Aug 15, 2010

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Summary: So far so satisfied! Tiffany created a convertible hairstyle for me so that I can change my hair between ceremony and reception without having to pay for additional time. She is flexible and helpful, taking all my concerns and suggestions into account. Most importantly, she is truly a pro at what she does, working expertly yet meticulously, and packing an impressive set of makeup and equipment. Review: I met Tiffany on Friday afternoon for a consultation. She was friendly and chatty, and she happily answered as many questions as my mom and I could think of. By then, I was curious to have a trial run of hair and makeup, and I asked her if we could possibly do it right away. To my surprise, she complied even though she had made personal plans for the evening, and she even drove home to grab her equipment. That is a true demonstration of how flexible and helpful Tiffany is! As we proceeded, I told her about my $$ v. style concern--I want to have a different hairstyles for my ceremony and reception, but I can't afford to pay for extra time to have my stylist come to the venue. I expressed an interest in a convertible hairstyle that would start out as an updo and could be reworked into a half-up or down look. Tiffany knew exactly what I was talking about and came up with the perfect style for my face, and she made it easy for me to remove some of the pins so my curls could come cascading down later in the night. The makeup was perfect and beautiful as well. Girls, we all want to look stunning and feel confident and comfortable, and Tiffany will do that for you! I was worried about having some acne and marks, but her expert makeup application practically erased all of those problems. I was also uncertain about wearing false lashes for over 12 hours, but she let me try on different ones until I felt comfortable. Oh, and I didn't have to worry about hidden charges either, because she included airbrushing, false lashes, and a touchup kit in the package. The best part was that my fiance kept complimenting me on how pretty I looked, and he's usually very critical when it comes to selecting wedding vendors. I guess I went over budget with hair and makeup. Seriously though, you don't want to end up looking like you're going to a high school prom, and you don't want to have any regrets. Even my mom, who thought the services were a little pricey, ended up booking Tiffany's in addition to my bridal package. Highly recommend!!
Services used: Beauty & Health