Jun 26, 2010

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It went fantastically! Everything was so great!

From the decorations to the food and just the general atmosphere! Everything was perfect!!


Here are some pics!

The wedding photo 1  

The wedding photo 2     The wedding photo 3

The wedding photo 4

The wedding photo 5 - my e ring

The wedding photo 6 - my borrowed, old and blue


The wedding photo 7The wedding photo 8

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The graphic for the damask invitation and rsvp were made by etsy seller elanink.

I must say elanink was super helpful and let me change my design 3 or 4 times before I made my final decision!


I did have problems trying to find pearlized cardstock so I had to run all over the city trying to find the same shades of green ,etc. So I actually have a couple of different shades of green goin' on there. AND Michaels have discontinued their pearlized/metallic open cardstock, so it was also hard to find the ivory insert cardstock.


All in all, I am super happy with how they turned out. My mother in law to be and I took 9 hours to make 30. But, this included embossing the outer cardstock and making the photo corners and cutting all the paper, etc. (We used a paper cutter..otherwise we would still be making them)


Our Invites photo 1           

Our Invites photo 2          

Our Invites photo 3

Our Invites photo 4                  

Our Invites photo 5

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Michael (Mike) and I have lived together for almost 4 years.

The day we decided to go to the jewelly store after a lunch out was the most spontaneous thing we've done!

We were just going to the store to "get and idea" as we had been talking about marriage for a while.

I was shell-shocked when I showed Mike a ring and told him I loved it, and he told the sales clerk he would like to buy it!

I was floooored!

But, I told him to surprise me with it someday (I would have waited for a long time) and propose when I wouldn't expect it. This meant no holidays, birthdays or anniversaries.

Well, he sure surprised me because that evening while I was doing dishes he came home with a wildflower bouquet with the ring attatched with a gold thread. I didn't even see the ring until he told me "he couldn't make me wait any longer."

I was so happy I ran...flip flopped... to our neighbours, who are also our BFFs.


I love my ring! (Yes...chocolate diamonds! woo!..they are not that brown in person..more of a natural yellow)

Soon to be Mrs Stephens photo 1