Sep 18, 2010

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Inspired by fall, female vs. male, and the complimentary contrast of my and Chris's personalities (and maybe a bit of inspiration from my Hawaiian background [Bird of Paradise])... I went for bold colors that, in May of last year, I hadn't even seen for a wedding but knew that, together with ivory, they'd be amazing:

Royal Blue

Flowers Colors Blah Blah Blah photo 1

and Burnt Orange

Flowers Colors Blah Blah Blah photo 2

It ends up being that the main color is ivory with blue accents and orange floral... I am so anxious and excited to see how all the colors come together on a (hopefully) beautiful, early fall afternoon.


Seeing as the floral is going to be the main thing for my burnt orange color, I decided on a bouquet like this for me (sorry, it's saved with a white background and looks MUCH prettier, lol):

Flowers Colors Blah Blah Blah photo 3

And something like this (burnt orange color obviously) for my girls:

Flowers Colors Blah Blah Blah photo 4

My Aunt in Maui is actually handling all the bouquet arrangements for me so I probably won't have a good idea of what everything's going to look like for a while... but it's all sitting in my head quite nicely at the moment.  I'm going to double-up and use all the bouquets as decor for the Guestbook/Welcome Table (why toss it if it's going to cost me major money??).

My in-laws (mom and aunts) are helping with the centerpieces.  I've pretty much decided on something like the picture below because I think it'll be the cheapest.  I like the idea of square vases on round tables.  Our centerpieces would have blue stones, ivory candles, and one or two Bird of Paradise stuck in the middle one... we would then fill them all up with water to give a floating effect.

Flowers Colors Blah Blah Blah photo 5 

I'm also looking at doing something small for aisle decor... my inspiration:

Flowers Colors Blah Blah Blah photo 6  Flowers Colors Blah Blah Blah photo 7

Floral details are so overwhelming but I've at least been able to narrow my list down to the following possibilities (all in burnt orange):

  • Garden Spray Roses
  • Cymbidium Orchids
  • Rananculus
  • Dahlias
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Tulips (if we can get them)
  • Hydrangea (these would be in blue or ivory/white)
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I have 7 girls and a flower girl (our niece, Emma).  Chris has 8 guys and only one is family (compared to my 4 out of 7 who are sisters- two mine and two his).

We haven't picked out tuxes yet (on the To-Do list this week) but my girls have already ordered their dresses.  Thanks to Elegant Lace in San Jose, I was able to pick 3 different dresses; however, all the girls ended up going with only 2 different styles:

Jordan "Moments" Model E340

The Bridal Party photo 1

Jordan "Special Occasions" Model 723

The Bridal Party photo 2

All the dresses will be ivory with royal blue accents and the girls will wear royal blue shoes to match.

I'm having some trouble finding reasonably priced dyable shoes that my girls can go and try on though...

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I never did the Prom thing in high school so wedding dress shopping (err, dress shopping in general) was completely new for me.  Poof and lace and ribbon and a million buttons, oh my!

After browsing a few places in Danville and Concord, I finally took the advice of every bride I'd ever talked to and made an appointment at Trudy's in San Jose (www.trudysbrides.com).  Kathy was my consultant and, from what I knew, the most experienced.  I went to her with a plethora of pictures and- will admit- had a huge smile when she looked at me and said, "Oh, I'm going to have fun with this."

She brought me about 15 different dresses, 5 of which she said she had just gotten in about a month ago and was dying to see someone try them on.  I've been "blessed" with child-bearing hips so most of the dresses she pulled out were the dropped-waist style.  I had just a few rules: no glitter, no beads, no fancy stuff.  Simple, simple, simple.  So after trying dress after dress on, we took pictures of the ones we thought worthy and decided on a La Sposa Laurel 2010.

Dress #1.  I liked that it was a different material on the bust.

The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 1

Dress #2. I'm a sucker for anything one-shouldered.  I LOVED this one but the back was a little funky for me.

 The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 2  The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 3

Dress #3.  I really liked this one, too, had it not been satin.  I thought it was really flattering to my figure.

  The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 4

Dress #4.  I wasn't much for the dress but really like the sweetheart neckline.

The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 5

And THE Dress...

The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 6 

It's a gauzey type of material, layered and reminded me of a fountain.  It's absolute perfection.

