottom     Quince     Francis Flute     Starveling    Tom Snout     Snug     Philostrate
and of course the HEADTABLE

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Bridesmaids Gifts

I've made each of the girls (including my "bride's attendant" Danielle) a wine glass to use for the reception:

Each girl's name is on it

and the wedding date on the back

And their nicknames on the bottom :)

I also ordered each of them a bracelet with their names engraved on the charm

Groomsmen Gifts

I ordered each of them this mug with their name engraved on it and also we'll be getting the ties they will be wearing for the ceremony

Nautical Tankard  



We're doing simple candy boxes. We'll be filling them with after-dinner mints which are a definite favorite of FI and I.

Cake Topper
Nothing super extravegant...but I like it.  It's from Michaels...and it was on sale (God, I'm soo cheap, lol!)

It s the Little Things photo 3

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The ceremony will be in Northern Wisconsin in the backyard of my parent's house (also, the house I grew up in).  My parents just had it re-done and now it's beautiful!

Ceremony photo 1The altar will be back here, to the right of that giant pine tree

Ceremony photo 2Some of the seating will be in this area

Ceremony photo 3this is from the hallway-thing between the house and garage where the wedding party will walk in from.

Ceremony photo 4 The view of the back of the house from where the alter will most likely be.

Special Touches
Here's my unity candle!! I ordered it from scrapsoflovebyjen from  OMG. So unbelievably amazing and affordable. She did my candle and two tapers for $18 plus about $11 or $12 for shipping. She was so open to personalized changes and was very quick to respond to questions.

"It's you. The one I want standing next to me when all my dreams come true. It's you."