Nov 11, 2011

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So Im SO glad the DH and I did this!  Like this is the best decision ever.  We ended up forgetting the camera a lot, or not having anyone to take pictures of us, or just a low-grade picture or two from our camera.  So now we have amazing pictures to remember our honeymoon by!

Location: Riu Resort, Aruba

Photographer: Crooze Photography

Honeymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, Aruba

Honeymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, ArubaHoneymoon Shoot at the Riu Resort, Aruba

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Supplies Needed:

1)  Lampshade Rings in various sizes and one small ring that will serve as your anchor (suggested sizes: 4", 10", 12", 14").  Every ring but the anchor will have crystals hanging off of them, so you can do as little as one ring.  For my wedding, I did three. 

Found here on Ebay

DIY Faux Chandelier Centerpieces photo 1


2) For each centerpiece, you will need two flat metal pieces to make a cross (buy at any hardware store and have cut to size). 

For feather toppers:They need to be 1" less than radius of your biggest ring.

Example: If you have a 14" ring, the radius is 7 inches.  Subtract 1" and you will need four 6" pieces for each centerpiece)

For bare or flower toppers: Get 2 flat metal pieces the size of your biggest ring for each centerpiece.

3)  Welding epoxy (available at most craft stores --anything that will bond metal together)

4)  Beaded curtains with flat faceted beads (the cheapest I found is at shopwildthings.com or here).  Do not purchase by the roll and DO NOT GET ROUND BEADS. You will get more length if you buy the curtain than by the roll for your money.   

*I used two 12" x 6' non-iridescent curtains (total feet is 276 feet of beads for $30).  Click here for those beads.

DIY Faux Chandelier Centerpieces photo 2

5) Plastic Laundry Clips (at Dollar General 10 for $1, I would suggest getting at least 30. Must be these or binder clips.  Wooden laundry clips are not strong enough.)

DIY Faux Chandelier Centerpieces photo 3

6) Super Glue (make sure it is not the gel)

7) Scissors

8) Vase or riser that will serve as the base of the chandelier. 

If you have Hobby Lobby close to you and want a glass vase, wait for a 50% off sale, they have 24-32" glass vases for $17.99 each (cheaper than renting).  Keep the price tag on them and you can return them (Hey, we're all on a budget, right?).  Or shopwildthings.com has risers now here.

Items 9-12 are for feather toppers.  Can be replaced with a bouquet holder if you have white feathers

9) 3" Styrofoam balls (*use only if you are doing a feather topper)

10) Styrofoam paint the color of your feathers and paint cups (*use only if you are doing a feather topper)

11) Hot Glue

12) 1/2 wood or plastic dowels

13**)Feathers with a stem (I used ostrich feathers from here)

You will need feathers 2" longer than the radius of the biggest ring

Example: Biggest Ring is 14", Radius is 7".  You will need feathers 8-10 inches long. 




Step 1 - Making Your Frame from Lamp Rings

***Items needed for this step: welding epoxy, rings, flat metal pieces, and if required, paint for your rings

Lay the rings flat equal distance apart from themselves (drawing not to scale)

DIY Faux Chandelier Centerpieces photo 4


For Feather Centerpieces: Glue the metal pieces from the outside-in on each ring to leave an opening in the center. 

 DIY Faux Chandelier Centerpieces photo 5 


For flower toppers: Glue the two metal rods to each ring with your epoxy.

DIY Faux Chandelier Centerpieces photo 6

The epoxy will take approximately 24 hours to set.




STEP 2: Crystal Length

***Items needed for this step: Beaded Curtains, scissors, ruler, calculator, patience

*Cut your crystals strands at the top of the curtain.

*For each ring, measure how long you want your crystals to be starting from the inside.  The inside will be the longest pieces.   

Example: For mine, I had six 24" strands on the inside ring, about twelve 18" strings on the middle ring and about twenty-two 12" strands on the outside ring.  My base was 32" tall.

*Once you have determined how many strands you want, add the inches together to make sure you have enough beads to cover it:

2 beaded curtains example

   23 strands 6' long:   138 feet (x2) = 276 available feet

   6-24" strands (6-2' strands): 6x2' = 12' (x4 centerpieces) = 48 feet needed

   12-18" strands: 12x18" = 218" (x4 centerpieces) = 864".  To determine feet: 864"/12" = 72 feet needed

   22-12" strands (22-1' strands) = 22' (x4 centerpieces) = 88 feet needed

   Total feet needed: 208'

*If you have extra you can make bigger or add more strands to each layer as needed.  Or have back up in case it breaks.