Some pictures of MY dress when it came in:

The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 7   The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 8

The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 9  The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 10

I decided to go with a traditional 72"x72" ivory veil for the ceremony and then the birdcage for the reception.  Jewelry will consist of:

Eliot Danori Crystal Accent Floral Cuff Bracelet (Macy's)

The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 11

Juicy Couture "Flowers & Bits" Chandelier Earrings (Nordstrom's)

The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 12

Lia Sophia "At Last" ring (for my right middle finger)

The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 13

Most importantly... the Shoes:

The Dress Accessories and SHOES photo 14

The picture does NOT do these shoes any justice.  In person they shine like little diamonds that were shipped all the way from London Jimmy Choo.

I told my Maids of Honor that the last thing I wanted was a Bridal Shower, so instead they threw a cocktail party where everyone could donate towards "Taryn's Wedding Shoe Fund."  Needless to say... I had to donate a whole $30 of my own money towards The Shoes. :)

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Hello fellow Brides-to-be!

My name is Taryn and I'm a shoe-a-holic.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, on to the more important stuff.  I'm a soon-to-be 25-year old who was lucky enough to find a best friend I could fall in love with... and his name is Christopher.  I won't bore you with a whole load of details so here's a quick overview:

  • Met in April of 2008
  • Moved in together in January of 2009
  • Got engaged in March of 2009
  • Getting married on September 18, 2010

So there you go.  Oh, and this was the proposal:

Background photo 1

March 11, 2009 in Makena, Maui.  My dad, uncle, cousin and Tutu (grandma) were there to help set everything up for Chris while he picked me up in Kihei.  This was all a complete surprise- I had no idea he was going to propose (I was figuring another year at least).  After he slipped this on my finger:

Background photo 2

I replied with, "Shut up" and said yes (obviously).  Chris actually picked out the diamond and proposed with it on a plain, white gold band then proceeded to tell me that when we got back home, we'd go and pick out a new band together.  I fell even more in love with him at that moment, lol.

So, in a nutshell, we've been together for almost 2 years and are a little less than 6 months away from the Big Day.  I'm probably getting started a little late on this whole Wedding Blog thing but better late than never right?  Not to mention- I'm finding that most of the details are coming in to play now... all the little things like favors and centerpieces and floral.  I yi yi.  On top of planning a wedding for 200 guests we're working full time an hour away from home and taking classes at a local Junior College.  Talk about a full plate!

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The biggest detail of the entire event, right?  "Where are we going to get married?"

Well Chris and I live in Newman; his family lives in Gilroy, and most of my family lives in Dublin... we figured the best option for everyone was to pick a somewhat local place that only some would have to drive a ways for.  After scouring the internet for a couple weeks, I literally stumbled upon a link for Leal Vineyards.  After looking at the pictures, I had to believe that such a gorgeous setting was going to cost us a few arms and a few legs; however, the website (which I can't even remember now) that housed the link stated that Leal Vineyards was a reasonably priced venue.

A couple weeks later we drove our speculative selves over to Hollister to pay a visit to this diamond in the rough.  First test: Staff attitude.  The Staff was nice, informative, and young.  They weren't snooty or bothered... extremely friendly!  Second test: Wine Tasting.  Not only was the wine delicious, but it was reasonably priced (average price for a bottle: $25).  We became Wine Club members right there.  Third test: The Site.  We took a walk over to the ceremony/reception area and were amazed.  It was beautiful, quiet, peaceful and exactly what we were looking for.  We knew instantly that this was where aaalll the magic would happen.

Leal Vineyards in Hollister, CA

The Setting



















The church-looking thing at the top of the hill is actually an Estate House that we'll be renting for that weekend.  There's another house to the right of it which is the Bride's house- the boys will get the house with the tower.  We loved the option of being able to stay on the property for a couple nights so that it'll feel a little bit like a destination wedding when we're really only 45 minutes from home.  In addition, each house sleeps 8 so we'll be able to house our bridal party and party until the wee hours of the morning after the reception.

The ceremony will be held on the white deck overlooking the pond and the reception area is a huge white tented site to the left of this site.

There's nothing bad to be said about this venue.  The wine is fantastic and reasonably priced.  The Staff is extremely helpful and, although they're working with so many other people for other events, they do make you feel like you're the only one they're concerned with.  The only downside -if I had to pick one- would be the fact that they do not accept credit cards; therefore, everything is paid cash.  Although this is making it a bit tough on us and our families... what we're getting from Leal for what we're paying is unheard of and at least this way, we know that when the wedding is over, we're not looking at 4 years to pay it off.