Jul 31, 2010

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So far I only have a picture of my hair flower.

Accessories photo 1From BeVeiled custom bridal veils.  I am also getting my veil from her and will be picking it up in a few weeks.

My Bracelet and earrings that my FMIL had made for me!

Accessories photo 2Accessories photo 3

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We had our epics done awhile ago, unfortunately one of the memory cards screwed up and we lost most of the pics.  Steve's oldest neice is going to take photography next year and she has been working with one of her teachers this year while she is still in high school.  So we had her do our epics to give her some experience.  We are going to go back out and retake the ones that we lost as soon as the weather decides to make up it's mind and stop raining and snowing.

E pics photo 1E pics photo 2E pics photo 3E pics photo 4

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Invites and Wedding Website photo 1Invites and Wedding Website photo 2for some reason I can't crop these pics when I scan them.  I will have to play around with some more when I get home and see what I can do.



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So I know that this is just a Manitoba thing but I figured I would post a pic anyway.  Our pre-wedding social was an 80's theme so here is pic of most of our wedding party all dressed up!

Pre Wedding Social photo 1

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I really wanted the girls to wear green but all the green dresses we could find were shiny and looked like St. patricks day on steriods.   So we switched their dresses to a plum purple color.

BM Dresses photo 1BM Dresses photo 2


BM Dresses photo 3My MOH trying on a little number from the "basement dresses"

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Our wedding colors are green and white.  Since we were originally going to have everything outside we are trying to keep the decor simple and elegant.

The ceremony decor will be pretty minimal since we will be outside.  We will be getting married under a pergola. Although I really wanted to get an ailse runner I was convinced that it would be more natural looking to just have rose petals.  So I am thinking of lining both sides of the aisle with them. 

Instead of having printed programs we are using a chalk board.  I got the inspiration from offbeatbride.com


The Details photo 1 Still haven't quite figured out how I am going to hang it at the lake.  I am thinking of hanging it between the trees somehow.

I will post pics of it once I have the frame attached to it!