*Cut your strands needed.  If you cannot cut your exact measurements, cut the same number of beads per strand needed.

*Lay crystal strands flat and keep them separated by size.




Step 3: Gluing the Crystals to the Frame

***Items needed for this step: Super Glue, Plastic Laundry Clips, crystal strands, rings, base

*Lay the ring base on top of the riser/vase

*Start on the inside layer.  On the top bead, put a large dot of super glue on the flat surface of the bead.  Take bead and wrap it over the ring towards the center and press together with next bead.  Place plastic laundry clip on the two beads and repeat. 

DIY Faux Chandelier Centerpieces photo 7


*Once the inside ring is done, repeat with the middle layers working your way out-ward.

*Let the glue set for 1-2 hours.

*Once you take the plastic clips off, look at the bead to make sure it is completely dry and holding.  If it is slightly separated, glue again and let it set.

*Once you have completed gluing all strands, move the strings to where you would like them to be placed permanently.  On the top of the ring, there will be an exposed string on the rod.  Put one drop of super glue on the string and let dry. 

FOR FLOWER CENTERPIECES: You're done!  If your base is not as stable as you would like it, add filler to anchor it.




Step 4: Feather Topper

Items needed: Styrofoam balls, Styrofoam paint (if needed), paint cups, wooden dowels, hot glue, feathers

**Note: You can use a bouquet holder but I found that with coupons, this method is cheaper and blends better if you use colored feathers.

*Paint your Styrofoam balls and place in the paint cups to dry.

*Once dry, take the wooden dowel and push through the center of the ball but not puncturing all the way through.

*Remove the wooden dowel and put hot glue into the hole.  Once glue is in place, put the wooden dowel back in the hole and allow glue to harden/set.

*Place dowel inside the center of the rings.

*Place feathers in exposed portion of the Styrofoam ball.

**If your base is not as stable as you would like it, add filler to anchor it. 

The cheapest filler I found was fish tank rocks.  They come in several colors and if they don't have the color you want, you can spray paint them!  One bag for $3.50 filled up all of my vases.


COST: For just the rings and crystals, the approximate cost per centerpiece is about $13 each (Rings are about $1/each and crystals average about to about $10 for each centerpiece.  Supplies average the rest.


End Result:

DIY Faux Chandelier Centerpieces photo 8DIY Faux Chandelier Centerpieces photo 9For Sale Plenty of Blingity Bling photo 5


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Im so, so honored to be Bio of the Week for PW!  Its almost surreal to have looked at the weddings featured in the past as inspiration and with awe and now Im one of them! 

AW I GOT BOTW photo 1

Thanks for all the well wishes fellow PW'ers.  Just know that without PW and its community, my wedding would NOT have been anything close to what it was without you!  I give you sole credit for that!



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The local magazine in Dallas, D Magazine, featured our wedding in their Bridal Buzz!!

Click here to see the article in action!

We ve been Published photo 1

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Location: McKinney Cotton Mill

Photography: Josh Thatcher of Thatcher Photography

medium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium versionmedium version

And on a side note...Here are a few outtakes

My DH was my helper for the day and wasn't being very helpful lol....medium version

A guy behind me dropped a pane of glass and scared the bejesus out of me.....in the middle of a few frames...

medium version

Location: Off the Grid, Dallas Tx

medium versionmedium versionmedium version

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Cast Party for the "Wedding!" Production

Location: Level Two, Dallas

Photography: Thatcher Photography


Waiting to be announced....

medium versionmedium version 

Announcing the wedding party...

medium version

Announcing Mr & Mrs!  We Rick Rolled as our entrance song (Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up)

Theater Wedding Receptionmedium version

First Dance (to La Vie en Rose -Wall-E Soundtrack):

medium versionTheater Wedding - Father Daughter DanceTheater Wedding - Red Carpet CakeTheater Wedding - Cake Cutting Red Carpet CakeTheater Wedding - DIY Breakaway Fortune Bouquet

Making a flipbook (this is a 15 second movie turned into a book on site!):

medium version

These little books literally stole the show.  The reception area would be empty but this booth was PACKED!

medium version

What open bar does to people.....Im so glad my photographer caught this.  It was a surprise gift when I got my pictures back.

medium versionmedium version

Leaving the Reception....

Theater Wedding Reception