Aug 14, 2010

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Here is my ceremony music list.

The wedding party is entering to Cannon in D and I will enter to Christifori's Dream.  We will exit to La Rejouissance.


As I Am [Intro] Alicia Keys As I Am R&B

Young And Beautiful Prince One Nite Alone... R&B

If My Heart Was a House Owl City Ocean Eyes Electronic

If Bread Anthology Rock

Be Thou My Vision Craig Duncan Celtic Sunday World

Strauss : The Blue Danube Basel Symphony Orchestra Classical

Air From Orchestral Suite No. 3, Johann Sebastian Bach Classical

Arioso From Cantata No. 156 Johann Sebastian Bach Classical

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, "Spring" Classical

Longer Dan Fogelberg Pure 80's Love Pop

Arboretum Prince One Nite Alone... R&B

Canon In D Major (Pachelbel's Canon) Johann Sebastian Bach Classical

Cristofori's Dream David Lanz Cristofori's Dream New Age

La Rejouissance   Handel Classical

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DIY Monograms photo 1DIY Monograms photo 2DIY Monograms photo 3

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I made my wedding day jewelry using vintage beads and findings that I culled from broken jewelry in my Grandma's jewelry box and a few finds from Jewelry photo 1DIY Jewelry photo 2

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I said that I would never get a reception dress; "I love my dress too much too much to change out of it", "it is too extravagant to buy two dresses".  But, after two fittings in my dress I realized that it is very heavy and HOT!  The wedding is in August and is sure to be 100 degrees and humid in Missouri.  

Sooo...I have ordered two possible reception dresses.  I will choose depending on how they fit me and

how I feel when I wear them.Reception Dress photo 1Reception Dress photo 2

It is hard to choose. I love the ivory dress because it is "bride like", but I also love the purple dress and would probably get more wear out of it.

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My husband is a hidden romantic.  He announced to me about a month ago that he was taking me on a honeymoon.  I was blown away by this, I thought that the renewal was quite extravagant.

So now we are booked to fly to St. Petersburg, Florida the day after the wedding and stay in the romantic Don Cesar Hotel overlooking the ocean.

The HONEYMOON photo 1

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The wedding will be in August, which in Missouri means hot and humid.  I wanted the men to be as comfortable as possible so for my groom I choose a linen suit.  We ordered a custom suit from and are anxiously waiting to see how it turns out.  Completing the ensemble will be a white french cuff shirt, antique cuff links that I gave Hubby for our 10th anniversary and a purple tie.

What the Men are Wearing photo 1   What the Men are Wearing photo 2What the Men are Wearing photo 3

The BestMan will wear linen pants with a white shirt and lavender tie.

I have four sons and they will be dressed in variations on the theme of linen pants, lavender shirts, linen vests and lavender ties.  Each of the four boys will be dressed a little differently, one is wearing a vest but no tie, another a tie but no vest and one boy in both vest and tie.  Each boy got to choose what he wanted to wear within the guidelines I set.  You can imagine that was a fun day at the Mall. :}

What the Men are Wearing photo 4These are the ties that we chose, from left to right, BestMan, Son, Son, Son, Groom