Oct 02, 2010

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Thursday arrived and I finally got round to printing out the stickers that Mark was supposed to be taking to the venue the next day.  They kept going wrong but I eventually managed to get them all done and printed out some additional ones to cover the new lot of bubbles I had just bought.  I had managed to get most of the last few odds and ends that I was in need of but I still hadn’t managed to find the right coloured nail varnish.   I was trying to feel excited but I just felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I still had left to do. Ruth told me she was planning to get to the market for 03.00hrs.  I felt terrible at asking her to do that and then I had a thought.  The traders would be there during the early hours and it may therefore, be a better to go a little later so as not to get caught in the rush.  She seemed a little relieved herself that there was an alternative but did worry she may not wake so early.  She decided it would be best to play it by ear but assured me there would be no problems.

My chief bridesmaid Bouchra arrived and started to clean my flat while I pottered about packing bags for favours and filling and wrapping baskets. I labelled the buttonholes and bagged them up. Just as I stopped to take a break, my phone rang.  I had completely forgotten the toast master was calling me to discuss the order of the day.  I had not prepared a schedule so I quickly made a few notes and went through it with him.  I actually convinced myself I had blagged it until he started talking about the order of the speeches and how to announce it. Oops!  It was the one thing I hadn’t thought about.  No further than the fact I wanted the girls to start with their poem. I said we would be fine if he informed people the speeches were to begin and then we would take it from there. There the conversation ended. (Phew!) I spent the rest of the evening relaxing.  Perhaps a little more than I should have as I suddenly remembered that I still had to dye my hair.  SO I set about doing that and felt quite emotional realising how close it all was.  By the time my hair was washed and dried, I was ready for my bed! 


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Wednesday morning, I met my friend and neighbour, Ruth, to go to have a look at the flower market.  Ruth wanted to get an idea of the sort of colours and flowers I was after.  We arrived just as it was being packed up. A few stalls were open and we were amazed at the selection.  I loved the foliage and the exotic flowers were just so vibrant and lovely.  By the time we left, we were both running late for our next appointments but feeling excited about the ideas that were evolving from what we had seen.  I rushed off to go to the bridal shop to pick up my wedding dress.  It looked absolutely amazing.  I was shaking as I draped it over my arm to take it home and praying the heavens did not open on me. I got home, hung the dress on the front of my wardrobe and called my cousin Nimesh to check the final arrangements for being driven to church, only to be told he wasn’t be able to as he had to work.  He assured me he would make it for the reception. I decided it just wasn’t worth stressing over. If worst came to worse, I would just order a cab.  After all, we were planning to use our bus after the reception so we only really needed a car to get me there. I was hoping to find time to take the dress down to my parent’s home in Surrey where I would be staying the night prior to the wedding. I suddenly felt like everything was behind schedule and I still had to sort out my nails and my eyebrows and all the other little things that I wanted to sort.  Thursday was going to be SO busy! Luckily, the orders of service had arrived the previous day and my absolute gem of a friend, Kyla, had helped me to embellish them.  

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Why does my stomach jump everytime I think of the day? Once the ceremony is over, I think I will feel lots better but for now, its making me feel ill. :S


We have spoken to our vicar (finally) and arranged our service.  I really need to sort out my order of service and print it all off.  I am in love with all the music our organist helped us to source only she won't be playing sadly.  However the woman that will be is someone known to the church so i am not as upset as i might have been had it been a complete unknown.  We will start with my entrance which will be Purcell's Trumpet tune.  then first hymn is morning has broken.  second hymn is God in the planning and purpose of life. signing the register to choir singing Philip wilby's God be in my head and ending with two hymns - our God is a great big God and then finally You shall go out with Joy.  Exit to Charles Marie Widor symphonie no.5




At some point this week, we did have a major panic over finances.  Hopefully we are now somewhat resolved on that front and all payments should have been made by 21st sept.  that is SO close!! (and its rather a lot of money still - more than we hoped but more down to timing than not having funds. **sigh**)

Its my birthday on Sunday and my hen do the week after that.  (11/12th sept) following hen do, my menu tasting takes place on 18th and then its the final mad panic until the day.  I just wish i had some time off. feel so overwhelmed. x

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I am looking forward to looking back on this bio once it is all over!

I guess there is a small amount of panic setting in and h2b is suddenly happy offering more input. we discussed centre pieces, invites (guest wise.. we still have a pretty empty evening do!) and music. gobsmacked doesn't quite sum it all up somehow. My ring is now in my possession and H2Bs is ordered and will be ready in a few weeks. :)

Best man's outfit is sitting on the back of my bedroom door waiting for him to try it on. :) it does however, need cleaning.

I still need to get/do quite a few bits.

  • I need to buy the minature trees for outside the church that we will later offer as gifts to our parents.
  • I need to speak to our vicar about the actual service
  • I need to sort out a song list for our dj
  • I need to find shoes for my baby girls. I wanted gold ballet pumps but sadly, the seasons colours do not allow me to source these easily without paying a fortune for them!
  • book guests rooms for hotel. :)

I am sure there is plenty more for me to sort out but I may leave it there for now. The rest is mostly paying bills which i don't really want to be thinking about right now. Household bills are paid to the end of the year though.  

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my e-ring was chosen because of a few things.  I was adamant i wanted sapphires.  These are my birthstone and i always envisioned having them.


The ring we chose, both of us picked up on the fact that there were three sapphires and we had just recently had our third child.  WE also noticed that there were 8 small diamonds and as we had gotten engaged in 2008, it felt even more special.


we spoke about engraving our wedding rings as chances were, we would end up with differing styles and wanted them linked somehow. (we are both pretty soppy like that)


I asked H2B what he wanted - I already knew I wanted 'two hearts, one soul' but i wanted some input instead of just having it all my way. I was a little surprised to hear he had already thought about it and told me he was thinking about 'soulmates'.  I was open outhed and told him my thoughts which he agreed were along same lines ut when we were writing it in differing ways, we noticed (okay, okay, it was ME that noticed) that when we wrote is symbollically with numbers, it read 2♥1o

two (heart symbol) one (circle for soul) - 2010! the year of our marriage. :D

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today, i arranged for my last set of banns to be read.  first lot began last weekend and by 15th August, I will officially be allowed to wed on the date we have set.  it is all so exciting. its been a bit of a worry given we are in a recession but overall, we are doing well with all our payments and have not yet needed to borrow any money although i can't honestly say that will be the case by the end. but so far so good.... 

Some history...

H2B and I got engaged on my 30th birthday (after I had been adamant that if I was not married by the time I was 30, it wouldn’t be happening! Lol) He did ask really nicely and when he explained how important it was for him to be married and asked (not demanded) that I put aside my aversion to marrying after that age, I agreed. His speech included aspects of how he had asked me before (which is true) but i had always said 'no' (which is also true) and now that the logistical concerns were out of the way (such as my debts) it was a better time than ever to seriously  put our future in motion etc.  (I have to keep some it personal.. so you only hear the bg bits) We went and got a ring from a jewellers in a little street in the centre of Rome (it’s actually quite a main street there but seemed small in comparison to the streets I am used to. Lol. )


Setting a date proved a bit more difficult. Ideally, I wanted  a date that meant something to us both.  Then I found out that two of my cousins were due to marry in 2009. H2B’s niece was also marrying in that year and the last thing I wanted was for my wedding to get washed in with all those.  I know that sounds really shallow but having been made to feel less special on account of all the time we have been together by both sets of families, I am taking anything I can to make it more special to me – even if it is a minor detail.  

We both agreed October (the month we met) would be a lovely time to wed and only later realised our anniversary of when we met fell on a Saturday in 2010.  That was suddenly a sign for us and we both agreed that it should be then. :)  So 2nd October it was then! 

Finances have not been great and probably never will be for a long while.  My parents had offered some help but not said how much so I was desperately trying to collar them to get some more info.  Suddenly, my sister announced she was getting wed in September 2009.  I decided ours had better take a back seat for a while which upset H2B no end but I really wanted to focus on making hers special – especially as she was planning a VERY quiet do. As it turned out, it was not SO quiet but it was still relatively simple compared to what H2B and I wanted.  We were originally looking at going abroad because of my parents being so vague but after seeing my sister’s wedding, H2B decided he wanted to be at home with friends and family around and I had always wanted that anyway! 

Our colour scheme was supposed to be purple white and pewter until we saw the room for the reception but we realised very quickly that it just won’t go so have now changed it to fuchsia, chocolate and gold.  

I have fallen in love with an Ian Stuart that I have ordered which will arrive late August. So excited. :D

It all feels so close now...